Abigail MurrayHow effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?In the film industry, it is import...
Abigail MurrayHow effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?help link this idea as a house sty...
Abigail MurrayHow effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?workingaround the soundtrack used ...
Abigail MurrayHow effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?tolayer, the difference in brushes...
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How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts


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How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts

  1. 1. Abigail MurrayHow effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?In the film industry, it is important for a film to be successfully advertised to itsaudience.The main way of making sure that the audienceare familiar with a media productis toadvertise it in a variety of ways and make sure that all of these ways link togetherthroughcross promotion. The link between each text allows the intended audience to createanopinion of the text before they actually decide whether or not to go and see it.Consideringthis, I knew that it was important to combine similar ideas from my ancillarytexts whencreating my teaser trailer.One of the main ways that I cross promoted my products was by using an identifiablehousestyle. The way that I then decided that I could use my ancillary texts as influence,wasthrough the obvious genre features that could come to be an identifiable housestyle.The genre features used in my poster were the colours used (deep red blood, blackand redtext and a dull/dark image), the blurred distorted edges of the image, the woodensign as aconventional horror prop, the metaphorical “invasion” of “normality” with the cardriving into the village and the conventions of a film poster being the credit block, the titleand theproduction logos. These are similar to the genre features that I applied to mywebsitehomepage – a dark background; a horror soundtrack as music; dark woodenbackgroundlinking to the wooden sign in the banner; media ratings; and the social mediaaspect (twitterfeed).The genre features that are obvious within my teaser trailer link to some of those thatIapplied to my poster and website. I decided to use the same soundtrack from my websiteasI felt it created a tense, horrific atmosphere and helped my website conventionally fitintothe horror genre. This was a copyright free soundtrack that we developed by addingavariety of effects and another underlying soundtrack, helping to create paceandatmosphere. However, the original soundtrack is the one made clear and helps createtherunning house style between both the teaser trailer and the website. This is similar tothe house style of the horror franchise for the film “Scream” (Wes Craven).It was intendedtobe positive in creating a running theme for the audience to understand the styleandnarrative of the film.The low angle shot that I used within my poster seemed to work well in lookingdistortedand conveying the cult-like horror conventions. I decided that when going out tofilm someclips for the teaser trailer that experimenting with low angle shots could help mealso applythis convention to the trailer. The fact that these shots are identifiable in the carsequenceof the trailer links really well to my poster - helping to cross promote the film.Formy poster I also decided to create a wooden sign with the words “Welcome toWoodwich”written on it, reminiscent of that from “Silent Hill” (2006). I liked the way thatthis propworked and so decided to use an image of it as the banner of my website. The waythatthese texts linked together through this sign created the cross promotion that I feelwasneeded in order for them to look professional. Because of this, I knew it was vital fortheprop to appear within the trailer. The only problem that I had was that we hadalreadyfilmed the car crash sequence and we were happy with the shots, and so it wouldn’tbe able to appear during this. Instead, I had the idea of it appear as a running motif alongwith othercult-like props. This worked and helped to link the trailer to my ancillary texts.Thefinal aspect of my ancillary work that I feel created an obvious house style was thesocialmedia aspect that was used on my website homepage and within the teaser trailer. Ifelt thatthe twitter feed that I used on my website homepage was successful in connectingwith myintended audience as they should be interactive and involved with a variety ofmedia. To
  2. 2. Abigail MurrayHow effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?help link this idea as a house style, I used the website address at the end of thetrailer withthe link to our Twitter with the hashtag (#WelcomeToWoodwich). I feel thinkhelped tocreate the idea of the film being one big project linked together through the usedof avariety of media products rather than having three separate media products created forafilm.If I could further the work of each text then I would assure that they work togetherinpromoting the film rather than acting as separate pieces of work.I feel that on thewebsite, as well as displaying the trailer, we could use a link to a YouTubepage that coulddisplay other promotional content. I had the idea of designing a weekintended for ouraudience to witness small clips of the teaser trailer on each day. These clipscould befeatured on our Twitter page and so linked to the website homepage. At the end ofthe weekthe teaser trailer could then be released. Ken Loach, an independent film director usesYouTube successfully to promote his films and create a “word of mouth” appeal. I think thatthis technique is successful for small independent films with a small budget.I feel that this is a way of creatingexcitement around the trailer in encouraging more of ouraudience to want to watch it. It isalso a good way of involving as much cross promotion aspossible.However, I feel that the poster is much more difficult in working with the othertexts inpromoting the film. Because it is a 2D piece of media, it cannot be further exploredand isdesigned to only be looked at, at a glance. Because the title that I used on my posterwasnot the one that we decided to use in the trailer, I also have the trouble of myaudiencemistaking the poster and the trailer for two different films. Because of this, I feel itisimportant to link the social media aspect to the poster in order to encourage ouraudienceto explore our film and its promotional content.I feel it is the social media aspect ofthe ancillary work and teaser trailer that helps clearlytarget the intended audience mostsuccessfully. Because we are intending to aim towards ayoung audience that are frequentfilm and media consumers, I feel that making thepromotional content as interactive aspossible is important. The film is a 15 meaning thatanyone above 15 can watch it, yet I feelthe themes within the film would appeal to ayounger audience. This audience wouldprobably be users of Twitter or other social mediaand so connecting with them in mediathat they may use every day is a good way of makingthe film highly identifiable to them.The elements that I am most proud of concerning the combination of my ancillary andmainproducts concern the way that I have dealt with the house style, the intendedaudience, thecamera work and my use of editing. Using the colours red and black intendingdarkness and blood helped me convey the horror genre whilst identifying a house style ineach product.The way that I have portrayed social media in the twitter feed on the websitehome pageand as text at the end of the teaser trailer not only combines each text to helplink the filmtogether as cross promotion, but it also is a way of me to capture my intendedaudience.This aspect was also important in my camera work as if it didn’t lookconventionally horrificthen I wouldn’t scare my audience. Low angle and distorted shots wasone of the aspectsthat I was proud of as it pulls the horror genre through every aspect ofthe film, making itobvious as to which kind of genre it is. The final element that I am proudof is the fast pacedediting that we intended to use in order to create tension and that I feelis successfullyachieved. Although I couldn’t create a combination of editing throughout eachpiece, asthey are different forms of media, I combined the website with my trailer by
  3. 3. Abigail MurrayHow effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?workingaround the soundtrack used on the homepage. I feel this gives the film a distinctivetouch.Overall, I feel that the strongest piece is the teaser trailer as it combines ideas that Ihadduring the process of creating my ancillary products and explores areas in which Ididn’thave to time during the production of the ancillary work. One of these areas is the useofnegative effects on images during editing. I had the idea of adding a negative of the signinmy poster but felt that it was too late to explore this in order for it too lookprofessional.Instead, I used my sign in the trailer along with a distinctive object from theposter of eachof my group (a voodoo doll, a mask and a child from the cult), where weadded a negative,jump cut effect as a bridged montage motif. I feel the reason that theteaser trailer is thestrongest of the products is that we learnt mistakes in the production ofthe ancillary worksuch as planning our time in a schedule or simply how to use programmessuch as AdobePhotoshop.If I had to make improvements to one of my products I would choose my poster. I feelthatthis is the product out of them all that isn’t conventionally horrific and the one thatcontainsthe least cross promotional content. I could have possibly used my image on ablackbackground instead of featuring it as a background itself. I feel that maybe then itwouldhave linked to the house style of the dark colours used in my website homepage andteasertrailer. I also feel that in the poster there is not enough made of the wooden sign.Althoughit was the poster that was my original idea for using the sign, in the trailer it issignificant asa motif and on the website homepage it visible as a huge banner and matchesthe woodenbackground. I feel that blurring the rest of the image and making the sign moreevident mayhave made the poster much more engaging and the narrative more identifiable.Finally, I feel that the skills development that I have learnt throughout the creation ofmyancillary work to my main product proves that my main product is much moreprofessionaland the strongest of the products.The way that I used research before creatingmy teaser trailer was almost done whenresearching for my poster and website as the horrorconventions and audience research wasto be exactly the same if I wanted each text to act asan ensemble. I researched into the BBFC and how I should portray a 15 film as well asconsidering the idea of a young, mostlymale audience. My research into the theorist SusanHayward and her work on the “unnatural” sub-genrethat I did for my poster was developedinto my trailer as I had a good understanding of thesub-genre that I was aiming to look like.I also feel that the way I planned my teaser trailer was heavily influenced by theproductionof my website and poster. When I went on the shoot for my poster atSaddleworth Moors,the weather was really bad and I felt that it was very far away to get to.We were quite saddened because of the history that Saddleworth has surrounding murder.However, because of this, Ispoke to my group and we reconsidered going there for thefilming of our car crashsequence. This proves that the production of one product helped inthe planning of anotherand meant that we were fully prepared to film.My technical competence has developed fully during the process of my advancedportfolioand I feel this is due to the combination of programmes that I used in order tocreate eachpiece.The skills that I learnt in Adobe Photoshop came from a workshop that I took part in yetIfeel the actual production of my poster was that where I learnt most of my skills bymakingmistakes and overcoming them. Some skills that I learnt in making mistakes was how
  4. 4. Abigail MurrayHow effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?tolayer, the difference in brushes and how to successfully save a piece of work. Thisfullyhelped me and my group when creating the title for our teaser trailer as we had learntfromour previous mistakes.Making an animatic before creating our trailer was aimed to see the piece as a wholewithmusic to see if we felt it would work. However, this process was successful indeveloping myskills in Adobe Premiere. I now know how to successfully upload content andedit to a pacewith music and video. In the future this could be helpful in uploading smallclips of a teasertrailer to a website in order to combine each piece of media.Finally, I nowknow how to use a professional camera in terms of framing and holding ashot. Going up toSaddleworth in bad weather and trying to get a good shot took a lot oftime and taught methat framing is very important. This was again made important whenediting on AdobePhotoshop and so taught me to be very precise with the camera whilstfilming in order forthe editing to be made easier and the piece to look more professional.Overall, I feel I have cross promoted each piece successfully and professionally in orderforthe products to look like promotional content working as an ensemble in order topromote afilm. If I could do it again, then I would be sure to use content from my poster inthe websitehomepage and teaser trailer in order for it to look more like a piece made forthe film.