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Blogger relations ragan

  1. 1. Bloggers are your friends How to build and leveragerelationships with the online masters to power your online campaign
  2. 2. Why Bloggers?• Bloggers are real, relatable people• People read blogs• Bloggers are “social”- they share what they post• Bloggers provide backlinks• Blogs drive traffic
  3. 3. The benefits• Product/brand feature• Quantity of results• Social media & PR• Shareable content; User generated content• Brand ambassadors
  4. 4. Getting Bloggers on Your Side The Do’s and the Don’ts
  5. 5. The Do’s• Personalize: Learn names and use them• Read their blogs: both about me & the posts• Ask for what you want• Take demographics into consideration• Be consideration of their time and content
  6. 6. The Don’ts• Fake it…in other words, don’t LIE• Belittle a blogger• Assume• Stereotype• Spray & Pray
  7. 7. How To Do It Right!
  8. 8. Lesson 1: The Campaign
  9. 9. Create an offering• Bloggers aren’t there to just serve you. It must mutually beneficial. Offer them something in return for their services: – Social media mentions – Products to review – An expert article or tip sheet – An exclusive example to feature – An interactive project
  10. 10. Dessert a DayCookie company wants to engage dessert bloggers for National Dessert MonthOffers each a chance to participate: Every day one dessert is shared that the blogger makes with cookies provided to the by the companyBenefits:- Creates tons of backlinks- Engages ideal audiences and provides one-of-a-kind content- Photos, videos, and recipes to share with both audiences- User generated content- Builds a person connection between brands and people- Google results galore
  11. 11. Oxygenics $50 a DayShowerhead company wants to increase brand awareness specifically by growing Facebook fansPurchases gift cards to top retail outlet (that carries their product) and build a Facebook tab to giveaway one gift card every dayTarget giveaway blogs, sweepstake Facebook pages, etc, with a predominantly female audience to help spread the contestResult was adding over 9,000 fans to the pageBenefits:- The female audience was an ideal target for the company and prize- The blogs and FB pages targeted were able to spread it that far over only 3 months- Reached goal of fans. Fans were engaged, boasted of buying the product even if they didn’t win, and referred / shared with friends
  12. 12. Tips• Plan a campaign with a specific and measurable goal• List out your offerings, what exactly you would like to see, and what you will do in return for the blogger• Make sure you provide links to website & social media channels• If you have no prize to giveaway, make the campaign creative and worth the effort• Ask for photos
  13. 13. Lesson 2: The Research
  14. 14. Find ‘Dem Blogs!• You’ll want to start first by figuring out what style of blogs appeal to your target demographic: “mommy”, travel, food, pet, etc. Know your niche• Use tools use as AllTop, Technorati, and even a simple Google Blog search (for those of you who don’t have fancy systems like Vocus)• Use networks of bloggers such as BlogHer to find appropriate blogs• Keep a running log of all blogs you find with URLs, notes, and contact info
  15. 15. Assess• Read the content. Think: Is this the kind of blog that would post your content or participate in your campaign?• Read the About Me: Some bloggers specifically state “No PR people allowed”. Respect that• Visit their Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts, etc, to see if their audience is: the type you’re looking for, varies, is engaged, etc.
  16. 16. Lesson 3: The Outreach
  17. 17. Start Your Engine• Begin drafting a personalized pitch to each blogger. This is time consuming, and a bit of a template can be used for each, but make sure you’re smart about it. Remember our pitching blogger rules!• Bullet points are great: they keep bloggers from having to read huge paragraphs. They have lives, too• Make sure you keep up on communications after the first email. Let them know when samples are sent, when you’ve kept up your end of the bargain, and be generally attentive.
  18. 18. Close It• Make sure to follow-up and see if they need anything further• Don’t put too much pressure on the post date- just enough for them to know you’re excited• Ask if you can get copies of the photos. And make SURE you give full credit when posting and provide the link back to their blog• Give extra social media shout outs to everyone who participates• Send a thank you email
  19. 19. Thanks for listening!Constance Aguilar, Social Media Strategist at The Abbi Agency @ConnieAguilar & That’s me! Got any questions?! ASK AWAY!