Proposal task 5


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Proposal task 5

  1. 1. Proposal My project is all based on fashion and portrait photography. I enjoy taking photographs and experimenting with people to see what can be achieved. My model will be over the age of 18 to allow me to create disturbance and vulgar imagery. The model I have decided upon is medium build with bright blonde hair and fair skin. The hair being light gives the photographs more depth in showing the angelic and pure emotion that I need to show at first incites. I plan to shoot my photographs in the open nature with a clear sky as the backdrop.Balloons will be used as props and pastel coloured clothing and make-up will be worn by the model. She will also be wearing a ‘skater skirt’ in some of the images so I can use my skills on the camera to capture the movement of it swirling around. I am using this task to produce photographs that discover and explore the differences between the emotions you look on the outside between the emotions the person is feeling on the inside, as well introducing the fashion side to it. I will be using various different techniques such as movement photography, out of focus and double/multiple exposures. My experiments and research into these techniques have given me the skills and experience to follow through and produce my own pieces of work. In one of the pieces, my model will be holding the string of a balloon or balloons. This balloon will include a double exposure image over the top to show the unhappy emotions inside of the subject. The balloon will be in a grayscale colour where the rest of the subject will be in bright colour of vice versa. In another of the pieces the model will be twirling round so the skirt is moving. I will change the settings on the camera so the shutter speed is slower to capture the movement. I can also use the action of the model moving and dancing around to use the double/multiple exposure technique to create a really aerie and daunting look. The out of focus technique will be used to capture the model holding the balloon with the foreground been in focus and the subject been out of focus. I have decided upon this because I think it will not only express the discovery of emotions but it also shows the creativity and uniqueness of how unnerving the overall images will be. Overall the techniques consist of movement, out of focus and double exposure. I have decided to use these methods because during my research I experimented with them which I enjoyed doing. The creativity that can be created is spectacular and I wish to preform to a professional level.