Marketing and pr task 4


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Marketing and pr task 4

  1. 1. Marketing and PR Task 4
  2. 2. Quality Quality top shop Topshop has always focused on quality of clothing. The prices aren't really an issue for the demographic profile that purchase clothes from the store, which vary between women of ages such as 20-35 years old in stable well paid jobs. Top shop also focuses on key aspects for the likes of high trends meaning high prices. They advert here does not include any kind of price available for consumers, it portrays the visibility factors as a way of attracting buyers. The images of the merchandised clothes suggests that using attractive clothing techniques persuades and reels people in to buying. The photography used changes in the expression of the seasons changing. On this particular advert there are two beautiful models wearing summery topshop clothing. They are in the scenery of greenery and plants emphasizing the fact that the season is summer. Their sweet, simple and sophisticated logo has been placed in the center of the image in a thin silver font creating the over all look that suggests a high demand and extreme quality for the brand. Quality Primark Primark is a high street store that is extremely popular all over Britain. Even without advertising Primark will always have a good outcome in sales and profit. The store sells clothes similar to the ones sold in stores like topshop, but the quality is not great. In recent years articles and researches have come to find that Primark retailers are using unfair trade and child labor in other regains. This is not illegal however this is how Primark can sell their products at an extremely cheap price. The advert I have included focuses on price and not so much quality. I know from experience that clothing bought from Primark has not lasted very long, the seams would also rip as they were not made by a good quality clothing company. Although consumers have knowledge of this, they still seem to purchase their clothes from Primark.
  3. 3. Image Image - topshop The imagery topshop have used throughout all of their adverts are very attractive. The company pays a lot of money for good photography. The advert works on creating a fashionable image of high demand clothing and ethics of the demographic. The organization of the make up, hair and outfits that are shown all portray the medias way to look, which in most cases many people want to achieve. The imagery creates the sense of formality and sophistication, connoting that someone is going to buy the products if they look good, which in theory and calculations they do. The advertisement for top shop interprets the image of the brand as a whole. The brand is demanding and without little to no staff customer service in the store the clothes are still manageable to sell, and well. The process of the advertisement has had some careful thought into how they can make the clothing look the best they possible can, using different contrasts between the colours, textures and backgrounds. Image - Primark Primark image is very plain and simple. The blue background is used to make it bold and stand out to the Punic. The models used a quite young, which suggests the demographic profile of younger people who don't earn a lot of money, or none at all. The models are wearing as much clothing as possible suggesting Primark's advertising technique is to show the public as many products they sell as possible. The colour of the text against the background is childish and tacky. It also includes a price which shows that primark focuses on price rather then quality, the sole reason why people purchase their clothes is because they are cheap. The way in which the clothing has been merchandised looks as if it has not been done professionally and a sales assistant has just chucked them all together. You can easily tell that primark have spent very little money on advertising. The photographs quality is not of a high standard like Topshop and as you can tell it has been processed in a studio with very little imagination or flare.
  4. 4. Price Price - topshop The prices on the high street vary but top shop is one of the more upmarket stores where products are a little more pricey. The jersey section that top shop have in stores is the cheapest where the items vary from 10-25 pounds for a plain t shirt or jumper. Around the store items can be as expensive as 150 pounds (dresses, shoes and coats). The prices of items are of this high due to their standard and reputation they want to keep going. Topshop know that what ever price they put their clothes at people are still going to buy them due to the fashionable styles and forever changing trends that they keep up with sufficiently and quickly. The advert focuses on quality rather than price, as you can see there is no price shown anywhere on the advert which creates the sense of higher pricing. Price - Primark Primark's prices are extremely cheap and the store sells some of the most cheapest products. The advert focuses on price rather than quality, which is there unique selling point. It is a marketing tool to draw in the attention and impress the audience, which will draw people in to buying the products. The demographic of Primark are only going to be interested in something that is not of a high price. If I see something in Primark I think I like, I will automatically just go and buy it knowing that the price is not going to be high. The downside is that I always end up not liking it for what ever reasons and always return the product. This happens persistently due to me buying it just because its affordable.
  5. 5. Value Value - topshop Top shop is style setter loving everything fashion with no bounds. Top shop does not focus on value for money as much as primark does. The store settles on making the best possible products for fashionistas with good quality materials and style. The value of top shop previously stated under ‘price’ offer a wide range of prices to fit all needs of customers. Although the prices of their products are more expensive then other high street fashion stores, you are getting good quality which is what you pay for as well as the labor of thought and design production teams who have created these products. In the advert, there are no clues to which top shop have good value for money. People have mixed opinions on if it is good for money or not. Personally, I think that some of the products top shop sells are good value for money and they do last a long time. The forever changing fashion can sometimes be an effect on wearing their products after some time but that’s how they increase sales due to that. Value – Primark Primark as a store is all value for money. The prices are affordable for any kind of person, working or not working. The demographic profile suggests that the majority of people who shop there are under 35 years old. The store includes many aspects as well as clothes, such as home ware, shoes and bed ware all at a very cheap price. It makes people think that these kinds of products must not cost that much to produce. The advert focuses on value, the images of the models are a lot smaller than the text which states a price. This suggests that Primark as a company do not particularly care greatly about their products but its about getting people through the doors of the stores to purchase their cheap, badly made items. The advert focuses on price and value for money using a clear and simple design and colour style with a clear focus on the cost of the product. The costing is the biggest aspect on the poster in a bold blue font which stands out on the page.
  6. 6. Market and Competition Market - topshop The market for top shop includes a demographic of people who earn well to spend well. For example, this will include people who have full time jobs and have aspirations about fashion and personal appearance. Someone who looks after themselves financially and health and beauty. The competition on the high street up against this company are the likes of river island, urban outfitters, Zara and miss Selfridges. All these stores have various things in common such as pricing, what they sell and customers. Its important for companies to make their products look appealing to their target audience and customer base. These stores are always out running each other on personal preferences for buyers. Market - Primark Although Primark is also another retail outlet the store and the clothing itself differ from Topshop and other high end stores on the market. Customers that purchase clothes from Primark also shop in the likes of New Look, H and M and international. These particular stores are all based around the low prices rather than the quality of clothing. Although these stores sell similar clothes to top shop and Zara they are not usually the most trendy. Occasionally customers with the demographic for Topshop can find items which they would consider to be a ‘bargain’. For example I found a coat that I was willing to purchase from River Island but it was almost £70. The coat was trendy and I noticed a few people wearing it in the surrounding area. I had a little look around and managed to find a coat almost identical in New Look for half the price. Cheaper stores are gaining a larger customer base and market including people that also shop in the higher end stores.
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