5 Small Business Strategies 2014


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This presentation was given at Arkansas State University Small Business and Technology Development Center in Spring 2014. Covers over all strategy questions and analysis for a business entertaining the idea of using social media in their overall marketing plans.

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5 Small Business Strategies 2014

  1. 1. 5 Small Business Strategies for Social Media Abbi Siler Training/Business Consultant lsiler@astate.edu l @abbisiler
  2. 2. Links You Need to Know • www.quantcast.com • www.getlisted.org • www.allfacebook.com • www.klout.com • www.twuffer.com • www.hootsuite.com • www.mashable.com • www.techcrunch.com
  3. 3. Social-nomics. http://youtu.be/zxpa4dNVd3c
  4. 4. Crazy Statistics • Facebook users spend an average 6.35 hours on the social network each month via their desktop computer. • Instagram now has over 150 million users. • 1 in 6 internet users are on Pinterest – what’s more they are well educated and average salary is $75,000. • 60% of LinkedIn Users have clicked ads on the network. • 25% of users who share a complaint about a product or business on Facebook or Twitter expect an answer within 1 hr. • 70% of Marketers say that content marketing has increased their brand’s awareness. 65% of Marketers sited an increase in budget for their social ad campaigns in 2013. • Pinterest drives twice the website referral traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ combined. Source: http://www.spredfast.com/blog/2013/12/18/14-stats-to-inform-your-2014-social-marketing-strategy/
  5. 5. Facebook • A simple Facebook Icon alerts visitors to your website and can help increase your likes. • Facebook is going to give you mass distribution. • Use pictures and balance your posts between links to your site and information that is relevant to your audience. • Facebook is a great social network to build credibility and trust with customers. To get started post once or twice a day or at minimum 3 times a week. The more you share, the more likely you are to show up in the newsfeed. 174,000,000+ people in United States 1,540,000+ people in Arkansas 66,000+ people in Jonesboro (25 mi) *Data collected April 2014 via Facebook Ad Engine.
  6. 6. Twitter • A simple Twitter Icon alerts visitors to your website and can help increase your followers. • Twitter is a little smaller than Facebook and more easily targeted toward specific audiences. • The goal on Twitter is a conversation and information sharing. Only 140 characters, so keep it short and sweet. • A bit more of a time commitment – you want to tweet at least 3-5 times a day to get started and to grow. • Hashtags are your best friend on Twitter when used effectively. 645,750,000+ total Twitter Users 58 million tweets sent per day 2.1 billion search queries per day 40% of users who watch Twitter but do not tweet *Data collected March 2014 via Statisticbrain.com
  7. 7. LinkedIn • LinkedIn is the professional network – what you share here will be building your personal brand or your company’s brand. • Share articles, tips and join groups that are pertinent to your industry. • This network works great for legal offices, CPAs, Real Estate and other businesses that really depend on the personal brand of their employees and owners. • Learn more about creating a Company Page – this is a great tool for recruitment and product/services marketing. 270,000,000+ total Twitter Users 84 million LinkedIn users in the United States 187 million unique users per month 38% of users visit the site on a mobile device. *Data collected March 2014 via Mediabistro.com
  8. 8. Let’s take a break & take time to connect online! Facebook: facebook.com/asu.asbtdc Twitter: @asbtdc_asu Pinterest: pinterest.com/astatesbdc Instagram: instagram.com/asusbtdc
  9. 9. Understanding The Big Picture Your Website Word of Mouth & Traditional Marketing Social Media & Search Engine Optimization Blogging/Content Marketing Mobile Marketing Online Advertising & Pay Per Click (PPC)
  10. 10. The Five Strategies • Get passionate about marketing. • Understand your audience. • Establish credibility. • Measure your efforts – ROI & Goals. • Pace yourself with effective time management.
  11. 11. Finding Your Marketing Passion • Do you love your job? Do your employees love their job? Do you probed a GREAT service? Do you naturally talk about your business at community functions? • If YES – then you are well on your way to passionate marketing. • If NO – you may want to think about the pros of the business. It’s going to be hard to convince people your business or products are top-notch if you don’t believe it yourself. • Social media takes TIME, dedication and passion to get the job done. If you don’t have time, dedication or the passion for it find someone on staff who does.
  12. 12. Understanding Your Audience Do some research & ask these questions: • what are your competitors doing? Don’t mimic, just find out. • what are your customers doing? • what questions are your staff answering? • who buys your service/product? Demographics. • where is this demographic spending time online? • are you there? • if you are there, when? What time?
  13. 13. Credibility & Presence Provide relevant and informative information in a simple yet helpful way! • Be available – don’t start something unless you can finish it! • Be responsive – don’t ever let a comment go unnoticed. (positive or negative) • Stand Out – provide something no one else is providing OR present the information in a creative way. Content, Content, Content! It’s the key to success!
  14. 14. How To Measure Your Efforts • Facebook Insights – demographics, clicks, impressions and more! • Klout.com – a great barometer for your social media presence. • Google Analytics – compare your website traffic and statistics to your social statistics – find decrepencies, gauge effectiveness and use for decision making. • Hootsuite – great tools for click through rates and time management!
  15. 15. Questions?
  16. 16. Contact Us Arkansas State University Small Business and Technology Development Center (870) 972-3517 asusbtdc@astate.edu www.astate.edu/a/sbtdc www.facebook.com/ASU.SBTDC www.twitter.com/asbtdc_asu