What kind of institute might distribute your mag


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What kind of institute might distribute your mag

  1. 1. Evaluation What kind of Media institution might distribute your media product and why?
  2. 2. What is an institution? Classic examples of media institutions are IPC Media who produces NME TV times and Livingetc and BAUER who produce Grazia Mojo first and Kerrang. NME, Kerrang and Mojo target Rock music lovers. They produce a range of magazines including the rock magazines. IPC produces TV times while BAUER produces Grazia. This makes it so that they can target a range of audiences with a range of magazines. A media institution is an organisation that produces, markets, distributes and regulates media texts such as newspapers magazines films photography and television programmes
  3. 3. My choice of Institution If I had to choose a media institution to be part of it would be BAUER because they produce Mojo and Kerrang, which are a similar style of magazine to mine. I believe that my magazine would fit perfectly between Mojo and Kerrang because it is targeted to a different type of audience. For example Mojo targets the older rock generation, where as Kerrang target a young/old heavy metal/ rock audience. My magazine however is targeted to a teenage audience who fit the indie social group, making it different to Mojo and Kerrang but similar because of the style of magazine making it fit in the range of magazines they alread have. The main difference is the style of front cover and throught out the magazine. I have gone with a comic book look making it perfect for a teenage audience, however the text and writing style makes it good for an older teenage audience, which BAUER haven't targeted directly before.
  4. 4. How my magazine could fit into their institution and what it could add to their company http://www.kerrang.com/ My magazine would fit into their institution because the audience that I have targeted aren't in bauers target audience range at the minute. This means I would be bringing something fresh and new to the institute filled with new possibilities and ideas. The magazine could have a website that would be linked to similar websites such as Kerrang. Also the most memorable and famous bands to star in magazine could come together for a festival that's based on themagazine, creating excitement and more revenue