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Media research 2


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Media research 2

  1. 1. Media Research of Current Music Magazines
  2. 2. Colour Scheme The colour scheme chosen for Sex Pistols Cover shot is black, white and bright pink. By using black, white and bold colour they are representing what colours are used relating to the punk or rock genre. The black and white could be used to show that the band was one of the original punk bands, however the bright pink is used to represent there rebellious side, which fans of the band and of punk will recognise and then know that the magazine is aimed at them. Photography The photograph is in black and white, which was how many of their photos were taken when they were first established, it reminds the audience of their past image and links with the text which say “back for one last time?” because they are repeating what they did before. The photo is staged and while the use of close ups and long shots of each person creates intimacy; the photo is simply taken which also creates an intense atmosphere because the band is staring out of the page. Writing Style The writing used is made up of words that look like they’ve been cut out of a paper and overlapped, it’s very punk style and also connotes that they don’t really care what people think and are quite rebellious and easy going. The font and type of text used is one that has been constantly repeated in many of their albums or iconic images and so it is constantly linked with them and enhances their punk image, also because they were popular in the 70’s and 80’s it narrows down the target audience to people who were fans back in that time range Overall Look The superimposition of the photo over the masthead gives the band authority and power because they are well known; they can also do this because they expect the reader to know what the magazine is. The colour scheme used, including the black and white photo, represents their punk nature and also represents the magazine because it’s genre is a mixture of rock punk and indie. The contrast of colours also represent the audience that the magazine is aimed at and so overall the magazine has a punk indie look with a classic twist because of the mise-en-scene Text/Picture Ratio There is a larger amount of picture in ration to text on the cover but because the text is so large it doesn’t look like the picture over power the text. There is less text which creates a simple look to the magazine but because of the style of font and colour makes the cover look interesting Fonts The fonts used on the cover of the magazine are continually related to the Sex Pistols and so the meaning of this is to simply tell the audience that the theme of the magazine this week is Sex pistols and the genre is punk. The contrast of a simple picture and the informal font catches the reader’s eye and interests them because it is different and also unique making it interesting. Publisher The publisher of mojo is Bauer media and while they target indie, punk and rock they also have other magazines such as Heat and Closer which are aimed at women and include gossip about celebrities and the latest fashion which contrasts to magazines such as Mojo, meaning that they don’t just have one demographic.
  3. 3. Colour Scheme The main colours used for the background are dark, as it’s a dark blue background with a guy with a moustache and dark hair and so the colour of the text is then white and red which contrasts against the background but is still in keeping with the stereotypical colours used for punk, rock or indie. It is also done like this so the reader can clearly see what is in the magazine, the issue and the date Photography There is just one large picture used as the full background which is a close up of a Frank Zappa. This shows that he is a key person in this issue and also advertises his interview making it more likely that it will be read. The picture is taken in a studio but it is a very natural and simple pose, indicating that there is nothing to hide in his interview. Writing Style The contents is simply laid out and is organised by showing the features in this issue, however after each tag line there is small explanation about each one making it unique when looking at other contents pages because they usually aren’t as informative. Overall Look The overall look is simple and I believe this is what the magazine wants because Frank Zappa is big enough to not need any over the top images or poses or fonts. It’s all very laid back much like him and looks very professional and like a classic music magazine should. Text/Picture Ratio At first glance it looks like there is more picture than text, however, because you get a small paragraph about each feature there is actually a lot of text. I think the reason for this is that if there is a lot of text people sometimes get put off and so this makes it more interesting for the reader and easier to read the magazine/ Also in contrast to the front cover there is more text and as the magazines progresses I think the amount of text will increase. Font The font used is simple and doesn’t take anything away from the picture. The simple lay-out is carried on through the font and makes the magazine look easy to read. Also It is the same font through-out which gives the magazine consistency and makes it look professional.
  4. 4. Colour Scheme The colour scheme is a mixture of light and dark colours and because there a young modern band represents them well as being rebellious messy and also stereotypically student like. It also adds personality to the article and magazine because it represents the band. Photography A lot of different photographs are used on the double page spread, making it look like memories of the band and also a scrap book. This gives an intimate relationship between the band and the reader, like their letting us see something that’s personal. Writing style The article is informal when the band is speaking but the interviewer is formal when explaining about the band and asking them questions, emphasising the difference between the interviewer and the band so we know which the audience are wanting to read about Overall Look The whole overall look is very modern and also very young. Students are very messy and modern and because it is a young band the overall look on the page represents this. We see photographs which look like a scrapbook and also masking tape which looks like they’ve messily been stuck down. Text/Picture Ratio I think the text to picture ratio is about equal in the double page spread. It’s all laid-out really well because the text is intertwined with the photographs. This Font The font used on the double page spread is simple because there is so much going on around the two pages. The main article is Times New Roman which is a commonly used font because it is easy to read and also is simple and doesn’t take the attention away from anywhere else. Also because the text is so small it’s still easy to read. The other font used looks like Calibri and because a lot of colours are used, a simple font is needed so that the page isn’t overwhelming.
  5. 5. Publisher The publisher of NME is IPC and while they target other audiences they find out about their demographic, including likes and dislikes and even fashion sense. They really get involved in their readers lives which make them a good publisher because they know so much about who are reading their magazines, making sure what they include is exactly what the reader wants. Colour Scheme The colour scheme is simple and also similar to the one used on MOJO’s front cover. I think a lot of the big but older bands use the classical colour scheme of a black and white picture and a bright colour with the font. I believe the reason that they have used simple colours is because the band is big enough to not have to use over the top animations or effects and it links with the interview because it is about all the secrets and nothing is hidden . Photography They have used an old photograph of the band and I believe that this connotes that they are still as good as they were 10 years ago and also links with the fact that it is about their “10 year history” and so is an older photograph. The photograph is posed and is a long shot, but it isn’t in a studio representing that their not superficial and also there simple and easy going qualities. I think because we can see all of them and every bit of them it means they’ve got nothing to hide . Writing Style There is a small amount of writing on the front cover the NME special showing us that it’s mainly about the band in this issue. The short and snappy quotes and tag lines get to the point, which is what the reader wants, so they can find their favourite parts of the magazine . Overall Look The overall look makes them look like a classic band and that it’s an important moment because their revealing their history. This is then emphasised by the small amount of text used. The direct eye contact from band to audience makes it attractive and eye catching . Text/Picture ratio There is more picture than text on the front cover making the band seem bigger and more interesting. The old picture takes up the full cover of magazine and because of this it means there will be more text in the article instead of on the cover, enticing people to buy the magazine. By having more pictures in ratio to text it gives the band status . Fonts The fonts used are all simple so that no attention is taken away from the magazine info itself. NME have used the same font as their title for the name of the band and the key text. This makes the cover continuous and professional but it also gives the band a status because they use the classic font of this popular magazine .
  6. 6. Colour Scheme Even though it is the contents included in the Strokes special edition the same colour scheme is used which is always used in NME magazines. Black, Red and White are classically connected to this magazine and they use this in all their contents pages. The use of this defines the rock genre of their magazine and continues the classic theme that is connected with this classic rock magazine. Photography They use a live shot of one of the last festivals of the summer and to show the end they use a picture which is loud and busy and includes the stage and banners and equipment to complete this festival look. It relates to the fans of the magazine because many of them will have been to festivals or enjoy the bands playing at festivals, which connects to the reader through the picture . Writing style The writing style included in the contents is informal. They use informal language to connect with the reader better. It also sounds better when connected with a rock magazine because it's relates better to that stereotypical view of rock, that they don't mind what they sound like. Font The font used is the classic NME font which is always included in their magazines. This gives the magazine status and so whatever is included in the magazine is seen as truthful. Also having a font which is so stereotypical to your magazine it means that that magazine becomes big and so this connects with the big articles that are included in the magazine . Image to text Ratio The picture used is large and has a lot going on, because it is set at festival and because it is live. However there is a lot more text than there is images. This is because they have a lot of articles and other typical features of the magazine to include and they have to showcase them so that the reader can easily find the ones that they want to read. However because the text is so small it doesn't crowd the page and make the picture look smaller it all fits because the text doesn't take over the page . Overall look The overall look is a classical NME contents page from the header at the top to the classic live performance photograph underneath it. Also the headers of the different features in the magazine add to the typical NME look. It looks classically rock because of the colour scheme and also the type of font used being big and straight lined. It looks professional because of the lay out, however while the writing style is informal it adds to the rock genre that the magazine are wanting to achieve.
  7. 7. Fonts The font is simple and plain taking nothing away from the information being given. It again links with the colour scheme of the rock generation because it was dark colours and simple fonts, because people were more bothered about the music than looks of the bands or the art on the covers. Colour Scheme The colour scheme used is very dark, using black dark blues and other dark colours. This represents the nineties and that it was a grunge era and links to the fact that it’s an article about their history. The colour scheme is simple and also links to the fact that they aren’t hiding any secrets. It also links with the genre of rock and indie with which they are part of. Photography The photographs are all normal of them either at gigs or at parties or just hanging about with each other. The audience are seeing them at their worst and best moments, which is what interests their fans, because they want to see and know what they are actually like. The setting of the pictures add to that nineties grunge era which was part of the bands past and so we see the band from what they were like when they first began giving the DPS more personality. Writing Style In the article they are talking informally and using slang which creates a calm and easy going atmosphere when reading. It also creates trust and so the reader becomes more involved. Also the band were part of the nineties era and so the use of slang adds to that era making it feel like part of the bands history is in the article and that the reader is part of their history. Overall Look The overall look is one which reminds the reader of the band in the nineties. It is a lot like the grunge era and so links well with hearing about the bands history. It looks like a scrapbook because the pictures over lap and are put in specific places to be mixed with the text. Text/Picture ratio There are a lot of picture and text so it’s an equal amount. The photographs are showing the bands history, while the text is explaining about the history, which informs the reader. Also it looks like a scrap book with the lay out of the text and pictures, because of the size and amount of the pictures.
  8. 8. Font The font is the same as the title of the magazine and is just in different colours. This catches the audience’s eye and also when someone sees the magazine they will be able to link that font with the magazine and so the magazine is easy to remember. However a more elegant and old font is used about the band, which emphasises the fact that they are an older band and also that they have a past and a history which modern bands don’t have. Colour Scheme The colour scheme is very traditional when linked to rock bands. Black, red and white are used because they contrast each other and also represent rock, punk or indie music well. It is also a use of the typical NME colours which represent the rock genre and the fact that Muse is a rock band. Photography The photograph is of the band in a studio and is also a posed photograph which is a close up of each of their faces. This is unusual from a rock or indie magazine; however they are in a music studio. I think this photograph has been chosen because they are looking directly at the audience creating a connection . Writing Style There is a small amount of text and there is a quote about their feelings, which attracts the reader to buy the magazine because they want to know what’s happening with in the band. Also they use slang which makes the article informal making a informal relationship between them and the reader. It also adds to the stereotypical style of language used in rock bands in our music industry. Overall Look The overall look is very stereotypically rock. It catches the reader’s eye because it is typically rock, it’s bright and bold and also the band is so well known making it attracts the reader. It makes a normal magazine look interesting because of the status of the band and also the contrast in photo and text colours. This would catch the reader’s eye because it’s big and bold like rock music. Text/Picture ratio The cover looks like there is more text than picture, however the picture is the full background and the writing is just larger. This makes the front cover look busy; however I believe that this will also mean that the article will be longer because there isn’t as much text on the front cover
  9. 9. Fonts The font is the same for the title of the magazine and the text inside the magazine carrying on the genre of rock. It’s carrying on that eye catching look which makes Colour Scheme The colour scheme is continued onto the contents page to carry on the theme of rock throughout the magazine. It appeals to the audience that like rock, because it is the typical Red, Black and white and is that is connected to NME. The use of the dark colours in the photograph add to the rock genre of the magazine and also to the masculinity of the magazine. Photography The photograph used is of a live performance and isn’t posed which is usual to rock magazines, because a lot of their audience go to live gigs. The photograph gets the reader involved because it isn’t staged or isn’t in a studio and is simple and natural and so the audience feel involved. Seeing the the band performing in a quiet place such as a church is unusual to rock bands, however it adds to the intensity of their performance. Writing Style There is a lot of writing in the contents, which is unusual because it’s mainly a small tag line about each article, however it is typical to NME magazine contents pages. It is informal which is typical to rock genres and adds to the rock magazine. Overall Look The overall look of the contents is really busy. We see a lot going on and because of the live photograph make it seem busier than other magazines. The typical rock theme of NME is continued with the header and the colour scheme. Also the advert in the corner is something which is typical to NME. The studio photograph makes the contents seem personal because the reader feel connected to the band, in contrast to a live photo. The use of the masculine font adds to the feel of the magazine because it is aimed at males and also the male band adds to this as well . Text/Picture ratio There is a lot of text compared to the amount of pictures used. After each heading we see a small explanation of each one and the use of small and large text makes it seem that there is more text than pictures. I think this makes it look like there are more articles in the magazine making it more interesting for the audience/reader.
  10. 10. Colour Scheme The colour scheme is stereotypical to rock music magazines. It includes the black the red and the white. Using these colours makes it seem like muse are a classic rock band. The colour scheme is also really simple and adds to the setting of being in a studio and not having to much going on apart from the mixture of black and white. Photography The use of one large picture gives the band emphasis on just how big they are in the music industry. The simple setting adds to this because the main focus is on the band and they don't need exciting photos or backgrounds because they are already big enough with out them. The setting of the picture in the studio and then the words “warning men at work” adds to the fact that they are a popular band and dedicated to their work, also the guitars being in front of them adds to their focus on their work and music. Font The font used on the travel case is the typical NME font and it is big and straight lined and masculine which adds to the “men at work” because it gives extra meaning. The font used in the article is simple and doesn't take anything away from the picture but adds masculinity because it has no curves in it. Writing style The writing style is informal because its a more personal interview, because they are talking to the band like friends. The reason for this is because the band are so well known and the audience already know about them so it has to be a comfortable interview so that the audience feel involved. Image to text ratio The image is a lot larger than the amount of text, to show just how big the band is. The simple setting is used because they don't need anything spectacular, however the image is made bigger, because they are a big rock band. Even though they are in the background they take up half of the double page spread, making them seem huge . Over all look The over all look is typical NME, however it also focuses more about the muse' status as a rock band. The large writing adds to the largeness of the band and also the minimalist text emphasises how big the band are. We see them not in the middle of a gig but when they are making music which also makes the DPS more personal between the reader and the band.