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Looking back at your preliminary task...


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Looking back at your preliminary task...

  1. 1. Evaluation Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?
  2. 2. College magazine and Project Magazine From My college magazine to my final music magazine I have used a mixture of technologies and aesthetics to create and improve the quality of my work to get the best out of my end product The main differences between my college magazine and music magazine is that I have used a different software to create each which means that my music magazine looks a lot better that the college one because I used the better software on that one. Another difference is that I have researched more for my music magazine which means there is more information in it and also it has better photos and changes made to it because I had more time to make the music magazine.
  3. 3. Research In my research I had to learn how to use a new software to collect and show my statistics for my music magazine research. This new software was survey monkey and It helped me collect information and statistics to produce my music magazine. The lesson I learnt when collecting my research was that using the survey monkey software was a lot easier and quicker than going out and collecting quantitative and qualitative statistics by hand. It is also a lot neater and easier to lay out because I couldn't loose paper and it all looks professional. The way the software saved and collected the information meant it was easier for me and other people to read, meaning that it looked a lot better. I also progressed and learnt that while face book is a social networking site it is also a good way to collect peoples opinions about different topics. This was because when you mentioned a topic everyone wanted to talk about it and so sending a mass email helped me collect my information quicker than face to face.
  4. 4. Planning When planning my photographs I had to think about lighting, setting and the pose that the people in the picture would be in. , I also had to plan where my pictures were going to be taken, for example would it be a studio picture or would it be live. In the end I decided that I wanted a mixture of pictures to make my magazine more interesting and better to look at. I learnt from my preliminary that I needed a range of pictures if I wanted my magazine to look interesting. I had to think about the lay out of my front cover, contents and double page spread when planning my magazine and realised that my front cover needed a central character which was similar to my college magazine however I had to make sure my text fitted better onto my front cover and with my images, Another thing I had to think about was appealing to my audience, In my college magazine I didn't really have to think about it because it was for a college however I have a specific target group and so I had to make sure my font, writing style, images and colour scheme all went together to form a good magazine.
  5. 5. Production When producing my magazine I focused both software and hardware. One of the main software’s that I used was photo-shop which meant I could manipulate images and text to produce my magazine, by using ... Lasso tool to cut out specific shapes such as the Dans hat on the front cover so that it overlapped the masthead. I used the blur tool so that any sharp straight lines, which I didn't want, didn't have to be prominent Changing the levels and colours of the picture to make it brighter, because the lighting for the picture background wasn't great and needed to be changed. I had to change to colour because the quality of my picture was also ok but could have been better which was one of the reasons that I changed the style of my front cover image. Another tool that I used was the stamp tool, which meant that if there was a small blemish on one of the band members skin I could replace it with a copy of the skin to the side so that it looks faultless. I had to use the shape, fill and text tool to manipulate shapes and colour and text so that it fitted in with my image for the magazine.
  6. 6. Overall Progression One of the main changes that I made was to use Photo shop in stead of word document for the creation of my front cover, contents and double page spread. This was because I could use more tools to create a magazine that was better looking, I know this because of my preliminary task which doesn’t look as professional as my final project. From my college magazine to my final project I think I have progressed, because I have used new software which helped me create a better magazine and also I have learnt how to use new technology which can help me set my work out better and easier such as blogger. From my college magazine I think I have progressed because I now know what goes into a magazine and that everything has to fit and I think that my magazine fits alongside one that could already be published because of the progression I've made and the software I've used.