Lebanese cooking


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Lebanese cuisine is rich in taste, color and aroma. Collection of Lebanese food recipes including, tabbouleh, fattoush, kafta, kibbeh, shawrma and many more.

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Lebanese cooking

  1. 1. LEBANESE RECIPEShttp://www.nestle-family.com/english/lebanese-recipes.aspx
  2. 2. Delicious Lebanese Recipes
  3. 3.  Lebanese cuisine is a festival of delicious appetizers, rich appealing tastes, enticing colours and warm hospitality. It is tempting, tantalizing and offers a truly sensational experience of taste and aroma. Fresh vegetables & ingredients; tabouleh, fattoush with olive oil, homos with tahini, eggplant paste, green beans, okra with tomato and garlic sauce, kidney beans, foul modamas… the list goes on and on. A typical spread would include kebbeh, shish tawook, kaftah, freekeh of all kinds with chicken, beef or vegetables, shish barak, mojadara, sayadiyah – a combination of lip-smacking taste and health-friendly dishes.
  4. 4. Chicken Maklouba with Eggplant1 whole chicken or 1 kg2 eggplants or 500 g, peeled and cutinto slices1½ cups vegetable oil or 300 g, fordeep frying5 tablespoons vegetable oil350 g minced beef3 cups basmati rice or 600 g2 cubes MAGGI® Chicken Bouillon1 tablespoon salt
  5. 5. Chicken Maklouba with Eggplant Chicken Maklouba with Eggplant
  6. 6. Chicken Ablamahttp://www.nestle-family.com/recipes/english/by-course-or-type-main-meal-poultry_C
  7. 7. Chicken Ablama3 tablespoons vegetable oil2 small whole chickens, each cut into 8 pieces20 small onions, peeled, or onion shallots¼ cup pine seeds3 cups mushrooms or 300 g, sliced1½ tablespoons plain flour¼ cup lemon juice5 cups water or 1250 ml3 cubes MAGGI® Chicken Bouillon½ teaspoon ground black pepper2 tablespoons fresh parsley, chopped
  8. 8. Burghul with Chicken and Tomatohttp://www.nestle-family.com/recipes/english/by-course-or-type-main-meal-poultry_Burghu
  9. 9. Burghul with Chicken and Tomato2 tablespoons olive oil1 medium onion or 150 g, chopped350 g skinned chicken breasts, cut into largecubes2 medium tomatoes or 300 g, peeled andchopped4 tablespoons tomato paste2 cubes MAGGI® Chicken Less Salt Bouillon3 cups water or 750 ml1½ teaspoons seven spices
  10. 10. Chicken with Mushroom and Tomato2 tablespoons olive oil10 baby onions, peeled500 g skinned chicken breasts, cut into large cubes3 cloves garlic, crushed1 cup mushrooms or 100 g1 tablespoon plain flour2 medium tomatoes or 300 g, peeled and chopped2 tablespoons tomato pastepinch of ground black pepper, to taste2 cubes MAGGI® Chicken Less Salt Bouillon
  11. 11. For more Lebanese Recipes visit:Lebanese Recipes