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technical firefighting


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technical firefighting

  1. 1. Technical view on principal firefighting methods Prepare by : Abbas Taheri Fire&safety manager in b.i.p.c
  2. 2. Fire triangle theory According to this theory, each fire could be extinguished with remove at least one of the elements fire triangle (fuel - / heat / -oxygen), key point in extinguishing a fire is rapid correct decision regarding what type of (strategy tactics/technique) appropriate to fire extinguished.
  3. 3. Types of firefighting strategy I. Offence strategy II. Defense strategy III. Simultaneously offence and defense strategy
  4. 4. Types of firefighting tactics  cut of oxygen in pool fire  cut of fuel in jet fire  cut of heat in class A fire
  5. 5. Types of firefighting technique 1-3D-TECHNIQUE 2-APPLY FOAM FROM WEDGE CORNERS 3-DROPLING MICRO SIZE WATER ON FIRE 4-ventilation 5-anti-ventilation 6-twin-agent apply
  6. 6. 3D- technique 1-cool of ceiling room 2- ventilation smoke 3- extinguish fire
  7. 7. Ventilation
  8. 8. Anti-ventilation
  9. 9. Sequence Main body strategy to suppression on a fire 1- offence stay time on this strategy must not be more than 20 minute 2- offence and defence stay time on this strategy is function of estimate increase power risk to hurt firefighters 3- defense isolation enclosure fire area
  10. 10. conclusion Firefighter commander on fire scene must be decision at short of time about what ( strategy/tactic/technique ) before everything to be lated this is a art of firefighting
  11. 11. Reference 1-fireground tactics by: H. marvin ginn chicago fire marshal 2-extreme fire behavior by: hartin E. april 2008 3- ventilation tactics by: vincent dunn deputy chief f.d.n.y