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Presentation created keeping in mind D&E Admissions Department Staff utilizing presentation as a tool at High School Recruitment Fairs while on the road.

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  • Photo: statue of Senator Davis on Horseback. The statue is located along Randolph Avenue in Elkins
  • Davis & Elkins College Campus Presentation

    1. 1. Davis & Elkins College 100 Campus Drive Elkins, West Virginia 26241
    2. 2. Andrew Baptista Davis & Elkins Student AmbassadorI give tours of the campus and of the historic Halliehurst Mansion Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia Year in School: Junior Major: Political Science Minor: History Contact Info: Davis & Elkins College 100 Campus Drive P.O. Box 107 Elkins, WV 26241
    3. 3. “ My most valuable lesson while at D& E was that real hero’ s are not the richest, most popular, or most visible, but those people who give ofthemselves to help others without asking or expecting anything in return” - Cynthia Stinger ’ 81 Manager of U.S. Olympians Association, Olympic Athlete 1984, 1988, & 1992
    4. 4. Facts About Davis & Elkins College• Founded in 1904 as a four year • Five 2-year degrees, Six Pre- private liberal arts college Professional Programs & Thirty Six 4-year degrees• Namesake: former West Virginia Senators Henry Gassaway Davis • Ranked 17th among Southern and Stephen Benton Elkins Baccalaureate Colleges in U.S. News & World Report’ s annual America’ s Best Colleges for 2007-2008• Roughly around 600 - 700 students currently attend • 35 student organizations, including two national fraternities, and two• 45 full-time faculty; 84% hold national sororities doctorates or professional degrees• 12:1 Student-Faculty Ratio • Male/Female Ratio: 1:1.5 • Total Minority Students: 8% • In-State Enrollment: 58.7% • Out-of-State Enrollment: 41.3%
    5. 5. The Senators
    6. 6. Henry Gassaway Davis• Member of the Democratic Party• United States West Virginia Senator 1871 – 1883• Vice Presidential Candidate 1904 Photo Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_G._Davis
    7. 7. Stephen Benton Elkins• Member of the Republican Party• House of Representatives Member of the New Mexico Territory 1871 – 1873• United States Secretary of War: President Benjamin Harrison 1891 – 1893• United States West Virginia Senator 1895 – 1911 Photo Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Benton_Elkins
    8. 8. Degree Programs & Majors Offered at Davis & Elkins Baccalaureate Programs Associate Degree Programs Pre-Professional Programs
    9. 9. Baccalaureate Programs Bachelor of Arts• Criminology • Psychology & Human Services• Design & Technical Theatre • Recreation Management & Tourism• Education – Elementary • Religion & Philosophy• English • Sociology• History • Spanish• Hospitality Management • Theatre Arts & Theatre Arts Education• Music & Music Education• Political Science
    10. 10. Baccalaureate Programs Bachelor of Science• Biology • Exercise Science• Business • Forestry (3/2 Program)• Business Education • International Management• Chemistry • International Marketing• Computer Information Systems • Management• Computer Science • Management Information Systems• Economics• • Marketing Environmental Science• Exercise Science • Mathematics• Forestry (3/2 Program) • Physical Education• International Management • Sports Management• International Marketing
    11. 11. Associate Degree Programs & Pre-Professional ProgramsAssociate Degree Programs Pre-Professional Programs Business (AS) Pre-DentalComputer Business Pre-Law Systems (AS) Pre-Medical Criminal Justice (AA) Pre-Ministerial Hospitality (AS) Pre-Pharmacy Nursing (AS) Pre-Veterinary
    12. 12. Davis & Elkins College Tuition & Fees
    13. 13. Davis & Elkins 2007-2008 Tuition & Fees Tuition: $18,226 Room & Board: $6,350 Student Association Fee: $320 Technology Fee: $200 Total: $25,096 Source: davisandelkins.edu/admission/tuition.htm
    14. 14. Davis & Elkins College Campus 1904 - 1924
    15. 15. Original Davis & Elkins Campus• The original campus was located in South Elkins on a plot donated by Senator Elkins• A gift of her home, Halliehurst, and a tract of land from Mrs. Hallie Davis Elkins prompted the move of the college to its present location in 1924 Source: davisandelkins.edu/about/tradition.htm
    16. 16. Davis & Elkins College Campus 1924 - _____
    17. 17. Halliehurst Mansion• Built in 1890 Houses:• Summer home of Senator Elkins and his family • Office of Admissions • Office of the President• Mansion named for Hallie Davis • Vice President for Enrollment Elkins, daughter of Senator Davis and Management wife of Senator Elkins • Vice President for Advancement• • Advancement Office Restored in the early 1990’ s • Historic Darby Collection• Was the female dormitory when the college acquired the land of its current location.• National Historic Landmark
    18. 18. Halliehurst Mansion
    19. 19. Jennings Randolph Hall a.k.a. Student Life• Built in 1959 Houses: • Office of Student Life• Named after West Virginia Senator • Career Academic Personal Services and former D& E faculty member (CAPS) Center Jennings Randolph • Office of Campus Activities Board (CAB) Director• The building was originally the • Supported Learning Program (SLP) campus library until 1992 when • Student Assembly Office Booth Library opened it’ s doors • Security Office • Chaplains Office/Common Grounds Lounge • Student Publication Offices (Se natus Ye arbo o k, The Se nato r N wspape r & e A ra M azine ) uro ag • Various Meeting Rooms
    20. 20. Jennings Randolph Hall a.k.a. Student Life
    21. 21. Liberal Arts Hall• Built in 1924 Houses:• Oldest academic building • Dean of Faculties Office on campus • Registrar’ s Office • Financial Planning Office• Remodeled in 1960 • Business Office • Education Department • French Department • Religion & Philosophy Department • Recreation Management & Tourism Department • M untain I o nstitute Office (se parate fro m D& E)
    22. 22. Liberal Arts Hall
    23. 23. Albert Hall• Built in 1926 Houses:• Originally housed the Science • Writing Center Computer Lab Department until 1972 • English Department • Communications Department• 1956, struck by lightning and caught • Political Science Department fire • History Department • Spanish Department• 1958, named in honor of Charles • Psychology/Sociology Department Albert, former faculty member and • I rnatio nal Lang uag e I nte nstitute D& E President; serving the college from 1911 to 1959 (se parate fro m D& E) Writing Center Computer Lab Monday-Thursday: 9:00AM - 8:00PM Friday: 9:00AM - 4:00PM Saturday: 12:00PM – 5:00PM Sunday: 4:00PM – 8:00PM
    24. 24. Albert Hall
    25. 25. The Gatehouse• Originally the home of the grounds keepers of Halliehurst• Campus guesthouse for visiting scholars, speakers, & parents of students• 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen, living room & dinning room• National Historic Landmark
    26. 26. Memorial Gymnasium• Built in 1951• Dedicated in February 1952• Division II Basketball & Volleyball games were held here• Intramural games were also held here• New Gymnasium opened in October 2007• Will soon be open to be used by the general public
    27. 27. Memorial Gymnasium
    28. 28. Boiler House Theatre• Built in 1924 - 1925 • Five main-stage productions per year• Originally stored the boilers for • Renovated again in 1997 renovations heating Halliehurst & Graceland include: a new shop, lobby, concessions area, and bathrooms• Renovated in 1975 • One of two accredited schools in• 60 x 40 open space for performance, West Virginia to major in theatre arts; plus a separate make up room the other institution is West Virginia University• Studio Theater for Student Productions • National Historic Landmark
    29. 29. Boiler House Theatre
    30. 30. Presidential Center Dormitory• Completed in 1966 Houses:• Renovated in 1995 • Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity• Upper Classmen Dormitory• Co-ed, suite-style dorm set up (four rooms, a lounge, and a bathroom)• Washers, & Dryers located on bottom floor Note To Parents & Students: LAUNDRY IS FREE in all of the dormitories on campus!!
    31. 31. Presidential Center Dormitory
    32. 32. Eshleman Science Center• Built in 1972 Houses:• Charles I. and Betty E. Eshleman, • Nursing Department benefactors • Business Department: A unting cco M ting arke• Dark room, Planetarium, & M anag e me nt Greenhouse • Math Department • Science Department:• B lo g y io Largest computer lab on campus Che mistry Physics Computer Lab Hours Enviro nme ntal Scie nce 8:00AM – 11:00PM • Computer Science Department (as long as a person is there or around for work study)
    33. 33. Eshleman Science CenterFront of the Building Back of the Building
    34. 34. Lake Tolstead• Named after former Science Department faculty member, Dr. William Tolstead• Adjacent to the Eshleman Science Center• Biology Department maintains the pond• It is used for many experiments and tests by the Science Department
    35. 35. Walter S. Robbins Memorial Chapel• Built in 1972• D& E graduate William S. Robbins, benefactor• Seats 120 people• Non Denominational Services held every Thursday• Davis & Elkins is a Presbyterian affiliated college
    36. 36. International Hall Dormitory• Built in 1970 Houses:• Renovated in 1996 • Tau Kappa Epsilion National Social Fraternity• All Male Dormitory • Sigma Phi Epsilion National Social• Fraternity Bathroom on every floor• Washer & Dryer sets located in the center of the building
    37. 37. International Hall Dormitory
    38. 38. Hermanson Campus CenterEast Wing: West Wing:• Harper-McNeely Auditorium • 25 meter pool• Paull Gallery • Iron Horse Fitness CenterCenter:• Theatre Department • Outdoor Resource Center (students• Music Department can rent camping equipment,• Practice Rooms bicycles, ski equipment, canoes, kayaks, etc.)Basement: • Music Department and• Art Department: Music Department practice rooms Po tte ry A Studio , rt We aving Lo o ms Co mpute r Graphics
    39. 39. Hermanson Campus Center
    40. 40. McDonnell Center for Health, Physical Education and Athletics• Newest Academic Building on the campus• Dedicated in October 2007• 41,333 square feet• 1,220 seat arena• Provides space for Phys. Ed. Classes, intramurals, and an exciting new venue for regional tournaments
    41. 41. McDonnell Center for Health,Physical Education and Athletics
    42. 42. Gates Tower & Athletic Fields• Opened in 1997Houses:• Locker rooms & restrooms• Athletic training room Athletic Fields behind Gates Tower Athletic Fields Baseball Softball Soccer Beach Volleyball Observatory
    43. 43. Athletics Director: Ralph Hill Women Men Sports Coach Sports CoachBasketball Jay Dailer Baseball Ron PalmerCross Country Will Shaw Basketball Amrit RayfieldSoccer Matt Santoro Cross Country Will ShawSoftball Jim Golf Scott Goddard Bacca Soccer ____________Volleyball Latonia Allen USCS Co-ed Ski Team USCS Co-ed Ski Team Tara Downs Tara Downs
    44. 44. Booth Library• Opened in 1992 Houses:• Capacity of 300,00 volumes • Archives • Media Center• Connects the northern & southern • Community Room areas of campus • Student Lounge • Group study rooms & individual study stations Booth Library Hours • Scholars RoomMonday-Thursday: 8:00AM – 10:00PM • Computer Lab Friday: 8:00AM – 4:00PM Saturday: 12:00PM – 4:00PM Sunday: 2:00PM – 10:00PM
    45. 45. Booth Library
    46. 46. Gribble Hall Dormitory• Built in 1958 Houses:• Renovated in 1997 • Student Health Services on bottom floor of the building• State Senator Wallace Gribble, benefactor• Co-ed by floor Upper Classmen Student Health Services Hours Dormitory Monday: 10:00AM – 2:00PM Tuesday: 10:00AM – 2:00PM• Washer & Dryer on every floor Wednesday: 10:00AM – 2:00PM Thursday: 9:30AM – 1:15PM• Bathroom on every floor Friday: 10:00AM – 2:00PM (hours may be subject to change)
    47. 47. Gribble Hall Dormitory
    48. 48. Roxanna Booth Hall Dormitory• Built in 1966 Houses:• Adjacent to Gribble Hall Dormitory • Phi Mu National Sorority• Renovated in 1997 • Theta Phi Alpha Colony Sorority• All Female Dormitory• Four Washer & Dryer sets on the bottom floor• Two bathrooms on every floor
    49. 49. Roxanna Booth Hall Dormitory
    50. 50. Darby Hall Dormitory• Built in 1962• Additional rooms for overnight groups (ski, church etc.)Houses:• Augusta Heritage Center
    51. 51. Graceland Inn a.k.a. Graceland Mansion• Built in 1893 • Was the male dormitory when the college acquired the land of its• Summer home for West Virginia current location Senator Davis and his wife Katie • Training site for Hospitality• Mansion named for Grace Davis Lee, Management Students one of Senator Davis’ s daughters • National Historic Landmark• Completely restored in 1996 as an inn & restaurant for the general public Website: gracelandinn.com/main/Graceland_Inn.htm
    52. 52. Graceland Inn
    53. 53. Robert C. Byrd Conference Center a.k.a. Allen Hall• Adjacent to the Graceland Inn• Originally a dormitory named in honor of former D& E President James E. Allen• Discount for students & their immediate family members who stay at either Graceland or the Conference Center. Also available for those who come to visit the college for a private tour or open house eventWebsite: gracelandinn.com/main/conferencecenter.htm
    54. 54. Benedum Hall & The Madden Center Benedum Hall Madden Center • Built in 2004 – Structure connected• Built in 1963 with Benedum HallHouses: • Lower level of Benedum Hall• Cafeteria Houses: • College Bookstore Buildings Hours • WCDE 90.3FM Radio Station Monday – Friday • Post Office & Post Office Boxes 7:30AM – 11:00PM • Game Room & Lounge with two fireplaces & two big screen TVs Saturday – Sunday • Cadillac Daddy Café 10:00AM – 11:00PM • Outside terrace with tables & chairs
    55. 55. Benedum Hall &The Madden Center
    56. 56. The Icehouse• Originally used by the Elkins family to store ice during the summer• Became the campus pub in 1969• Has a Liquor License, Must Be 21 to DrinkEntertainment Includes: Karaoke Bands DJ Theme Parties Comedians• National Historic Landmark
    57. 57. Transportation
    58. 58. Transportation ByAir Land• Flights from Clarksburg, WV to • Major Highways near and through Pittsburgh, PA / Pittsburgh, PA to Elkins include: Clarksburg, WV are daily except Sunday and one Saturday – see times for flights on the D& E website State Highway 92 davisandelkins.edu or on State Highway 32 colganair.com (the US Airways Express) US Highway 219 US Highway 33 US Highway 250 US Highway 50 Interstate 79
    59. 59. Transportation ByShuttle Bus Service• Shuttles from Elkins to the Pittsburgh • Grey Line has bus service between Airport / Pittsburgh Airport to Elkins Clarksburg / Fairmont / Pittsburgh (Greyhound Depot & Airport). Call will be available (304) 296-3869 or busride.org for tickets / info
    60. 60. Davis & ElkinsAdmissions Department
    61. 61. Admissions Department Contact InformationDavis & Elkins College Admissions Counselorsc/o Office of Admissions100 Campus Drive Nicki HinkleElkins, WV 26241 Ken MaxwellToll Free Number:1-800-624-3157 ext. 1230 Nadia Okunor Call Collect: Chris Randolph1-304-637-1230 Joey VanDevenderE-mail: admiss@davisandelkins.eduWebsites: Website: davisandelkins.edu/admision/visit.htm davisandelkins.edu/admission/contactinfo.cfm davisandelkins.edu PowerPoint Presentation created in February 2008
    62. 62. Thank You for ViewingWe hope to see you at an Open House event at Davis & Elkins College in the near future