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Corruption in india

  1. Corruption in India ABHISHEK BANSAL
  2. Corruption in India  Indian democracy is based on corruption  In 2003, only 15% of the government’s antipoverty funds reached the poor.  In a study conducted in 2008, 40% of Indians had firsthand experience of paying bribes or getting a job through contacts.
  3. Causes of Corruption  High rate of illiteracy-     35.2% Fixed and purchased vote bank Fundamental rules in governance are still based on 1860s as amended but not implemented Lack of articulated code of law for the politicians Lack of auditing for the companies
  4. Consequences of Corruption  Corruption suppresses     economic growth and development. It diverts the resources towards the politicians and poor become poorer Roads in India are in a bad shape because the money sanctioned for development is never spent. It has led to big issues in India We will discuss some of the issues in the next slides.
  5. Formation of New State-Telangana  The proposed state comprises 10     of Andhra Pradesh’s 23 districts Born out of political calculation by the ruling party Congress Elections in India start after nine months and Telangana will be a vote bank for Congress. Several other states in India face the same problem but no action has been taken Several protests have been done in Andhra Pradesh because of the Telangana issue
  6. 2G Spectrum  It involved politicians and government officials in India undercharging telephone company’s for licenses.  Telecom Minister, A Raja manipulated the rules for the 2G scam.  Licenses were issued on a first come first serve basis  A telecom company, Swan Telecom was given a license even though it did not meet the criteria
  7. Common Wealth Games  Approx. 400 million dollars lost on Commonwealth Games.  Indian government purchases a bus for 100,000 dollars but the actual price of the same bus is 65,000 dollars.  Construction was so fragile that it failed before construction.
  8. Steps to eradicate corruption  No steps have been taken     to eradicate corruption Corruption begins in mind Nobody in India feels the responsibility of eradicating corruption It requires the awareness of social responsilbilty and moral values watch?v=gjd0El9FZeA
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