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  1. 1. Hospitality & Tourism Management LONDON | NEW YORK | ROME | MILAN | FLORENCE | MADRID EUROPEAN SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS Borgo Santi Apostoli, 19 50123 Florence - T +39 055 217050 - F +39 055 2647515 - Email:
  2. 2. Hospitality & Tourism Management COURSE DESCRIPTION The certificate course in Hospitality & Tourism Management at the European School of Economics in Florence is designed to train a new generation of professio- nals with the skills necessary to handle the ever increasingly complex hospitality and tourism industry. Effective managers and entrepreneurs in this field must possess a solid foundation in a vast array of business issues, regardless of whether they are working in the front line with direct customer contact or at the corporate level. These managers must not only be able to manage the daily operations of the business structure, but also understand critical marketing techniques to achieve customer satisfaction, financial planning and return on investment, and the various business functions within their organisation. These manager must also be capable of coping with increasingly complex human resources issues resulting from globalisation, and adapt quickly to the unrelenting pace of technological change and communications developments. The European School of Economics certificate in Hospitality & Tourism Management welcomes students into this exciting and diverse field. The course covers critical is- sues the hospitality industry as a whole, as well as addressing specific issues and contemporary trends in the hospitality and tourism industry.
  3. 3. Hospitality & Tourism Management COURSE DESCRIPTION THE COURSE CONSISTS OF THE FOLLOWING MODULES: • Hospitality Management • Trends/Emerging Markets in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry • Hotel Yield & Revenue Management • Consumer & Buyer Behavior or Elective Course DURATION OF THE CERTIFICATE The certificate is composed of 4 modules for a total lecture time of 36 hours per module. The certificate is 3 months in duration, and may be followed by an optional 3-month internship. STARTING DATE in Florence: 19 April 2010 27 September 2010 ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS COST OF THE CERTIFICATE College degree or adequate work experience Application Fee: €50,00 Proficiency in English Registration Fee: €200,00 Demonstrate a keen interest in the subject Tuition Fee: €4.000,00 Internship Fee (optional): €1.000,00
  4. 4. Hospitality & Tourism Management Internship Placement Upon completion of the course students have the opportunity to take part in ESE’s comprehen- sive internship programme. Some of the organisations where our students are intering or have interned include: Ciga Gestioni Hotels Forte Village Resort Grand Hotel Royal Grand Hotel Principe Di Piemonte Hilton Hotels Hotelplan Koala Viaggi Le Meridien Hotels Panorama International Star Hotels Valtur Spa XL Hotels & Resorts For more information please contact: European School of Economics Borgo Santi Apostoli, 19 Florence 50123 Tel: 055 217050 Fax: 055 2647515 E-mail: Website: