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Antonio Basso. Abstract Painting Evolution


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Since 2009 my paintings have evolved from a figurative and sometimes symbolc style to an abstract art painting one which has finally confirmed as my pictorial and plastical way of communication. Antonio Basso (2009-2013). More info at

Antonio Basso. Abstract Painting Evolution

  1. 1. Antonio click to join yasoypintor on
  2. 2. a figurative painting start my obsessions _ every day objects _ with strong emotional ties _ someone´s live history _ I repeated them on a on _pastels and acrylicsabstract painting. Antonio Basso
  3. 3. a figurative painting start my obsessions _fire _burns the past _it´s necessary _for a new “me” rebirthabstract painting. Antonio Basso
  4. 4. more figurative painting my obsessions _impassable walls _sorround me _perspectives _tone exercises _spaceabstract painting. Antonio Basso
  5. 5. figurative painting: faces my obsessions _faces _expressions _looks _emotions _romanesque simplicityabstract painting. Antonio Basso
  6. 6. figuration: fast drawings my obsessions _using pen _observing _sorroundings _any place I went to _I still do it … not that manyabstract painting. Antonio Basso
  7. 7. figuration: still lifes, objects my obsessions _different techniques _great figurative masters _more precission _silent landscapesabstract painting. Antonio Basso
  8. 8. abstraction starts my obsessions _maximum freedom _espontaneity _abstract art masters _sinthesizing figuration _abstract drawings, pastels, collage, charcoalabstract painting. Antonio Basso
  9. 9. abstract art painting continues my obsessions city matrix _repetitions _accumulations _noice & speed _kaos _different techniquesabstract painting. Antonio Basso
  10. 10. more abstraction my obsessions inside my own matrix _pastel drawings _repetitions _accumulation _noise & speed _the infinite _pastels on paperabstract painting. Antonio Basso
  11. 11. absolute abstraction my obsessions cross roads _repetitions _tension _depth _acrylic, oils, pastels… _where do we go to?abstract painting. Antonio Basso
  12. 12. …finally, abstraction consolidates as my pictorial languageabstract painting. Antonio Basso
  13. 13. organic abstraction my obsessions ties _tension _volume _string as the main character _hemp & wood are included _biggest formats _new techniquesabstract painting. Antonio Basso
  14. 14. Tie#14 Acrylic on burlap, hemp and wire strings (130x195x4 cms) Private collectionabstract painting. Antonio Basso
  15. 15. geometrical abstraction my obsessions space occupancies _plane over plane _primitive & organic _strings, tissues, mixtures _sewing each painting _richer texturesabstract painting. Antonio Basso
  16. 16. Space Occupancy #21 Mixed media on canvas (83x100x3 cms) click to watch videoabstract painting. Antonio Basso
  17. 17. _events_exhibitions_studio
  18. 18. Antonio click to join yasoypintor on