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Action plan


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Action plan

  1. 1. Week 4 Assignment: Superintendent Technology Curriculum & Specialist Schools Scho S P High Schools Schools Elementary Intermediate Middle schools/TTeachers Principal T Teachers Principal Technology T Teachers Principal Liaison Technology Liaison Technology Liaison Student s Studen ts Student s Communities
  2. 2. Title or job Description of role and Role of the principaldescription responsibilitiesSuperintendent - put technology at top priority -follows plan put into -has a technology vision effect by -implements technology as part of the superintendent district’s mission and goals -includes technology -leads by example and stays up to in campus mission date with technology statement -creates a Technology Curriculum & Instruction TeamTechnology -comes up with a plan to integrate -voices opinion aboutCurriculum & technology TEKS ways to improve theInstruction Team -monitors the integration of plan technology in schools -supports teachers in -requires an online Technology the implementation of assessment the technology plan -provides staff development -requires at least one Technology Fair -be open to teacher suggestionsPrincipal/Assistant -make technology a priority -provides staffprincipal -budgets the money for technology development needed -leads by example and stays up to at the campus date with technology -monitors the use of -holds Technology Fair twice a year technology in the -be open to teacher suggestions classroomTeachers -lead by example and stay up to date -monitors technology with technology integration in the -integrate technology TEKS in all classroom subjects -attend staff developments -continues to provide -make technology a priority computer classes as -ensure student participation in ancillary period Technology fair -make sure technology is included in the delivery of instruction as well students’ productsCampus Liaison -conducts surveys to determine -keeps in constant which technology is needed at communication campus Campus Liaison -facilitates technology staff about technology developments -in charge of Technology fairStudents -masters the technology TEKS -provides technology -follows district code of conduct, rules workshops for and policies parentsCommunity -supports technology integration in maintains constant the classroom communication with -offers any support of facilitate community technology in the classroom - -
  3. 3. Professional Development- The campus still needs ongoing professional development onMicrosoft Office, document cameras, Promethean Boards, e-mail, internet resources or anyother technology utilize to deliver instruction. According to information gathered from week 3from our CIP, new teachers will be trained in Activinspired and Kidspiration and becomeTechnology Component Certified. Teachers always are welcomed to request neededprofessional development. According to the Star Chart, our campus needs improvement inTechnology and Learning. The most needed professional development is creating studentproducts. For example, students are able to create a brochure, PowerPoint, flow chart, worddocuments, or digital foldables. I honestly think our campus is doing an excellent jobincorporating technology in the delivery of instruction.According to the STaR chart we need to improve Technology and Learning,Professional Development--creating technology student products such as brochures, PowerPoint, Newsletters, flow charts,word documents or digital foldables.-development in creating web-based lessons-utilizing teacher website for instruction-utilizing blogs, e-mails, or discussion boards in the classroom-integrating technology and math for student products and according to AEIS report especially inSpanish math-integrating technology and reading for student products-integrating technology and writing for student products-integrating technology and social studies/science products-integrating of technology beyond the classroomProfessional Activities-hold a campus Technology Fair-offer parent workshops to inform parents about technology-invite professionals to inform about the use of technology in their careerResources,Week 3 reportSTaR reportAEIS report Evaluation Planning for Action
  4. 4. 1. Students’ results in Technology computer test.2. The principal will document in PDAS forms the technology utilized in the classroom.3. Students projects in campus Technology Fair.4. Teacher will document in Teacher-Self Report the use of technology,5. Teacher will document in Teacher-Self Report the staff development attended.6. Principal, assistant principal and/or campus liaison will monitor STaR chart.7. Principal, assistant principal and/or campus liaison will conduct teacher and student surveys about the needs in technology.