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  1. 1. Wi. Bytes Academy: Organizational Structure
  2. 2. At Bytes Academy, any one school is just the tip of the iceberg Wi. BA
  3. 3. National BAProvides • Complete “canned” curriculum • Platform for student-teacher interactions • School structure and governance guidance • Teacher onboarding materials & P.D. • Business, operations, marketing, HR, legal services
  4. 4. State Schools • Principal, hired by National BA, hires the rest of the staff. • Principal & staff – Provide day-to-day instructional support for students and parents – Teacher performance evaluations – Conduct state testing – Conduct on-the-ground marketing efforts
  5. 5. National Bytes Academy PT External Teacher(s) (Electives) Charter Authorizor & Board Principal (HS, Enrollment, Business) Admin Admin Asst. Admin Asst. Master Teacher (English 11, 12) Marketing Dir / English 9, 10 Social Studies Social Studies Math (Alg 1, Alg 2, Geom.) Math (CS 1, Trig, AP) ScienceScience Assistant Principal (MS+Elementary) Teacher K, ESL English 6, 7, 8 Math 6, 7, 8 Social Studies 6, 7, 8 Science 6, 7, 8 Master Teacher, 3 Teacher 1 Teacher 2 Teacher 4 Teacher 5 SpEd Director SpEd Teacher SpEd Teacher SpEd Teacher Contractors (Services) School Counselor Parents Community Tip of the Iceberg State-Level BA
  6. 6. Daily operations • Centrally developed “canned” curriculum shifts the role of teacher • Teacher evaluations anticipate that teachers are using metrics and student data to identify and provide support to struggling students • Interactions/support occurs through: phone calls, emails, and synchronous web conferencing
  7. 7. Remote teachers • Some teacher work in an office building, others work from a home office. – Home-based teachers do not have chance encounters with other teachers and administrators – Home-based teachers are sometimes not thought of for ad hoc meetings regarding a specific students or issues – Home-based teachers provide an opportunity for increased organizational knowledge of separate regions of a state
  8. 8. Authority & Roles • Roles are well-defined, teachers rarely work outside of their role • There is a formal and known hierarchy, most visible during teacher evaluation periods • Given the prescriptive nature of the learning environment of an online school, authority conflicts rarely surface • Parents, like teacher and administrators, have little control over many aspects of school operations
  9. 9. Ability to respond individually and collectively • Bytes Academy attempts to set clear expectations before enrollment – Instead of changing approach, student’s who aren’t finding success are often considered a “poor fit” for he school and “counseled out” • The online environment provides opportunity for multiple instructors to come in and address a struggling student’s needs at point-of-need during synchronous lessons • Student/family/school interactions are mostly 1:1 – which provides opportunity for addressing issues at the point of need. • Parents & students must self-advocate – it’s especially difficult for a teacher to know when a student is beginning to struggle in the online classroom