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West african kingdoms


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West African Kingdoms. Virginia SOL USI.4c. This power point teaches students the importance of the African kingdoms during European exploration. Ghana, Mali, and Songhai each dominated West Africa in sequence from 300 to 1600 A.D. African people and African goods played an important role in European interest in world resources.

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West african kingdoms

  1. 1. West African Kingdoms Mr. Barnett Plaza MS 6th Grade
  2. 2. Essential Knowledge • Ghana, Mali, and Songhai each dominated West Africa and controlled the trade from 300 to 1600 A.D.
  3. 3. Key Words • Ghana: means king
  4. 4. Ghana, Mali, & Songhai Where were these empires located? • In Western Africa • South of the Sahara Desert • Near the Niger River.
  5. 5. Portuguese • In spite of the dangers, Portuguese sailors explored the west coast of Africa, and setup trading posts along the way. • The Portuguese traded for gold, ivory, and slaves.
  6. 6. Portuguese • The Portuguese carried goods from Europe to West African empires trading metals, cloth, and other manufactured goods for gold. • The Portuguese started the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. • The slave trade devastated African communities.
  7. 7. Ghana (No notes) • Historians think the first people in Ghana were farmers' along the Niger River. • Ghana's rulers grew wealthy by controlling trade in salt and gold.
  8. 8. Salt Mines
  9. 9. Salt Mines
  10. 10. Salt Mines
  11. 11. Salt Mines
  12. 12. Mali: “Where the King Resides” • Mansa Musa: the King of Mali who ruled from 1312 A.D. to 1337 A.D. • Timbuktu: the capital of Mali that became a great center of learning • Trades came to Timbuktu from the North and South. • Portuguese traded for salt, gold, metals, shells, and many other goods.
  13. 13. • The largest and strongest empire in West Africa was the Songhai Empire. • Songhai had a really strong military and they conquered Mali.
  14. 14. Affect of European trade with West African Kingdoms • Over time, the slave trade became an important part of the West African economy. • Kings traded slaves for valuable goods, such as horses, textiles, and weapons from Europe. • Ghana, Mali, and Songhai became powerful by controlling trade in West Africa.
  15. 15. West African Kingdoms Which European Nation of dominate in exploring West Africa? • Portugal.
  16. 16. Mali Ghana Songhai
  17. 17. Salt Mines
  18. 18. West African kingdoms • Ghana, Mali, and Songhai were located in the western region of Africa, south of the Sahara Desert, near the Niger River.