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CASI Fall 2010 Games & Sims poster


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Fall 2010 poster for UW-Madison School of Medicine & Public Health Committee on Academic Staff Issues. Update on Games and Simulation for Healthcare portal. With spiffy image collage background :-)

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CASI Fall 2010 Games & Sims poster

  1. 1. Games and Simulation for Healthcare: An Update Eric B. Bauman PhD, RN and Allan R. Barclay, MLIS, AHIP ffff Evaluate a Simulation Social & Professional Information International Events Calendar Read and Share the LiteratureSearch or Browse Inventory Local, National & International LabsLocal Connections and Beyond Evaluate a Game Games & Sims Portal Project An update on a portal project for games and simulation for health care. The portal at (or continues to grow. Changes include: new items added to the inventory; an updated listing of simulation labs around the world cross listed in Google Maps; a new events calendar, created in Google Calendar; and a news blog. The portal has generated interest in related projects such as an attempt to codify a controlled vocabulary or taxonomy for health care related games and simulation. Literature We have a large locally maintained RefWorks database of game and simulation related literature (including a number of items not normally indexed like conference proceedings). We hope to spend some time organizing and tagging these records for use in other parts of the site and for better user searching. We are also working on a better way to get news and current event information pulled into the site in a semi-automated fashion (also including Tweets or other non-canonical sources). Inventory A variety of improvements to the basic game and sim inventory have been suggested and/or are already planned for. They include: Licensing or access information Ratings or reviews Scholarly literature citations added to relevant item records Taxonomy Consistent language is needed for several areas of the site but there is great ambiguity at present. Discussions are underway to look into addressing the issue. Areas of the site impacted would include: Inventory records for better search results Inventory record faceted browsing Scholarly literature indexing and organizing for browsing and searching NEXT STEPS:ABSTRACT: Labs We have a large number of simulation labs entered into our database and cross-listed in an openly accessible Google Maps instance. We have a large number of possible additions to the inventory. Currently we have links to the lab websites and address information where available. We plan to add more detailed information to the lab records (based on input at a CASI demo session in Spring 2010). This could include primary audiences, equipment, access policies, etc.