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Child birth in america a brief focus on various advantages of dual citizenship


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Abama-mama provides world class baby birth delivery facilities for mama’s in Miami which is a very prestigious place in USA for obstetrics and gynecology.

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Child birth in america a brief focus on various advantages of dual citizenship

  1. 1. Child Birth in America- A brief focus on various advantages of Dual Citizenship
  2. 2. Good parenting is the ultimate gift for your child! Who does not want to bestow the best upon the child? Everyone does! However, how many of you succeed in providing the best benefits to your child? Not many! Dual citizenship is one of the best gifts you can give your child right from the birth. How can citizenship of two different countries benefit your child? If you need an answer for this question, rewind a situation in which you wished having a dual citizenship! People usually curse their citizenship while completing the formalities required for moving from one country to another. And what if you give dual citizen status to your child right from birth?
  3. 3. What are the various benefits your child can get using dual citizenship? •Greater freedom to travel •Access to more advanced and affordable health care •Exposure to top notch educational institutes •More job and investment opportunity •Less tax liability
  4. 4. With the advent of technology, communication and transportation have become quite easy and fast. People are constantly revolving around the globe for better education and job. While mode of communication has developed, the legal procedure for moving from one to another is getting more stringent day by day. In such case, jus soli (birthright by soil) is one of the most convenient ways for getting the privilege of a different nation.
  5. 5. As per a recent report posted by the Huffington Post, the USA is one of the favorite destinations for immigrants. People from every nook and corner of the world move here for better living, better education and better job opportunities. Apart from being a developed nation with a prosperous and promising economy, it also has favorable geographical features. It has the third largest landmass in the world with warm climate round the year (even the month of January has a temperature of 22-25 degree Celsius).
  6. 6. In addition, US healthcare offers the highest standards in the medical industry. Highly qualified medical staffs, adequate availability of basic medical amenities for all the patients and accurate diagnosis are the three pillars upon which rests the reputation of US healthcare industry. You and your baby deserve better medical benefits, so why not avail the best of all medical aids. It is not easy for a newbie to manage all these in a distant place like the US, where there is no one known to you. However, there are many agencies working in this regard. For further assistance, you can take their help and guidance. These agencies will help you in the following ways:
  7. 7. •They will recommend you the best obstetrical centre both in terms of reputation of the medical staffs and total budget of your plan. •They will assist in your visa procedures •They will arrange accommodation and manage all your domestic aspects •They will provide a range of budget friendly medical consultants for the future health check up of the mother. Abama mama is a Russian-American company that encourages and supports childbirth in America.
  8. 8. RUSSIA: +7 495 760-29-28 USA: +1 386 283-71-20 UKRAINE: +38 097 476-50-80 EMAIL: info@ Thank You