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Pre Raphaelitesii


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Published in: Education
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Pre Raphaelitesii

  1. 1. Pre-Raphaelite Art
  2. 2. Who is Raphael? Late 15th / early 16th Century Italian Renaissance Organized images Clear, deliberate perspective
  3. 3. Pre-Raphaelites Rejected Raphaelite composition Photgraphic-quality details Abandonment of strict perspective Highly Representational Images and details Renaissance and Medieval subjects Pre-Raphaelite Women: eroticized medievalism
  4. 4. John Everett Millais Dante Gabriel Rossetti William Holman Hunt Edward Burne-Jones William Morris John William Waterhouse G. E. Robertson
  5. 5. Ophelia
  6. 6. Mariana
  7. 7. Ferdinand Ariel
  8. 8. Ophelia
  9. 9. La Belle Dame Sans Merci
  10. 10. Hylas and the Nymphs