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Karsten Heinig, Volvo Technology, a risks analysis

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Karsten Heinig, Volvo Technology, a risks analysis

  1. 1. EuroFOT: A Risk Analysis About challenges in large-scale FOTs and how euroFOT is dealing with them
  2. 2. euroFOT Project Overview  total indicative budget: Euro 22 million  total indicative funding: Euro 14 million  project duration: May 2008 till August 2011  coordinator: Aria Etemad Ford Research & Advanced Engineering Europe  28 partners from 10 different countries: – 9 OEMs – 3 Suppliers – 6 Universities – 4 Research Institutes – 6 Others Volvo Technology 6320, Karsten Heinig, public 2 2009-09-24
  3. 3. euroFOT Systems under Test  Longitudinal control functions – FCW: Forward Collision Warning – ACC: Adaptive Cruise Control – SL: Speed Limiter  Lateral control functions – BLIS: Blind Spot Information System – LDW: Lane Departure Warning – IW: Impairment Warning  Advanced applications – CSW: Curve Speed Warning – FEA: Fuel Efficiency Advisor – SafeHMI: Safe Human Machine Interaction Volvo Technology 6320, Karsten Heinig, public 3 2009-09-24
  4. 4. euroFOT Challenges and Risks  installing additional hardware in a large number of vehicles spread across Europe,  collecting, uploading, and analysing huge amounts of data (Volvo: >50TB),  taking care of legal issues related to the continuous collection of data,  guarantying the driver’s ethical rights during the test, and  protecting the proprietary developments of the different OEMs and suppliers involved in this project. Volvo Technology 6320, Karsten Heinig, public 4 2009-09-24
  5. 5. Risk: Technical Issues  Definition: – failure of hardware, software and data transmission components  Examples: – HDD failure, loose connectors – unsynchronized data from different sources – impossibility to save data (disk full, or no GPRS coverage,…)  Countermeasures: – extensive and comprehensive pilot – real-time web-based data quality monitoring tool – on-site spare part management Volvo Technology 6320, Karsten Heinig, public 5 2009-09-24
  6. 6. Risk: Data Corruption  Definition: – Loss or degradation of data from the time data is logged to the time that data is retrived from the database for data analysis.  Examples: – Aliasing in resampling. – Uncompleted questionnaires. – Impossible values from interpolation or filtering.  Countermeasures: – Extensive and comprehensive pre-analysis from pilot results. – Implementation of multiple scripts for verifying data quality at each step of data processing. Volvo Technology 6320, Karsten Heinig, public 6 2009-09-24
  7. 7. Risk: Ethical and Legal Issues  Definition: – Anything related to data collection or to carrying on euroFOT which does not obey to the EU laws.  Examples: – Filming in restricted (military) areas – Breaking privacy regulations – Missing to comply with the declaration of Helsinki  Countermeasures: – Involvement of many stakeholders on the issue. – Extended research on regulations and laws in EU. Volvo Technology 6320, Karsten Heinig, public 7 2009-09-24
  8. 8. Risk: Annoyed Customers  Definition: – The OEMs customers involved in the study experience discomfort from participating to euroFOT  Examples: – Truck delays a delivery due to euroFOT logger technical issue – Drivers are required to spend too much time filling questionnaires – Driver does not feel their privacy is protected  Countermeasures: – Monetary incentives to the fleet owners/ drivers – Well organized communication strategy with fleets owner and drivers – 365/24/7 hotline at OEM Volvo Technology 6320, Karsten Heinig, public 8 2009-09-24
  9. 9. Risk: Reduced Number of Participants  Definition: – The number of vehicle involved in euroFOT data collection does not resemble the planned number.  Examples: – Recession decreasing significantly sales. – Unexpected costs for installation. – Unexpected costs for data management.  Countermeasures: – Flexible planning and fall back solutions. – Early involvement of sales department and customers in the project. Volvo Technology 6320, Karsten Heinig, public 9 2009-09-24
  10. 10. Risk: Uncontrolled Data Sharing  Definition: – Any data exchange or transfer resulting in the presentation of data or results which may infringe euroFOT participants.  Examples: – Disclosure of suppliers proprietary data. – Reverse engineering – Benchmarking across OEMs.  Countermeasures: – Clear definition of the extent of data sharing in the project. – Security protection of data. – Awareness on benchmarking issues in presenting results. Volvo Technology 6320, Karsten Heinig, public 10 2009-09-24
  11. 11. Summary  Challenges and Risks on different levels – Technical – Organisational – Legal/ Ethical  Countermeasures are in place or planned for  Confident to deliver a successful project Volvo Technology 6320, Karsten Heinig, public 11 2009-09-24