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January Design


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This presentation succintly shows the philosophy behind my design firm, including glimpses of our work.

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January Design

  1. 1. januarydesignWe design stuff. We design strategies.A BalasubramaniamJanuary Design
  2. 2. Design forNew MarketsNew products get you new markets.January Design helps you inidentifying and getting new markets.
  3. 3. New Design of USB Adaptors for captures export markets Project : USB connector for Telekonnectors Ltd, Chennai
  4. 4. Same Technology.New Products.Project : Lifestyle products in Marble
  5. 5. Design forCost SavingsDesign is applied for cost-cutting,eliminating processes, combiningcomponents, increasing efficiencyand improving productivity.
  6. 6. Combine parts. Save costs.Design is applied for cost-cutting. The front and the back of this Stabiliser is made of FRP and saves moulding costs and increases value. Project: SPC for Everon
  7. 7. Design forCreativityDesign is applied for innovating betterproducts and processes, resulting increative products to sell.
  8. 8. Project: Bamboo lifestyle products for UNDPLow tech. New ProductsDesign is applied for innovating better products. Traditional bamboo artisans making baskets were trained to make household products.
  9. 9. Understand needs.Create new products Book shelves in modules. Grows with need. Project: Furniture for Cottage Emporium
  10. 10. Ludo for the new gen Interpreting the classical game of LUDO for the new generation of children resulted in a game for 6 players.
  11. 11. Design forFire-fightingDesign is applied for improvingproducts and processes and toeliminate problem areas.
  12. 12. No parts?No problem. Project : Engine Cover for Hero MotorsA new engine cover for the old bike was designed when the bike’s engine changed for HERO
  13. 13. Graphics for quick productdifferentiation Project : Tractor Graphics for EicherGraphics, colour schemes and trims were predominantly used to differentiate the Eicher tractor for a quick launch.
  14. 14. Design forSustainabilityDesign is applied for improvingproducts and processes thathelp the environment survive.
  15. 15. Project : Packaging for CDI, SrinagarHand made products.Hand made packaging.Jammu & Kashmir now utilises their crafts to make packaging of products produced in the state. This reduces consumption of paper cartons. The packages are re-usable, too.
  16. 16. Carrier packaging uses no wooden crates.Others follow.
  17. 17. Design forPersonalityDesign contributes in making productsgood-looking, packaging for betterperceived value and make thempresentable for the user.
  18. 18. Young. Fresh. Cool.Telekonnectors wanted to introduce new headsets that had to have a younger appeal. These headsets were perceived as superior and fresher.
  19. 19. Brand Naga.NHHDC creates a new brand of international products Project : Lifestyle products for Nagaland that have a new identity. Handloom & Handicrafts Centre
  20. 20. Design forFunctionalityDesign helps in articulating theneeds of the user and helpbuild functionality that’s useful.
  21. 21. User Led.Use Led. Project : Flashlight Design for Eveready Industries, LucknowDesign helped Eveready build better flashlights.
  22. 22. User Led.Use Led.A set of tables designed to be used singly or in a cluster.
  23. 23. Design forCommunicationDesign has to appeal to the userthrough better packaging, brochures,websites and user manuals.
  24. 24. Exhibition Design forNaga products A new range of unconventional products needed unconventional stands for exhibition.
  25. 25. Packaging gives the games a newidentity Packaging graphics give the LUDO a new identity for a puzzle and board games manufacturer.
  26. 26. About UsResearchProducts and Systems DesignPackaging DesignCommunication Design
  27. 27. thinkers.CreativeExperience meets young blood.Attributes
  28. 28. Excellent understanding of the problemfrom the user’s point of view.Attributes
  29. 29. Understanding manufacturing constraints.High Conversion rate.Attributes
  30. 30. Holistic solutions.Concept to Prototype.Attributes
  31. 31. High sense of aesthetics.Attributes
  32. 32. bala@januarydesign.comContact