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Evaluative commentary part 3


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Evaluative commentary part 3

Published in: Education
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Evaluative commentary part 3

  1. 1. What two films are similar to mine? Shutter Island, The Shining, I Am Legend and Quarantine.
  2. 2. Why? They are all from the same genre such as horror/psychological thriller. The target audience are all teenagers and young adults this is because they use escapism and entertainment from films to get away from their lives to seek thrill. Also the films have similar concepts and locations. Shutter island and the shinning both set in a large building in a quite isolated area.
  3. 3. • $80 million Shutter Island. Shutter island had famous actors starring in the film such as Leonardo DiCaprio so they had to have a big salary. Also the film had some visual effects which would cost a lot to have. • $19 million for the shining. The shining had Jack Nicholson who is a major Hollywood star. The film was filmed mostly at a real hotel so there were not many sets made this would also cost a lot. • $150 for I am legend. Also had a major Hollywood actor Will Smith he is one of the most played actors in the business. The film also contains spectacular visual effects.
  4. 4.  I am Legend =$435,349,010  The Shining = $25360123  Shutter island=$214804195
  5. 5.  I am Legend – Warner Bros  Shutter Island- Columbia Pictures and Paramount Pictures
  6. 6. The companies which will support my film would be Warner brothers, Columbia pictures or paramount pictures. These studios would produce my film because they have similar plot lines to the films which they already produce.
  7. 7.  Production Funding  Support the script to become a film  A partnership with the BBC  Money coming in from BBC. They want to look for new film makers. For example Shifty was a low budget film which was produced by the microwave company.
  8. 8.  Regional screen agencies  Lottery funding  local authorities  Film 4 example Starred Up  Welcome trust