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Curriculum Vitae                        BS.c of Computer Science                        Faculty of Computer and Informatio...
Web                                                          Experienced                  ...
Faculty Projects        Project                           Description                         ToolsGraphics Package       ...
employees in company        Reporting services                            with permissions of                            w...
Fortanta                Website worked in it with my friends to make         Asp.Net 2008,                        advertis...
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Mohamed el abacy


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Mohamed el abacy

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae BS.c of Computer Science Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences Ain Shams University Personal InformationName Mohamed El-Sayed Ahmed EL-AbacyMobile (+2) 01225138738Military status ExecutedMarital status Singlee-mail mohamedelabacy@Gmail.comAddress masr el gdeda, Cairo Seeking a good position in Business Solutions Developing . Education2007/2008 BS.c of Computer Science Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences Ain Shams University With total Grade 63%2003/2004 Took GSC with Score 95.4 % Salah-Salem Secondary School / Kfr elDawar / bhera Graduation projectGraduation project Web Based Recruitment And Job Search.Project Grade ExcellentProject Description Web Application have a smart job search using a query of CV qualifications and also include standard employment system.Tools Used .Net 2008 ,SQL Server 2005 , 2008Achievement WonITIDAprize 2008. ExperiencesProgramming languagesVisual Experienced WithJava (J2SE) Good knowledge ofX86 Assembly Good knowledge ofSQL Server Experienced WithVB.Net Good knowledge ofC Good knowledge ofVisual Prolog Good knowledge ofC++ Good knowledge ofDatabase SystemsMS SQL Server 2000,2005,2008,2008 R2 Experienced WithMySQL Good knowledge ofMS Access Strong knowledge ofOracle DB 10g Good knowledge of
  2. 2. Web Experienced Experienced WithAJAX tools Experienced WithHTML Experienced WithCSS-skin Strong knowledge ofJquery Good knowledge ofMVC Goodknowledge ofSilverlight Good knowledge ofGame ProgrammingGDI+ Good knowledge ofDirectX 9.0 Fair knowledge ofProgramming Techniques.Net Framework Experienced WithWPF Experienced WithLinQ technology Experienced WithEntity Framework Experienced WithFile Net Experienced WithExpression Blend Experienced WithWindows Communication Foundation (WCF) Fair knowledge ofSoftware Engineering Good knowledge ofUML and System analysis Good knowledge ofMicrosoft ERP Fair knowledge ofXML Good knowledge ofSocket Programming with Good knowledge ofIDEs and ToolsMS Visual 2003,2005,2008,2010 Experienced WithMs SQL Server 2000,2005,2008,2008 R2 Experienced WithNet Beans IDE 4.1,5.0 and 5.5 Good knowledge ofMS Office Experienced WithRational Rose Enterprise 2002 Good knowledge ofMicrosoft Dynamics GP 9 Good knowledge ofMat Lab 7 Good knowledge ofOperating SystemsMS Windows 98,Me,2000,Xp,7,server 2008 Experienced WithPersonal SkillsCommunication Skills Logic Management Consulting Certification.Presentation Skills Logic Management Consulting Certification.Time Management Logic Management Consulting Certification.Language SkillsBerlitz English Course Proficiency Level 3.(Grade: Good).Other SkillsAbility to learn new technologies, work under stress
  3. 3. Faculty Projects Project Description ToolsGraphics Package Draw geometric shapes using predefined VS C# 2005,GDI algorithms.Hotel Management Hotel system that automate all VS C# 2003 ,SQLSystem hotel processes. Server 2000Knapsack Problem Solve Knapsack problem 0, 1. VS C# 2003SolverSecurity Package Encrypt and Decrypt text using predefined J2SE algorithms.Assembler Translation Take assembly code and translate it VS C# 2005Network Chat Program Chatting at network With sending and receiving J2SE smilesXO game Simple interactive XO game Visual prolog And J2seembedded system Simple calculator program burned on Rom chip Ccalculator connected with screen.Search engine Program used to Download long number of VS C# 2008 pages for processing.Work Experience:1-ITBLOCKS company from 12-2009 To 11-2010 Work Projects Project Description Tools Period Regulatory Reports Sending reports to VS C# 2008 , From : 1/1/2010 (Out sourcing) centre bank every year Sql Server 2008 To : 20/1/2010 about clients deals. ,Reporting Services Electronic Archive Make scan to paper VS C# 2008 , From :20/1/2010 (Out sourcing) document or take file Sql Server 2008, To :20/2/2010 and set some meta data File Net APIs, and save it in file net FileNetCapture, repository and enter LinQ Technology document in work flow Daily Work Main function is Asp.Net 2008, From :20/2/2010 (Internal Site) workflow where take VS C# 2008 , To :5/5/2010 (Out sourcing) document by two ways Sql Server 2008, electronic archive File Net APIs, document or ordinary LinQ Technology document by upload and document enter in workflow from officer to branch man with ability to add versions and attachment to document till document reach to Chief or chief- dep to accept or refuse the document Word Add ins Add ins for word to send VS C# 2008 , From :5/5/2010 document to File Net Sql Server 2008, To :12/5/2010 repository and File Net APIs, database Web services After edit in document Wepco Security Program to manage VS C# 2008 , From :1/6/2010 (Abo-Quir petroleum) entrance and exit of Sql Server 2008, To :1/8/2010
  4. 4. employees in company Reporting services with permissions of work late ,visitor entrance,… all these permissions go in work flow that is manage automatic and can change by administrator Update in internal audit Program to set plans VS C# 2008 , From :1/6/2010 program to company in next Sql Server 2008, To :1/8/2010 years Reporting services2- Victory Link company from 11-2010 till now Work Projects Project Description Tools Period Nbd El Souq Website Contain VS C# 2010 , From : 1/11/2010 chatting control Sql Server 2008 To : 1/3/2011 between users in stock ,Entity Frame Work, Exchange and all Jquery,Silverlight, operation they need WCF. from announcements ,videos ,Rss Feeds Modules Epol Web site about egypt VS C# 2010 , From : 1/3/2011 political , votig for Sql Server 2008 To : 1/4/2011 Presidential elections , ,Entity Frame Parliamentary elections Work,google APIs and egypian constitution ,facebook sharing and comments. New Giza Real-state project for VS C# 2010 , From : 10/4/2011 management sales of SQL Server 2008 To : 15/7/2011 new Giza villas ,Entity frame work Danette Egypt VS C# 2010 , From: 15/9/2011 eg Jquery. To : 30/11/2011 AinBay announcing for ainbay VS C# 2010 , From : 1/11/2011 city Villas and Jquery. To : 5/11/2011 apartment and display the magic of this city / ENS(Etisalat Desktop application to VS C# 2010 From: 1/10/2011 Numbering System) change mobile numbers To : 25/10/2011 Link available on on phone book in USP Etisalat web site modem to new format , return it to old format , also change , save , restore numbers from old to new and from new to old formats. VAS “Value Added Workflow application for VS C# 2010 ,SQL From : 1/11/2011 Service” adding service to mobile Server 2008, entity To :10/02/2012 companies for new Frame Work sources of profit else Jquery, ajax. calls. Own Projects Project Description Tools
  5. 5. Fortanta Website worked in it with my friends to make Asp.Net 2008, advertisements to Tanta shops every shops VS C# 2008 , have albums and products with ability to Sql Server 2008 manage and search for all products and markets with all news and important characters from Tanta. http://www.fortanta.comCar Accessories Program to manage buy , sell operations , WPF technology, laters and print reports for all required car VS C# 2008, accessories operations. SQL Server 2008, Reporting viewersDMTS(Data Real state workflow application for VS C# 2010,Management Transfer management of repair and sale of mobiles and SQL Server 2008System) devices. R2,Reporting Client was Mobily in KSA viewersAmina shelbaya web This site for famous model in Egypt for explain VS C# 2010,site. her experiances and interact with site user with SQL Server 2008 ability for company to advertise in pages with R2,ajax,jquery. back end managed that. Hobbies and personal skillsReading, ProgrammingAbility to work alone and in a groupAbility to learn any new, work under pressureHave self motivated and strong willAbility to work inside any place in Egypt or out Egypt I hope that my CV meets your needs