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AIA Initial Presentation

  1. 1. YOU CAN COUNT ON US<br />For Producer Use Only<br />
  2. 2. Thank you for spending a few moments getting to know us. <br />We hope the following presentation provides you with a basic understanding of;<br /><ul><li> Who we are
  3. 3. Our Values and Propositions
  4. 4. Our Business Partners
  5. 5. and How You Can Get Started With Us Today!!! </li></ul>For Producer Use Only<br />
  6. 6. Building Relationships<br />The Fast-Track to Success.<br />More than a comprehensive resource for premium products and services, Abacus Insurance Advisors (AIA) is the sum of the relationships we’ve cultivated within the industry. <br />By bridging the gaps between our carriers and advisors and connecting people with what they need to excel, our experience and resources create excellence. We’ve earned our advisors’ trust by providing them with a consistent source for products and solutions to meet their clients needs. You can rely on our knowledge, our experience and our extensive personalized back office support to put you on the fast track to success.<br />Leverage our relationships for your performance. <br />Why Abacus Insurance Advisors?<br />Our passion for what we do and the experience we have gained continuously drives our business and yours.<br /><ul><li>Efficiency
  7. 7. Established Partnerships
  8. 8. Expertise
  9. 9. Personalized Service
  10. 10. Premium Products
  11. 11. Reliable Resources</li></ul>For Producer Use Only<br />
  12. 12. Core Values<br />The Pillars of Our Success.<br />Abacus Insurance Advisors is a comprehensive resource for successful financial professionals and their clients. As a leader in the Life Insurance Brokerage Community, AIA has built a solid network and established a sizable presence across the USA.<br />Integrity<br />Our legacy is the relationships we’ve built and the trust we’ve earned from our advisors. We strive to provide the best in product knowledge, sales support and industry information to keep you informed and armed for sales. <br />Excellence<br />Our goal is excellence; we strive to surpass your expectations in every way. We are constantly updating our process and systems to stay current with advisors needs. <br />Passion<br />Our inspiration is to help ensure the successful future or our advisors, and give them the opportunity to focus on their clients’ success.<br />Collaboration<br />Everything we do is in the spirit of reciprocal partnership. We utilize many mediums, including social media, to collaborate the best of the best ideas, products and sales knowledge. <br />For Producer Use Only<br />
  13. 13. A PersonalizedCommitment to Excellence.<br />Think of us as your personal team of dedicated marketing, underwriting and business management professionals, operating as a virtual extension of your office. Expertise, efficiency and responsiveness are all part of our commitment to excellence and to you.<br />Rely on our resources for expert guidance in Estate Planning, Asset Maximization and Wealth Transfer. We are committed to providing industry leading products, service and support. Each of our product lines is supported by designated specialists so you can always get your questions answered.<br />Our underwriters are the best in the industry and are available to assist you with Avocation, Financial or Impaired Risk decisions. We’re here to help you address your clients’ needs from insightful analysis to innovative case solutions.<br />At Abacus Insurance Advisors, we pride ourselves on our efficiency without sacrificing professionalism and quality. We provide you with ease of business and time efficiency, so that you can focus on growing your business.<br />Guidance and support in:<br /><ul><li>Asset Maximization
  14. 14. Estate Planning
  15. 15. Marketing
  16. 16. Underwriting
  17. 17. Wealth Transfer</li></ul>Services. Support. Solutions.<br /><ul><li> Advanced Case Design
  18. 18. Application Processing with Status Reports
  19. 19. Licensing and Contract Processing
  20. 20. Point-of-Sale Assistance
  21. 21. Policy Processing with Case Management Assistance
  22. 22. Strategic Consulting
  23. 23. 24-Hour Turnaround Proposal Services</li></ul>For Producer Use Only<br />
  24. 24. Established Partnerships.<br />Elevating Your Success.<br />Abacus Insurance Advisors is a well-established leader and exceptionally positioned in the industry. The carrier relationships we’ve cultivated distinguish us and enable us to offer truly unsurpassed products, services and support.<br />We’ve built our reputation of success by always operating with integrity and an underlying spirit of collaboration and partnership towards the benefit of our producers.<br />Connect and capitalize on the synergy of services.<br />For Producer Use Only<br />
  25. 25. Reliable Resources.<br />Tools and Resources at Your Fingertips.<br />We deliver an advanced set of tools and materials supporting all areas of your business. Abacus Insurance Advisors can provide you with up-to-date information and seamless usability that makes it easy to accomplish your business goals.<br /><ul><li>Simplified Applications and Forms
  26. 26. Weekly Producer Reports
  27. 27. Contracting Process Simplified Program
  28. 28. Sales Tools and Presentations
  29. 29. Vital Signs – Carrier Rating Reports
  30. 30. Custom Spreadsheet Proposals
  31. 31. Custom PowerPoint Client Proposals</li></ul>For Producer Use Only<br />
  32. 32. The Abacus ProcessWith You Every Step of the Way…<br />For Producer Use Only<br />
  33. 33. The Abacus Process Defined.<br />For Producer Use Only<br />
  34. 34. Complete. Comprehensive. Products.<br />Building Financial Security.<br />Abacus Insurance Advisors prides itself on providing our advisors a comprehensive portfolio of insurance related products and services. <br />Annuities <br /><ul><li> Fixed
  35. 35. Indexed
  36. 36. Multi-Year Guarantees
  37. 37. Single Premium</li></ul>Life Insurance<br /><ul><li>Guaranteed and Simplified Issue
  38. 38. Indexed Life
  39. 39. Survivorship Life
  40. 40. Term Life
  41. 41. Universal Life
  42. 42. Whole Life</li></ul>Long Term Care Insurance<br /><ul><li> Association Groups
  43. 43. Executive Carve-outs
  44. 44. Individual and Joint
  45. 45. Linked Benefit Products
  46. 46. Multi-life</li></ul>Specialty Products<br /><ul><li> Disability Income
  47. 47. Life Settlements
  48. 48. Linked Benefits</li></ul>For Producer Use Only<br />
  49. 49. Stay Connected With Us!<br />Abacus Insurance Advisors Website –<br />Through our website you can gain knowledge by utilizing our customized product and sales idea presentations (expanding monthly). You will also have the ability to contact us as well as download many of the useful forms which make doing business with us as efficient as possible. <br />Abacus Insurance Advisors Blog – <br />Tired of all of the product update emails in your inbox? We utilize our blog to post product updates and keep you up to speed on industry information in one organized place. We will also provide relevant sales tips from some of the best sales and marketing ideas across industry’s. <br />Abacus Insurance Advisors Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn – <br />We will connect our advisors with information, education and presentations easily accessible through their daily social media platform. Choose one or utilize them all to stay current with all of our information. <br />For Producer Use Only<br />
  50. 50. EXCEED BEYOND YOUR EXPECTATIONS.<br />Join Abacus Insurance Advisors.<br />Established relationships with carriers, expert guidance and exceptional service are just a few of our concierge level offerings.<br />At AIA, we take care of your back office needs so you can focus on building your business. We invite you to leverage our comprehensive resources and become another AIA success story.<br />Our promise is that your experience with AIA will surpass your expectations.<br />ABACUS INSURANCE ADVISORS, LLC<br />You Can Count On Us.<br />Phone 864.672.1400<br />Toll Free 877.672.1401<br />Fax 864.281.9662<br />Website<br />109 Block House Road<br />Greenville, SC 29615<br />Abacus Insurance Advisors, LLC is an insurance marketing subsidiary of Asset Management, Inc. Neither Abacus Insurance Advisors, nor its employees or agents are authorized to give legal, accounting or tax advice. You should consult your own legal or tax professional regarding the purchase of any life insurance policy.<br />For Producer Use Only<br />