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Abacus mobile

  1. 1. What we’d like to cover Introduction • The mobile market • What is mobile engagement? • What can mobile engagement deliver? Mobile activation • SMS & MMS • Mobile web • Mobile applications What does mean to you? • Online vs. Mobile • Mobile momentum • The recruitment market
  2. 2. Intro
  3. 3. The Market • There are 5 billion mobile handsets on the planet (1 billion PC’s); UK SIM penetration at 123% • Mobile ramping faster than desktop did – 5 trends converging (3G, Social networking, Video, VoIP, new devices) • 450 million Mobile web users globally; growing at 30% annually • Smartphone users predicted to rise 3 fold over 5 years to 1BN up from 288M in 2008 • Explosion in applications; 10B iPhone apps downloaded since July 2008 • SMS revenues are around US$135 billion; 1 billion text messages a week in the UK • The majority of websites are not optimised for mobile • Significant brand engagement through mobile including non-tech brands e.g. Local Government, Daily Mail Group, Glastonbury, Nestle, Live Nation
  4. 4. Advantages of mobile A new channel through which to engage users and activate all other forms of advertising • Most relevant medium: be on the right curve – not behind it • Personal & instant information including at point of purchase - wherever, whenever • Save money by getting the right results for less • Optimise user experience via consumers’ selected medium • Establish brand presence through permanent real estate on targets handset • Data capture for audience profiling & future targeted campaigns • ROI: Track usage of all campaign elements • Easy and convenient method of free sample distribution
  5. 5. Device detection & optimisation Low end Medium Smartphone iPhone / touch 128 x 160 172 x 220 240 x 360 320 x 480 Each phone “declares” its capabilities and the most relevant template design is served for the optimal user experience
  6. 6. What is mobile engagement? • An under-utilized form of communication • Extremely effective, if used correctly • Delivers measurable ROI and better data capture than most other forms of marketing • Can deliver measurable results – but can therefore expose a poor campaign • A personal form of communication – Mobile has “won the race to be in our pocket”
  7. 7. What can mobile engagement deliver? • • Increased user participation • • Candidate generation • • Talent banking • • Increased loyalty • • Increased council visibility
  8. 8. Why mobile? “Don’t use Mobile because you can. Use Mobile because you should” The history of mobile service implementation is littered with well meaning services that fall short in delivery Entry to mobile can be taken step by step, before launching a fully interactive mobile campaign
  9. 9. Mobile activation methods Complexity Mobile Applications Mobile Web Mobile Messaging • SMS • MMS Audience size
  10. 10. Mobile messaging - SMS SMS represented US$89Bn 4,121.3Bn messages 5,471.7Bn messages 32.7% growth
  11. 11. Mobile messaging - SMSUbiquitous • All mobiles can send and receive texts • Inclusive bundles means that for many this communication is ‘free’Personal and relevant • 97% of SMS messages are opened (compared to 5% - 10% of email marketing comms)In or outbound comms • Outbound targeting users through a database • Inbound targeting through short codesDrive to further interaction • Stage 1 in a process to drive interaction with mobile web or applications
  12. 12. Mobile messaging - MMSBMW winter tyre campaign• Picture message sent showing car model, colour and alloy wheel option as purchased by consumer - highly personalised • Message sent on the first day the snow fell in Germany • MMS included links through to BMW mobile web site where customer could use the tyre and rim configurator to experiment with variations and prices• 117K recipients• 30% uptake of the offer• $1.3K average purchase price per consumer• $45.5M total income• $60K messaging spend• $758 ROI per message sent
  13. 13. Get TrainedGet a JobGet Involved
  14. 14. Site Map (Simple) Footer Home | Training | Jobs | Contact (calls o845 no.)
  15. 15. Screen layouts
  16. 16. SMS Confirmation Jobs: Find, view contact employers job centre Training: View and contact main number. Below is the booking process SMS confirmation ‘Thank you’Instant 24hrs Before Start Morning (2 hours prior) 1 hour after courseConfirms Course Title States Course Title States Course TitleConfirms Course Date and time Confirms Course Date and time Confirms Course Date and timeConfirms Course location Confirms Course location Confirms Course location Your booking is successful: 24hr course reminder: Last reminder: Course today Thank you for attending the Introduction to Office today. Ref: TPXX1 Ref: TPXX1 Ref: TPXX1 Title: Introduction to Office Title: Introduction to Office Title: Introduction to Office Date: Wed 14th June Date: Wed 14th June Date: Wed 14th June Time: 14:00 Time: 14:00 Time: 14:00 Where: Kings College Where: Kings College Where: Kings College Knightsbridge Knightsbridge Knightsbridge Text ‘TPXX1’ to 84000 to Text ‘TPXX1’ to 84000 to withdraw from this course withdraw from this course
  17. 17. Mobile web• Mobile Web can offer a rich user experience to a wide range of users, although not as accessible as SMS there is still massive penetration• Mobile web has advanced to a level to which users may struggle to tell the difference between that and an application• Mobile websites can be optimised for any web enabled handsets which allows for a wide reach of targeted information• All inclusive data bundles from network operators have made Mobile Web more accessible• A mobile website can be the destination from a SMS campaign where a user can engage more fully with an appropriately branded digital offering
  18. 18. Mobile applications• So far 10 billion Apple applications have been downloaded• There are 400,000 different applications available on the Apple iTunes Store• Apple have sold over 73 million handset devices• iPad introduced and iPad 2 coming shortly• In addition to Apple there are a range of other applications stores e.g: • Blackberry App World with over 20,000 applications available • Android Market with over 150,000 applications • Nokia Ovi Store which had over 1 million downloads of Nokia Maps in a week
  19. 19. The app phenomenon © Pinch Media 2009
  20. 20. The app phenomenon © Pinch Media 2009
  21. 21. Online vs. mobile Implications for a Successful Online Services Mobile Services Mobile Offer Mobile needs to have its own Key differentiator Used At Home “On the Go” focus to fulfil its potential What it means Fast Rich Different set of capabilities Customers value a simple, intuitive Needs and Customers value a rich experience and interface to cope with and “fast” experience, where where they can properly plan and behaviours information can be assimilated at a the “on-the-go” type of needs manage their recruitment from the glance and urgent requests are met by comfort of their homes the press of a button Distinct message and tone of Need Smart Returns Need to Live for Now voice required to resonate Lead users Display a sophisticated approach to Short of time – mobile a great way of with the right audience using recruitment services keeping up to date Stable Volatile Dedicated technical Consolidated players sharing Extremely fragmented product and platform, as well as a a common standards software industry with very few stand-alone fast-moving Technology Consumers understand very well the standards in use Interfaces, handset development team that is principles and the content structure specifications and customer unconstrained by pace and of typical recruitment sites knowledge evolving at a rapid pace roadmap set by Online Disruptive Requires Innovative Nature of new Incremental Channel offers opportunity to address propositions supported by non- business Provides a rich and cost-efficient channel to meet recruiter needs unmet needs as well as traditional partnerships and opportunities develop/extend offer business models
  22. 22. Mobile momentum • Your mobile is a truly personal device • Your mobile surfing is not monitored by your employer’s web security team • Response to your mobile device is instant • Your mobile is always with you when: • Viewing opportunities • Finding appropriate careers • Applying for roles • Finding the interview location • Interview process • Post interview follow up (by recruiter) • Needs integration to overall recruitment strategy
  23. 23. The recruitment market • Where does mobile play a part in the recruitment process??? • Candidate Attraction? Exciting new channel for contact • Candidate application? Make the process simpler • Candidate shortlist? • Candidate Management? • Recruiter login to allow remote access? • Personalised dashboard of job status (for the hiring department) • Personalised dashboard of candidate status? (for the HR function) • Key dates / times to trigger alerts via SMS • (insertion, closing date, interview date/time)
  24. 24. Comparative analysis of .mobi sitesFunctionality Jobsite Monster Totaljobs Proposed SolutionJob hunter x x x RegisterregisterApply x x ApplyRecruiter login x x x Recruiter loginRecruiter access x x x Recruiter accessAdvanced search Yes no salary criteria x x Advanced search, user personal profileAesthetics Dated x Average – not consistent x x Enhanced and appealing design Poor styling x Poor styling x x User friendly stylingUser journey Poor formatting x Poor formatting x x Optimised navigation, breadcrumbs Device detection only x No device detection x x Optimised device detection looks at screen No templates x Use of templates on x x Exploit templates certain handsetsContent Irrelevant, copy x Lack of useful content x x Relevant, useful copy heavy
  25. 25. Comparative analysis of iPhone appsFunctionality Jobsite Monster Totaljobs Proposed SolutionJob hunter x x x RegisterregisterApply x Directed to website x Directed to x Apply from the app websiteRecruiter login x x x Recruiter loginRecruiter access x x x Recruiter accessLocation Aware x Search location via GPSPush email notify x x x Alerts notifying user of job matchPodcasts x x x Career advice PodcastsAesthetics Could be improved x Could be improved x Could be x Cutting edge, appealing improvedSearch Filters x Yes, but no advanced yes, no advanced Newest, nearest, advanced search search searchContent Lacking x Career section, copy x Career section, x Relevant, useful copy in the app heavy links to webBe My x x x Practice interview from the appInterviewer
  26. 26. Summary of findings Monster – Monster .Mobi site lacks useful functionality, i.e. no advanced search – Jobsite .Mobi is superior in this case Monster does allow users to apply for jobs from the site and we generally found the user journey to be a better experience than Jobsite .Mobi iPhone comparison (available exclusively on iPhone, not Android or Blackberry or Windows) Monster – makes use of Location Aware tool and includes useful content on career advice. overall delivery is poor and ‘apply’ functionality is misleading Totaljobs – makes use of Location Aware tool. ‘Apply’ functionality is misleading, and overall the delivery is very poor – the app seems lazy Jobsite – easy enough to use, however the app is lacking in functionality, iPhone features, content. Hays Recruitment has launched an iPhone (only) app allowing job seekers to search for opportunities on the go Michael Page International has invested in a .Mobi site in order to increase engagement with job hunters on the go, and make their services accessible to candidates that live in areas with low broadband penetration
  27. 27. Daily proportion of mobile phone use by activity, by age. [Source: Ofcom, December 2010]
  28. 28. Daily proportion of mobile phone use, by demographic. [Source: Ofcom, December 2010]
  29. 29. Co-occurrence of media activities with mobile phone use. [Source: Ofcom, December 2010]
  30. 30. Peter Bryant Managing Director Black Mobile Solutionspeter.bryant@blackmobilesolutions.com