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Customer Feedback Management


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Customer Feedback Management

  1. 1. KundenfeedbackWeb based Customer Feedback Management System and Front End
  2. 2. Overview● Kundenfeedback is a feedback (in form of surveys) management system that comprises of the following ● A front end for end users (survey respondents) ● A dashboard for survey administrators ● A control panel for the super administrator● The system is programmed in PHP - MySQL, using Joomla CMS framework. The interface for end users and the survey moderators are implemented in Joomla front end whereas the control panel for super administrator is in Joomla back end.
  3. 3. Interface for end user● The end users correspond to different customers● They possess access codes given by the customers● At front end, they provide the access code and enter the survey.
  4. 4. Landing Page - End User
  5. 5. Survey – End User
  6. 6. Interface for Survey Administrators● Survey Administrators can login using the front end of the system.● They can do the following things after logging in - ● View individual responses from the end users ● Search and select survey data corresponding to different surveys ● View report on their data ● Compare their data against the domains other administrators data ● Download data reports
  7. 7. Survey Administrator Dashboard
  8. 8. Summary
  9. 9. Search Screen
  10. 10. Search Result
  11. 11. View Individual Response
  12. 12. Data Download
  13. 13. Report Form
  14. 14. Report on Responses
  15. 15. Compare Data
  16. 16. Result of Comparison
  17. 17. Interface for Super Administrator● The super administrator can do the following - ● Manage different surveys ● Manage different survey moderators account ● Group surveys according to domains (branche, sektor and subsektor) and locations (Zip / City) ● Manage access codes for the surveys ● Manage Question types and Answer sets ● Assign questions to surveys
  18. 18. Home Screen for Super Administrator
  19. 19. Manage Surveys
  20. 20. Create / Edit an Answer Set
  21. 21. Assigning Answer Sets to Question Types
  22. 22. Assigning Questions to Surveys
  23. 23. Manage Branche (Grouping Level 1)
  24. 24. Edit a Sektor (Grouping Level 2)
  25. 25. Manage Subsektor (Grouping Level 3)
  26. 26. Manage Survey Administrator Accounts
  27. 27. Create / Edit Survey Administrator Account
  28. 28. Manage Survey Access Codes
  29. 29. Concluding Slide● Many screens were not shown here due to security reasons as they deal with customer specific data and access codes● The platform is completely multi-lingual, currently supporting English and German