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Grammar rules


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Grammar rules

  1. 1. GRAMMAR RULES:Professor: Gretchen V. Santos Requena
  2. 2. • Affirmative Sentences – Subject Auxiliary Adv. of Frequency Main Verb Predicate• Affirmative Sentences with BE – Subject BE Adv. of Frequency Predicate• Negative Sentences •Subject Auxiliary Adv. of Frequency Main Verb Predicate
  3. 3. • Negative Sentences with BE – Subject BE + not Adv. of Frequency Predicate Interrogative Sentences  Auxiliary Subject Adv. of Frequency Main Verb PredicateInterrogative Sentences with BE  BE Subject Adv. of Frequency Predicate Imperative Sentences: Adv. of Frequency VerbPredicate
  4. 4. • Short Answers with Adverbs of Frequency – Subject Adv. of Frequency Auxiliary or BE–Subject-Verb Inversion •Negative Adverb Auxiliary Subject Main Verb Predicate
  5. 5. ADVERB FREQUENCY• never • rarely• often • Regularly• always • frequently• ever • repeatedly• sometimes • routinely• usually • occasionally• generally • almost never• normally • seldom• constantly