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The Apple Story [Contest Version]

An updated version of "The Apple Story in pictures" with some subtitles. Download to view the animations.
I heard about this contest from the mail sent by slideshare.

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The Apple Story [Contest Version]

  1. 1. In Pictures (Contest Version)
  2. 2. 1976 The Apple founders – Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne Trivia: The first Apple logo (left) was drawn by Ronald Wayne
  3. 3. Apple I, the first Apple computer takes shape
  4. 4. Steve Jobs with Angel Investor quot;Mikequot; Markkula Apple III Apple IIe VisiCalc: the first killer app
  5. 5. The Flint Center, De Anza College: Venue of the first shareholders’ meeting after Apple went public Trivia: Both the Steves were alumni of the De Anza College
  6. 6. Xerox Alto – the first computer to use the desktop metaphor & GUI
  7. 7. Apple Lisa Macintosh I Macintosh II Macintosh Portable Apple adopts the GUI from XEROX for the Lisa & Macintosh
  8. 8. Guy Kawasaki – the first Apple Evangelist
  9. 9. Steve Jobs quits Apple. He goes on to found NeXT and acquire PIXAR
  10. 10. Apple carves a niche for itself in Desktop Publishing (DTP)
  11. 11. Apple, IBM, Motorola (AIM) come together – Old friends? & new Apple adopts the PowerPC processor for its computers
  12. 12. Apple diversifies into numerous consumer electronics
  13. 13. Steve Jobs returns to Apple & becomes the CEO
  14. 14. The Mac OS evolves with some help from the NEXTSTEP OS
  15. 15. Apple sues Microsoft for copying its GUI. Xerox tries to do the same to Apple, but is too late
  16. 16. Official clone Unofficial clone by Psystar by Motorola
  17. 17. MacBook Air iPhone Mighty Mice iPod shuffle Apple Keyboard The distinct form factor of Apple products
  18. 18. The first store to sell Apple computers Apple stores now
  19. 19. Aditya Banerjee ab.aditya[at]