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World Wide Web


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World Wide Web

  1. 1. World Wide Web Invented By : Tim Berners-Lee
  2. 2. • Is a system of interlinked hypertext documents• Accessed via the Internet with a web browser• Web pages contain text, images, videos, and other multimedia.
  3. 3.  1989-1990 – Tim Berners-Lee invents the World Wide Web at CERN  Means for transferring text and graphics simultaneously  Client/Server data transfer protocol  Communication via application level protocol  System ran on top of standard networking infrastructure  Text mark up language  Not invented by Bernes-Lee  Simple and easy to use  Requires a client application to render text/graphics
  4. 4. • Mainly free information • Danger of overload and• Low cost of initial excess information connection • Difficult to filter and• Rapid interactive prioritize information communication information• Facilitates the exchange of • No guarantee of finding huge volumes of data what one is looking for• Accesible from anywhere • No regulation• Has become the global • No quality control over media available data
  5. 5. Internet World Wide Web• The Internet is a global • Web is collection of text system of documents and other interconnected resources, linked by computer networks. hyperlinks and URLs• Its access is provided by • Usually accessed ISPs. by web browsers• It runs applications like • Its an application www, ftp, html etc running on Internet
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