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Effects of ICT


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I made this as my vacation homework. Took hours selecting the best resources. My ICT teacher was pleased.
Hope you like :)

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Effects of ICT

  1. 1. Effects of ICT
  2. 2. What is ICT? • Information Communication Technology • Covers any device or product that can store, retrieve, manipulate, transmit or receive information electronically in a digital form. • For example, personal computers, smartphones, television, email and robots. • Frequently used in business, healthcare, education, communicati on IN688 and IT sectors. Aayush Gala Effects of ICT 0002
  3. 3. Introduction • The use of ICT has massively affected our everyday life in many ways such as ─ Society in general ─ Employment(due to demand for IT professionals) ─ Industries and Businesses • However, in addition to providing opportunities, ICT has introduced its problems, such as the following issues ─ ─ ─ ─ IN688 new own Unemployment(jobs lost of unskilled workers) Copyright problems and piracy Security(companies and individuals) Health and Safety Aayush Gala Effects of ICT 0002
  4. 4. Effects: People Ways ICT can be used us: UnemploymentEmployment 1. A loss of jobs • Online Banking 2. The retraining of staff • E-commerce 3. New jobs being created • Smartphones • Video Games • Security systems (CCTVs) • Research ICT allows people to have more leisure time and making life easy. IN688 Aayush Gala Effects of ICT 0002
  5. 5. Effects: Industries and Businesses • Computerised stock control so shops can accurately predict demand. Ordering of stock is automated. • IT supports the growth of big stores, but every business has access to the same technology and so they all have an equal opportunity to grow. • Loyalty cards offer regular customers discounts and this puts smaller shops under threat. These cards allow the stores to build databases of customer preferences. Their details can be used for marketing goods. • E-commerce allows one to shop without visiting the store themselves. The growth of large stores and Internet shopping has inevitably affected small shops: • More small shops may go out of business. • Town centres threatened by the closure of small shops. IN688 Aayush Gala Effects of ICT 0002
  6. 6. Effects: Employment Unemployment • Routine jobs replaced by automatic machines controlled by computers. • For example, typists were replaced by people who can use a computer to word process documents. • Very dangerous jobs, where conditions were unpleasant, were replaced by robot-type machines making the work safer. The system parameters of a chemical plant are far easier to control using a computer than a human operator. New jobs created • New skills are needed to use the ICT software and hardware. • Programmers to write the instructions that make the computers work. • Engineers to build the automatic machines. • Systems analysts to design business software systems. etc. • People working at a drawing board may no longer be needed, but those who can use CAD programs are in huge demand. IN688 Aayush Gala Effects of ICT 0002
  7. 7. Effects: Government • Digitisation of physical records • E-governance: Government services provided online • Transparency in government transactions • Better communication between various government departments • Online collection of taxes • Increasing tax net • E-tenders and e-auctions. IN688 Aayush Gala Effects of ICT 0002
  8. 8. Negative Impacts of ICT • Hacking • Phishing • Pharming • Cyber Frauds • Virus Attacks • Crashing of hardware or software • Cannot work without electricity IN688 Aayush Gala Effects of ICT 0002
  9. 9. Bibliography •• • • • • • ict?from_search=11 ationrev4.shtml ev1.shtml socialissuesrev1.shtm IN688 Aayush Gala Effects of ICT 0002
  10. 10. Thank you! IN688 Aayush Gala Effects of ICT 0002