Bahan ajar ekspresi relief pain pleasure and granting request


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Bahan ajar ekspresi relief pain pleasure and granting request

  1. 1. Expressing granting request, relief, pain, and pleasure Expressing Grant Request Alright. Certainly. Right away. Of course. Expressing relief: - Oh, that’s a relief. - I’m very relieved to hear that. - Thank goodness for that. - I’m extremely glad to hear that. - Thank heavens! - What a relief! - Oh, good! - Good for you. - Oh, marvelous! - I’m glad it’s done. - Oh, what a relief! - I’m glad everything is running well. - That’s alright, then. - I feel so relieved. - Phew! - This ointment relieves my pain. - Thank God for that. - It’s very relaxing. Interjection (a sound in English to express pain): - Ouch! It hurts me so much. - Ouch! Stop pinching me. - Oh! What shall I do if he’s already married? - Ooh! My head aches! And my back hurts! - Ah! What is it? - Ouch! That hurts! - Aw! The pain hurts me very much. - It’s very painful. I can't stand it. - I can’t stand it. The pain is getting worse and worse. Expressing pleasure/pleased: - I’m very pleased with this room. - Smashing! - Oh, how marvelous! - Terrific! - Oh, it’s wonderful! - Fantastic! - It’s good news. - Super! - I’m very delighted. - I’m glad you like it. - It gives me great pleasure. - This is great, isn’t it?
  2. 2. - I can’t say how pleased I am. - I can’t say how delighted I am. - Great! Contoh percakapan dengan menggunakan granting request, relief, pain, dan pleasure Dialog 1 Rina : “Will you tell me about it?” Andin : “Sure I will.” Rina : “Let’s try to make cake sometimes?” Andin : “OK.” Dialog 2 Ann : “I’m very worried that it will be rain tomorrow, I don’t have an umbrella.” Bella : “Don’t worry, it will be sunny tomorrow. I saw the weather forecast for tomorrow, and it will turn out good. Ann : “Oh, what’s a relief.” Dialog 3 Dea : “Ouch!” Sally : “What’s up, Dea?” Dea : “I have a headache.” Sally : “Poor you. I think you should take an aspirin.” Dea : “Yes, you are right. But I don’t have an aspirin. Can you buy me in the drugstore?” Sally : “All right. Wait a minute.” Dea : “Thanks Sally.” Sally : “You are welcome.” Dialog 4 Shinta : “Your painting is really good. You’re really like professional artist.” Reny : “Thank you. I’ve tried my best to finish this painting.” Shinta : “I’m delighted to hear that.”
  3. 3. Lampiran 2 Lembar kerja siswa Activity 1 Respond the questions or the statement below with your classmate orally! 1. A: May I borrow your pencil, please! B: …………………………………. 2. A: How was your trip to Bali? B: ………….. I want to go there again next year. 3. A: …………………………………………... B: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to step your foot. 4. A: Al, this is your pen, I found it under the table. B: ………………………………….... thank you. 5. A: Could you do me a favor? B: ………………………….. Activity 2 Work with your classmate! Create a dialogue based on one of the situations below by using the expressions of granting request, pain, relief and pleasure. Then perform it in front of the class! Situation 1 : You need your dictionary to do your homework, but you cannot find it. You ask your sister if she had seen it, and she said it’s in her room. Situation 2 : Your friend is headache, he/she want you to buy him/her a medicine. Situation 3 : You lose your wallet, you ask your friend to look for your watch. Situation 4 : Your mobile phone fall down from your bag and it break, you ask your friend to repair it. Situation 5 : The teacher asks your opinion on the fairytale that she just told you. You really like the story. Situation 6 : Some boys are in the school yard playing football. When a girl passes the field, the ball hit her.