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Materi degree of comparison


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Materi degree of comparison

  1. 1. Bahasa inggrisKelas VII
  2. 2. PositivedegreeComparativedegreeSuperlativedegree
  3. 3. S+V+as .... as+S+VThe tree is as high as the man.Mr. Arif is as handsome as Mr. tree is not so high as the man.Mr. Arif is not so handsome as Mr. Yazid.
  4. 4. S+V+ (adj/adv+er)+than+....S+V+more/less+adj/adv+than+..My dad is stronger than youThis cake is darker than this oneMath quiz is harder than physic quizThis house is more interesting than your house.My problem is more complicated than his problemSofi more beautiful than youKate’s hat is less expensive than Sandra’s.
  5. 5. S+V+the+most+adj+NYayuk buys the most expensive bookShe is the most beautiful girl in this classS+V+the+superlative+in/of+....My dad is strongest of all my familyThe class room is largest of all class room in your schoolHe is the cleverest student in this classS+V+the+Irregular adj+NHe is the best lecturer in this university