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Smart obia


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Published in: Education
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Smart obia

  1. 1. SmartOBIA: Next Generation of Object Based Image Analysis Yuanming Shu, Shuo Tan, Yang Gao, Jonathan Li University of Waterloo
  2. 2. Background • Automatic labeling (classification) of geospatial image data labeling
  3. 3. Problems of Existing Solutions • Not SMART enough! – Too many parameters to tune – Not accurate enough for complex scenes – Not robust for different scenes • Difficult for even experienced image analyst to use!
  4. 4. Our Objectives • A tool that can be easily used by non-expert users • A tool that is accurate, robust, and fast for various applications
  5. 5. Our Solutions • Smart Object based Image Analysis (SmartOBIA) – Label constraint image segmentation – Multi-level object classification – Object model learning with weakly-labeled and limited sample data • Patented!