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Tech Tip #3


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Sample File - Weekly Technical Email

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Tech Tip #3

  1. 1. Transitioning to Capture One 4.x Tech Tip #3 What’s In A Name! Today's topic covers the variety of ways to name your file, set and reset your capture count, change your file extension and batch rename. Unlike in Capture One 3.7, where many of the naming options were located in the Preferences, Capture One 4 allows you to set the majority of your preferences right in the main software interface. Capture Naming The first opportunity you have to set your Capture Name is in the New Session window. By default the Capture Name will autofill with the Session name you enter. You can change the Capture name in the Session Window if desired. If you don't change the name you have three other options to change the name: Next Capture Naming, Batch Rename and by clicking on an individual thumbnail. Capture Counting Stemming from client requests, Capture One 4 now enables you to have more control over your capture count. These features are available under Next Capture Naming and Batch Renaming. Continuous Counter The software now counts continuously until you reset the counter. This change was due to many client requests to have a continual capture count regardless of what session or folder you are using. We have requested that they make the non-continuous counter the default or a preference for you to choose. However, there is currently no confirmation if that will be changed at this time. Reset Capture Counter Resetting the capture counter sets the count back to One (1). The capture count will continue even when you change capture folders or sessions until you manually reset the counter. Set Capture Counter You can set the capture count in two areas of the software: Next Capture Naming (prior to shooting) and Batch Renaming (after images have been shot). Enter your starting number of choice in either tool and the count will begin at that number. If you have variants they will all have the same shot number. You can start the capture count from one or any other number at any point after with the Batch Rename tool. If you need to start at 500, you can set that through the Next Capture Naming Tool. If you need to change the counter after you have shot the image, you can reset it through the Batch Renaming Tool. ©DIGITAL TRANSITIONS 2009                                                                                                  TECH TIP #3 MAY 19, 2009  1   
  2. 2. Set Digit Counter The Digit Counter lets you set the number of digits desired in the capture count number. Example: Sample_01.tif Sample_0001.tif Sample_000001.tif File Extension Another common request in Capture One 3.7 was the ability to set the file extension to something other then .tif in order to avoid confusion as to which file is the RAW capture and which is the processed TIFF file. The new option allows you to choose the original .tif or .iiq. To choose your file extension, you must go to Capture One>Preferences>Capture. • You can change all parts of the file name after the fact EXCEPT the file extension. If you need to change from .tif to .iiq you must change it in the Finder or use a program such as A Better Finder Rename. New File Format Option A new file format option that you have as of Capture One 4.7 is the Enhanced Image Package. This allows you to combine the image with the associated settings files. Normally the settings information is located in a separate folder. By combining the image and the settings into one package, you will have a much easier time moving files, archiving or sharing the desired look of an image with a retoucher or client. Key Points • There is no compression and your file is not compromised in any way. • The file size difference between the original RAW and the EIP file is negligible. • You can pack the files as you shoot by changing the preferences or pack the file at a later time. • You can also unpack the file at any time. Batch Renaming Batch Renaming can be found by control clicking (or right clicking) in the Browser area. The Batch Rename function will appear in the drop-down menu. When selected, a pop-up window will appear in the center of the program. You are then given the options listed above to set the name you desire. • Be sure to check the sample to make sure your file name appears as needed. ©DIGITAL TRANSITIONS 2009                                                                                                  TECH TIP #3 MAY 19, 2009  2   
  3. 3. • If you don't switch to one of the Job Name and Digit Counter options the original image name will be included in the new name. This would be shown in the Sample. • When batch processing a large number of images, it may appear that the software is not doing anything. No worries, it is updating the names. This occurs when you are dealing with hundreds of images ©DIGITAL TRANSITIONS 2009                                                                                                  TECH TIP #3 MAY 19, 2009  3