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FO 2012: Budgeting for E-books (B. Adams)


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Published in: Education, Business
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FO 2012: Budgeting for E-books (B. Adams)

  2. 2. BUDGETING FOR E-BOOK SALES Incorporating e-book sales in title budgets Incorporating e-book sales in overall Press budget Adapting to new sales paths Adapting to budgeting by dollars vs. units Redefining sales timelines
  3. 3. Incorporating e-book sales in titlebudgets We add a line to the sales projection including e-book sales units and dollars We include that projection in the margin calculation with print book sales We assume no additional costs for e-book creation We are considering adapting this model to incorporate projected e-book sales from non-unit sales sources (collections, chapters, etc)
  4. 4. Incorporating e-book sales inoverall Press budget More art than science Issues incorporating unit sales of e-books Impact of e-book sales on print sales, especially cloth sales Issues budgeting backlist e-book sales vs. frontlist
  5. 5. Adapting to new sales paths Sales thru vendors (Kindle, B&N, etc) Direct sales Sales thru collection partners (UPCC, JSTOR) Course packs
  6. 6. Adapting to budgeting by dollarsvs. units Conventional thinking about book sales is tied to units and standard pricing Hard to define what is a unit in terms of e-book sales Standard pricing, outside of the shopping cart, is almost non-existent No clear evidence of repetitive annual trends in e-book sales as there is for print books Planning issues regarding cloth unit sales as e-book sales ramp up
  7. 7. Redefining sales timelines When to recognize sales from collection sales vendors (UPCC, JSTOR) How to classify rental/course pack sales How to classify chapter sales Planning for classification of less than chapter length e-sales