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Robert falcon scott history


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a small amount of history about Robert Falcon Scott!:)

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Robert falcon scott history

  1. 1. Robert Falcon Scott Robert Falcon Scott was born in the Outlands plantation in Devon, England on June 6,1868. Robert called his mother, “The Dear Mother”, and the other six brothers and sisterscalled there Mom, Mom or Mother. Scott’s family was highly respected because they were well known and were popular because they lived in that area for a long time. A few of thethings Scott hated was blood and animal torture. Two of Scott’s sisters made dresses andone was an actress. Roberts’s nickname was Con. His parents were named Hannah Scott and John Scott.
  2. 2. • When Scott turned 13 he went to work on a ship for the navy. He also worked on HMS BRITANNIA, Scott was beat at the age of 13 and had no self confidence and had to deal with lots of pain without complaining. As Scott grew older he transferred to different ships, and his dad died of heart disease or heart failure, when there father died they decided to sell Outlands to move to Plymouth England. There they rented an apartment for £30 a year which was the cheapest they could find during his time. Scott gave £30 to his mom each year so his mom and two sisters could pay for rent to live in the apartment wile Scotts brother went to work in Africa to support his mother and sisters too and sent them £200 to £300 pounds every couple years.
  3. 3. • As Scott grew older he was chosen to go to dinner with Sir Markham during dinner he invited Scott to go to Antarctica and Scott accepted but wanted to go through navel academy first. Before Scott went to Antarctica he went to the navel academy and learned about different ships. Scott learned about torpedoes on the HMS VERNON, A few of the teachers called Scott a promising young student. The military use to get £30 a year which is hardly any money. Scott worked his way up in ranks slowly but in the end he was promoted to a Navy officer when he started he was a midshipman. Just before he was to go to Antarctica a few of the tests Scott did he scored four out of five and had the highest grades in his class. On his way to Antarctica King Edward VII invited Scott to his castle and the King made Scott Lieutenant in Royal Victorian Order.
  4. 4.  Scott wrote to his mom that he had not got married yet because he has been supporting his mom and his mom said “You have supported me long enough get married and have kids and live a happy life”. Scott started dating a girl named Kathleen Bruce, Scott dated her for around 4 years until he decided to marry her around 6 years later they had one child named Peter Markham Scott later he renamed to Sir Peter Scott.
  5. 5. • Scott’s team had to learn how to ride snow dogs because they could not get cars or trucks in Antarctic not to mention the fuel for the cars and trucks. When Scott started heading to Antarctica he had to raise £40,000 to go to Antarctica. Just when Scott was heading to Antarctica his brother died in Africa. When Scott got up to £40,000 he had to buy a ship, food, and a crew to come with him. When Scott when to buy a ship the RGS contacted him and said we will provide you with a team and equipment.
  6. 6.  Scott’s team perished while going to the South Pole and study and the rest coming back from the South Pole to go back to there homes. Scott’s team perished mainly because of starvation, freezing, and stress. There coats were not down parkas and heavy enough like what his challenger wore that’s why Ronald Amundsen didn’t die.
  7. 7.  When Scott arrived in Antarctica he raced a guy named Ronald Amundsen to the South Pole. Scott had to walk 1000 miles or more to reach the South Pole. All the while struggling to stay warm, not be hungry, and avoiding ice cracks to fall down in and hurt themselves or die in because of there size.
  8. 8.  After Scott died Britain thought of him as a hero and he was famous for second man to the South Pole but there has been a person who has been near Antarctica like captain cook who was still almost 100 to 1000 miles away. Scott studied in his discovery hut during his DISCOVERY expedition. Scott got to the South Pole on January 17, 1912. On Scott’s first journey he brought 65 men and on his second journey he only brought 5 men. When Scott died he was an ironic British hero because probably he maintained his stats for more then 50 years as military stats, CVO, and a royal navy officer.!
  9. 9. Scott did not get along with Ernest Shackleton, but was friends withthe other four people on his team named; Wilson, Evans, Oates,and Bowers. Scott said that “Sir Markham is Scott’s son’s godfather”Scott named his son after his godfather. Scott would be the age ofone-hundred in two months so Scott will have been dead for fifty-seven years. Scott was chosen to go to Antarctica out of threepeople in his class he scored seven out of twenty-six. Antarctica’sname is Greek for anti Arctic, Britain could fit into Antarctica morethan fifty times and still can fit in to Antarctica
  10. 10. ► The name of the ship that they went to Antarctica with is named “DISCOVERY” and it is currently docked in Dundee Scotland. When Scott started heading to Antarctica it was not a smooth ride as it is he had to abandon one ship. Scott and his team had to buy another ship because the DISCOVERY broke down in ice so the team had to find some one to help them Scott radioed in two ships to help them one was the MORNING and the other was TERRA NOVA. The MORNING tried to free the DISCOVERY but failed. One of the guys on Scott’s team promised to stay with him and when the ship got stuck and help got there the guy broke his promise and went to safety. When the DISCOVERY got freed Scott decided to let the DISCOVERY stay at Dundee and then Scott bought the MORNING from Captain William Colbeck to finish going to Antarctica but Scott realized the MORNING couldn’t make it so he sold the MORNING back and bought the TERRA NOVA for £20,000.