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Climate change presentation1


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Climate change presentation1

  1. 1. Climate ChangeBrief Outline of this PresentationWhat is Climate ChangeCauses of Climate ChangeEffects of Climate ChangePrevention of Climate Changepresented byTommie Abu AlhassanTommie Abu AlhassanLMU-LeedsLMU-LeedsClimate ChangeClimate Change
  2. 2. CLIMATE CHANGEWhat is climate change?A substantial change in theregion average weatherpattern including averagetemperature, precipitation &wind(Earth Reform, 2012).refers to any long-termchange in normal weatherpatterns caused by a processthat adjusts the climate, suchas a volcanic eruption(Arkive, 2013)Climate ChangeClimate Change
  3. 3. CAUSESBurning of fossil fuel forenergy-• Coal is burn to produceelectricity from coalpower plants,• gas to heat homes.• oil to drive cars.Contributing to productionof greenhouse gases.Climate ChangeClimate Change
  4. 4. Causes ……..Increase in population-• 7 billion people• more people burning fossil fuelsfor energy.• By driving cars.• Heating our homes with oil, gas &electricity.o we release greenhouse gases intothe atmosphere.o In 2005, about 27 billion tones ofCO2 released into the atmosphere(Arkives, 2013).Climate ChangeClimate Change
  5. 5. Causes…….Livestock and agricultural productiono Clearing of land for farming,o contributes to deforestation.o Transportation of food across the worldresults in burning of fosil fuel.o Fertilizer production for cropso Methane gas emitted by livestockcontributes to emissions. CH4 has increaseby 148% after industrial revolution.(Earth Reform, 2012).Climate ChangeClimate Change
  6. 6. CausesDeforestation and other changesto the use of land.Man-Made Activitieso Wood loggingo Building houseso Farming forests are a natural ‘sink’ of carbon dioxide. plants absorb CO2 from the air into theirtrunks, branches and leaves. When forests are cleared or burned, theirstored carbon is released back into the air,contributing to global warmingDeforestation Account for 23% of man-made CO2emissions.( Arkives, 2013)Climate ChangeClimate Change
  7. 7. Causes……..Other man-made chemicalreactions.1.Fluorinated gases-• Man-made gases use in AC,refrigerators, aerosols.• High global warming gasesgreatly depleting the ozonelayer.2. CO2, and CH4 from breakdownof waste in landfills.(Earth Reforms, 2012)Climate ChangeClimate Change
  8. 8. EffectsFlooding and Draught Change in precipitationpattern. Parts of the world will bedraught & others floods. Affect crop field -foodshortage , fresh water supply& housing.(Earth Reform, 2012)Climate ChangeClimate Change
  9. 9. Effects……..Poor Health & Deatho Polluted atmosphere-increasedrespiratory illness.o CC causes over 800, 000 deathsannually (WHO, 2012).o 150, 000 of these deaths fromair pollution.o Children more vulnerable topoor ambient air quality.(WHO, Earth Reform, 2012)Climate ChangeClimate Change
  10. 10. Effects ………Global WarmingIncrease in planet averagetemperature due togreenhouse gases. Extreme weather patternshift in all regions of theworld(Earth Reform, 2012)Climate ChangeClimate Change
  11. 11. Effects ……..Extinction of many species& birds1.Due to Extreme weatherconditions.2.Chemical fishing etc.o polar birds, turtle, dolphinsetc.(IPSOR, 2013)Climate ChangeClimate Change
  12. 12. Effects……..Risk of Human Extinction.• Natural food supplyshortage• Polluted rivers, lakes &oceans with toxicmaterials.• Shortage of water supply.• Polluted air –High risk ofairborne diseases(Earth Reform, 2012)Climate ChangeClimate Change
  13. 13. PreventionLimiting our electricity useat home. Use less hot water Turn off the lights ,heater , TV etc whennot needed.(Earth Reform, 2012)Climate ChangeClimate Change
  14. 14. Prevention …….Better Transport Choices toreduce carbon emissions.o Use fuel efficient carso Take public transportClimate ChangeClimate Change
  15. 15. Prevention ……• Better Governmentpolicies mandatingstricter laws on pollutioncausing industries ( EarthReform, 2012).Legislation in UKo Climate Change Act 2008o Climate Change (Scotland)Act 2009Climate ChangeClimate Change
  16. 16. Prevention……• Alternative Clean Energysources.Renewal energyo Biomasso Solar energyo Wind turbineso Hydro electricity etc.(Bionomic fuel, 20130)Climate ChangeClimate Change
  17. 17. Prevention……..• Better recycling &waste managementprogram.Climate ChangeClimate Change
  18. 18. ConclusionYou can help tackle climate change by:• reducing, reusing and recycling products that you buy• walk or take public transport to limit car usage.• insulate your home better so that you do not need to useso much energy to heat it.• tell your friends and family about climate change and whatthey can do to help.Although each action may be small, if many people makesmall changes it will add up to make a big difference.Climate ChangeClimate Change
  19. 19. THANK YOUClimate ChangeClimate Change
  20. 20. ReferencesArkive (2013) Climate Change. (Online) available at< >[Accessed: 8thApril, 2013].Bionomic fuel (2013) Underwater Energy Sources. (Online) available at<> [Accessed:8thApril, 2013].Earth Reform (2012) Climate Change Causes and Effects. (Online video)available at>[Accessed:5thApril, 2013].IPSOR (2013) State of The Ocean Report. (Online) available at<> [Accessed: 8thApril, 2013].Climate ChangeClimate Change