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Apple Inc. 2010


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Competitive advantage, PC Industry SWOT Analysis, Smartphone market share, Sustainability, Apple vs Samsung - ethical and customer`s perspective

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Apple Inc. 2010

  1. 1. Case study: APPLE INC. PGPM + MBA (UoM) BY: Aatmiki Singh Sushil Kumar Gupta Sushminder Singh Shivam Dubey
  2. 2. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE• Design and Innovation Oriented• Greater horizontal & vertical integration• Designing from scratch to finish bundled with application and peripherals.• “Plug & play” solutions• R&D oriented• Ease of use
  3. 3. PC INDUSTRY: SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths: Brand awareness/ Halo Weaknesses: Heavy invest in effect from i-pod to PC, Research, Not a lean Operation Product Differentiation, Management, Not Completely Complete package of Independent Hardware & Software Opportunities: Taking Threats: New Technology, Microsoft head-on with its Volatile Customers, image, Taking advantage of Competition-Google, Low the MAC-OS, The i-pod-i-tunes market share combo
  4. 4. SUSTAINABLE COMPETITIVE POSITION• Differentiated itself from • US Market Share innovation and design.• Should adapt and offer new service to keep itself one-up from competition.• As, Innovation plays a dominant role in the competitive dynamics, here Apple is able to leverage its skills.
  5. 5. SMARTPHONE MARKET SHARE Platform 2006 2007 2008 Symbian 67% 63.5% 52.4% Windows 14% 12.2% 11.8% Blackberry 7% 9.6% 16.6% i-Phone - 2.7% 8.2%Source: Canalys (2007), Gartner (2009)
  6. 6. APPLE VS SAMSUNGETHICAL PERSPECTIVE CUSTOMER`S PERSPECTIVE• 8 Patent infringement • Pricing and Features of• Code of business Samsung conduct to all its • Design, Status and operation including Convenience of Apple those overseas • Emotions > Logic for• Intellectual Property Customers