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Personalised learning


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Published in: Education
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Personalised learning

  1. 1. Personalised Learning at
  2. 2. What does theSCHOOL do?
  3. 3. Extra-curricular Channing promise activities PSHE Flexible subject SEAL options throughout VLE and shared areas school IEPsEnrichment What G&Tprogrammes does the SCHOOL do? Reports / grades Leadership Study skillsopportunities Reports meetings Pastoral care Target setting
  4. 4. What doTEACHERS do?
  5. 5. Varying T and L styles in lessons Differentiation Extension / Assessment for learningSupport work What doRewards and TEACHERS do? Monitor progress sanctions Encourage thinking skills Use data eg MidYis Individual marking and comments Extra lessons / catch-up sessions
  6. 6. What doour PUPILS do?
  7. 7. Organise Apply skills from Take responsibility themselves different areas of the for their own curriculum learning Access resources for themselves What do our PUPILSBecome independent do? learners Choose clubs and Know when and how to ask for help activities Take on leadership roles