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Cake - An Ethereum Powered Social Network Aggregator

A cryptocurrency powered Social Network Aggregator. Pitch idea for Silicon Valley Ethereum Meetup.

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Cake - An Ethereum Powered Social Network Aggregator

  1. 1. Cake – So What’s the Problem? 1. I have 5 social network apps I had to install and update 2. That means I have 5+ usernames and passwords to manage if I use the websites instead of the apps 3. All my social info is siloed, if I want to see everything my friend is up to I need to login to 5 apps 4. I want to be able to read my updates and my watch videos anytime I want even if I don’t have a connection… • I just want to push a button and get all my updates!
  2. 2. Cake “Press a Button and get all your social media updates…” Andy Atkin (
  3. 3. Cake – How it’s Made
  4. 4. Alice – A Person who likes Cake 1. I use an inexpensive Android smartphone over intermittent 3G and I like public Wi-Fi 2. I care most about sharing and communicating my friends 3. I like convenience, speed and ease of use 4. I use apps in Mandarin, Spanish, English, Hindi or Arabic 5. I prefer watching and sharing video online to reading 6. I already use social media to chat, keep in touch with friends, get updates and share media 7. I’d like to make some money in social media, but on my own terms 8. I’d like some say in how the app is developed
  5. 5. Alice Won’t… 1. I won’t use another social app unless it’s better than Facebook & WeChat 2. I won’t re-enter all my posts on a new network 3. I won’t pay to install an app or to post content 4. I don’t want to be stalked, trolled or spammed/harassed 5. I don’t like watching ads 6. I don’t really want to install and update yet another app 7. I don’t really know or care about internet decentralization 8. I don’t really know or care about self-sovereign identity 9. I’m more interested that the app works than whether it complies with technology standards
  6. 6. Bob – Thinks about running a Node (Bakery?)… 1. I want to make money running a node 2. I want a node which is as easy to administer as a Minecraft server 3. I want to have multiple hosting options for my node 4. I’d like a modular system where I can run the services I’m interested in 5. I don’t want my node to be a honeypot or targeted by malicious hackers or law enforcement
  7. 7. Mark from the Social Network – Thinks about supplying API access to a Node… 1. I want to make money on API calls but not get swamped by unnecessary and unprofitable traffic 2. I’m willing to pay to be able to serve targeted ads to the users of my competitor’s apps 3. I’m willing to pay for survey information from my users and my competitor’s user’s apps 4. I’m willing to pay for enhanced demographic, transaction and other social media user data 5. I don’t want to lose engagement on my own platform 6. I don’t want to lose ad revenue
  8. 8. Cake – The Social Network Landscape • The war for user data has already been won, so “if you can’t beat ’em join ‘em”* • Focus on partnering with the Top 5 by user count: • Network is intermittent and bandwidth is the most precious resource • People are most comfortable transacting in their local currency “Top 5 by user count – Go!” Language Mandarin Spanish English Hindi Arabic Social Network Facebook Youtube Instagram Twitter Reddit Social App WhatsApp Messenger QQ Chat WeChat QZone
  9. 9. Cake – What is it? A: Still a half-baked idea • A Social Network Aggregator powered by Ethereum – Similar to Friendfeed • A Web App accessible by URL, runs in the browser • Connects to Top 5 Social Networks & Top 5 Social App Available in 5 Languages • Mobile First / Offline First • Zero install (it’s a URL, no browser extensions required) – First run creates phone icon and ID • Widest possible onboarding ramp/funnel • Can stream media (WebRTC/WebTorrent/IPFS) • Fully Federated using community “no-knowledge” Nodes (Bakeries) – Private keys do not leave the browser • Uses Self-Sovereign Identity – uPort or an app free browser based analog • Optionally Ad-free • Alice can be paid to watch ads, fill out surveys or release information • Alice can earn tips for content • Payments can be made in ERC20 compliant ethereum tokens pegged to local currencies • App Governed as part of an international multi-stakeholder platform Co-op • Free and Open Source (of course!)
  10. 10. Cake – So What’s so Different? Sneaking Decentralization & Self-Sovereign Identity through the back door • The focus is User Experience but the following principles Ulysses Pacts: • Alice owns her own data • Alice’s identity is self-sovereign • Alice’s private keys never leave her device (browser) • Alice can monetize her own data • Alice can be paid for her survey info and can earn tips • No plaintext data is ever stored on nodes • Anyone who can run a Minecraft server can run a node • The organization is run as an international platform co-op which will not sell out/demutualize • Code is to remain Free & Open Source
  11. 11. Cake – Come Get Some! Questions? Andy Atkin (