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Aasraa Projects


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Aasraa Projects

  1. 1. AASRAA-------TRUST------- AASRAA PROJECTS An initiative to obtain financial support for programs and activities working to provide Dehradun’s street and slum children with literacy and vocational skills.
  2. 2. who we are
  3. 3. Mobile School what we do
  4. 4. PROJECTS Project Name Purpose No of Children Activities Impact 4 Street Smart Morning Outreach Programme Reach out tostreet and slumchildrenand providethemwith basic literacyand structure. 70 Outreach in the slums & streets. Bring them to the Centre. Provide nutrition and basic literacy Get the children off thetsreet. Help them develophabits of discipline and structure and provide them with some nurturing andnourishment. Street Smart Afternoon Outreach Programme Reach out to street and slum children.Allow the working chidl ren to come for basic literacy. 120 Outreach in the slums & streets. Bring them to the Centre, provide nutrition and basic literacy. Get the children off the street. Providethe working children especially girls an opportunity for basic literacy and prepare them for mainstreaming via NIOS Street Smart Education at Street Smart (Haven) To raise the education standard forthe children sothat they can be mainstreamed. 70 Education,computers, extra-curricular ,nutrition and transportation Organized classeshelp the children to learncomfortably and improvetheir standards in Hindi, Maths andEnglish, which prepare them for mainstreaming in schools or via NIOS Street Smart Vocational Provides vocational Training at Rein training to children Basera above the age of 14 along with basic literacy. 8 Block printing & sewing, nutrition and honorarium Childrenhave an opportunity to learn andearn.They slowly graduate with the skill andare mainstreamedviaNIOS.18 Children are already trained and have started working
  5. 5. Residential Facilities Boys Home Shelter Residential facility for underprivileged, orphan, abandoned & mainstreamed boys 52 Residential facility, education,tutorials,food, clothing, medical and transportation facility Children get special care in our hostels. Transportation facility to save time for studies, nutrition helps them stay healthy and perform better. 5 Girls and younger Boys Shelter Home Residential facility for underprivileged, orphan, abandoned & mainstreamed boys & girls 15 Residential facility, education, tutorials, food, clothing, medical & transportation facility Street Smart Street Smart Wings of Doon Anti Begging Program for children Children begging on the streets and cross roads are brought into the Centre and given a combination of basic literacy, vocational training and lunch. 40 Provide basic literacy & Vocational Training with nutrition and medical services & honorarium for the children above the age of14 Get the children out from the streets; give them a chance to write their name with pride. Nutrition & medical attention helps them to stay healthy, They learn a skill to earn with dignity of work, build awareness in people about the consequences of child begging Mainstreaming Help the children to enrol in good schools, provide transportation, nutritionandtutorial support 162 Help the children to join good schools, provide transportation, nutrition, tutorial support and monitor their progress Going to school gives them confidence, formal education and a hope of better future. They start feeling the significance of education and gain self respect and dignity. Supplementary Provides after school 440 Education, computer, Help children with curriculum Education tutorials for sports, music, drama, content and concept, mainstreamed & Milk with vitamin confidence building through underprivileged supplements and fruit Drama and sport and a children computer centre. Mobile School To provide basic literacy to children who cannot go to school e.g. children who rag pick or beg Basic literacy, art therapy, games, computers, nutrition & medical Out of school children will acquire basic literacy and computer skills 100Begging and Rag Picking children
  6. 6. PROJECT PLANNING MATRIX Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India Estimated Duration of Project: 24 months (renewable) Date prepared: April, 2015 6 Summaryof Objectives/Activities Objectively Verifiable Indicators Means/Source of Verification Important Assumptions Goal Increase the number of street and slum children mainstreamed into formal education and/or pursuing vocational training. Total number of children enrolled in AASRAA programs and vocational training will increase by 15% and total number of children mainstreamed into formal schooling will increase by 35% between April 2015 and November 2017. 1. AASRAAinternal documents and government school records. 2. JOYN India (private sector partner) vocational training employment rosters; technology training center attendance sheets. 1. Children will resist family pressure to beg and instead regularly attend programs. 2. JOYN India will maintain and grow operations in India. Specific Objectives 1. Annual increases in the 1. AASRAA 1. AASRAA facilitiesImprove basic literacy (English, Hindi) and number of children attendance records will be physically able Mathematics levels of attending literacy and to expand to children in program vocational training 3. Comparison of accommodate more and increase the programs. teacher training children. number of adolescents schedules each year: enrolled in technology 2. Increased availability 2012, 2013, 2014, 2. Teachers will training center or on and quality of teacher 2015. implementteacher the JOYN payroll. trainings, medical care, training lessons in and nutritional care. 4. Annual AASRAA their classes. budgets. Expected Outputs: 1. Improved course material available to students and teachers. 2. Improved teaching methods utilized in classes. 3. AASRAA day learning center and night shelter. 1. Teachers use a greater variety of creative and interactive materials. in each grade level decreases. 3. New shelter structure and full staff in operation. 1. Interviews with teachers; lesson plan reports. 2. AASRAAinternal documentation on child progress. 3. Rental receipts and staff rosters. 1. Staff must procure sources of high- quality teaching material. 2. AASRAA to implement performance-based teacher compensation scheme. 3. AASRAA will procure suitable new facilities.
  7. 7. *Terminology: Goal/Specific objective answers the question why a project is being proposed. Expected outputs tell what the project is expected to achieve. The Activities specify how the project is going to achieve the desired results. The Assumptions identify which external factors are crucial for the success of the project. The OVIs specify how the success of the project can be determined. The MOVs identify where the information required to assess the success of the project can be found. 7 5. Implementation of a drug-counseling program. 6. Well-trained administrative staff. 4. Substance abuse rates drop among students. 5. Noticeable increase in the productivity of program staff. 4. AASRAAinternal documentation on child progress and clinical reports. 5. Periodic evaluations of staff members. 4. AASRAAmust procure certified drug counseling staff and rehabilitation facility. 5. Additional necessary staff will be hired. Activities: 1. Cost of materials - INR 1. Receipts. 1. High-quality1. Research/purchase effective English, 700000. teaching materials are Hindi, and Math available and teaching materials. affordable. 3. Enroll teachers in 2. Cost of training 2. Receipts, 2. Training schedules mandatory training courses per teacher - INR attendance rosters. are flexible to courses with hands-on 34000 (teaching staff INR accommodate full- components. 612000). time teachers. 4. Rent facility that 3. Rental fees Rs 3. Receipts, contracts. 3. Sufficient resources offers appropriate 1,19,000/month (project to support increasing teaching/shelter space period Rs 720000); night numbers of students. and equipment. shelter maintenance fees - Rs 60000/month (project period 3,57,000). 5. Contract drug 4. Rehabilitation program 4. Contracts; receipts. 4. Students are willing counseling staff and - 7000/child; clinical to attend facility to house psychologist salaries - Rs rehabilitation. activities. 10000/month (project period salaries INR 240000). 6. TrainAASRAAstaffin 5. Per diem salaries INR 5. Contracts, receipts. 5. Active participation business operations 21000 (project period of AASRAA staff in and departmentalize salaries INR 504000);office training and functions. materials - INR 324000. allocation.
  8. 8. UPDATES WELHAMS BOYS SCHOOL In April 2015, we have started a new program in collaboration with the prestigious Welham sBoys School. The WBS students will be teaching basic literacy and providing afterschool tuition/activities for deprived children from two different target groups 1. 30 Local Slum Children, with little to no academic background 2. 40 Local Govt. School children, from classes 1st -8th . This will take place at WBS between 2.30-4pm, Monday to Friday. VOCATIONAL TRAINING AND LIVELIHOOD PROGRAMS Many of our children/young adults either due to age, disability or various other reasons are unable to gain entrance into a mainstream school. For this group of children/young adults we provide: Basic Education with the option of NIOS (we are provisionally certified as an education and exam center They are simultaneously placed in our vocational training program that works hand in hand with our sustainable livelihood opportunity program (for 16+ Years), both of which have a strong emphasis on gender equality. We have formed partnerships with locally based private sector companies such as JOYN India, Four Points by Sheraton, Tamrapatra and Bio Tech. All of which provide employment after completion of initial training. JOYN India Training and employment in Stitching, Weaving & Block Printing. Supplying fashionable soft handmade bags & accessories to a western market place Four Points by Sheraton 6 months management training scholarship & employment with reputed international hotel chain Tamrapatra - An established organization manufacturing high quality handmade paper products and wooden accessories. Provide training and employment in delicate hand painting, block printing and product construction. Bio Tech - Eco-friendly technical production company, providing products and maintenance support for eco-farming, waste management, water conservation management, ETP & STP (sewage treatment plant), animal husbandry and aqua culture; are open to hiring and training our young individuals to work across India as technical and maintenance trainers in all areas of their business is the latest initiative that we are currently exploring. International Community of Bakers (ICB) has approached us to partner in their project. They will provide a production. We have already been offered land, a stable power supply and a convoy of delivery ovide assistance in monitoring, sales and marketing. This will create several different dignified job opportunities for our young adults across all our projects, possibilities to work in various streams; baking, packaging, maintenance, sales and marketing and many more. 8
  9. 9. OUR MILESTONES A few personal examples Sunita is a 14 year old girl who had been begging on the streets ever since the age of five. She streets, fully rehabilitated and regularly attending mainstream school. Chandini is a 12 year old double amputee. She had been begging on the busiest inter section of Dehradun for the last 6 years and was the main earning member of her family.After lengthy counselling with her family and Chandini, we have now managed to admit her into a residential school along with many other young girls from similarly deprived bac kgrounds Two of our illiterate young rag pickers,Pooja and Shobha,joined us under the age of 12,just in time for us to delay their pre-arranged marriages. They left us as confident young adults at 16 years old and fully trained seamstresses. Malti,18,displayed wisdom andcommon sense beyond herage when we met her4years ago. Orphaned at11,robbed andthrown out of their home,Malti and her sister haveparented their younger siblings. Diligent and hard working, through our vocational training prog ram Malti is today an adept seamstress and respected employee at JOYN India, and has used her salary to buy back the land stolen from her.She is now saving to build her own home! Organizational We now have over 700 direct beneficiaries throughout our o rganisation 45% of whom are girls We have main streamed 162 underprivileged, street and slum children studies; one can see the difference in their academic pe rformance as well as behaviour, confidence and participation in different activities. We are the first organization working with street children to get accreditation from National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) as a study and exam centre for two age g roups, 6+ & 14+ We started an Anti Begging Project for children in January 2014. On average ,daily,35 children attend the educational program. Our vocational training program facilitated by JOYN India is also growing sturdily.We currently have 18 tra inees in the program. Aasraa Trust organized an immunization drive in Sakya Hospital and inoculated 550 children under its care. 9
  10. 10. ANNUAL REPORT MILESTONES Six years ago, we started Aasraa with an outreach into the different streets and slums of Dehradun to identify the street children and get to know their backgrounds, problems and interests. Our team has played a significant role in communicating with these children and in building their trust. These efforts lead to the inauguration of the Street Smart program with 20 children. Now Street Smart has gone beyond 300 children with its various activities. We have mainstreamed 162 children among whom is Sunita, 14 years old, who had been begging on the streets ever since the age of five. Chandini, 12 years old, a double amputee was begging on the busiest inter section of Dehradun for the last 6 years. She was the chief earning member of her family. After counselling the family and Chandini, we have now managed to admit her to a residential school. Most of our children were addicted to Our vocational training program facilitated by JOYN India is also growing sturdily. We have 18 trainees in the program. Now they understand the significance of education, they are keen to learn and are gradually improving their skills. It is really difficult to enrol the older children into a school due to their advanced age as well as their lack of interest in formal education. Our Street Smart program is giving these children an opportunity to learn and also earn through vocational programs. education; one can see the difference in their academic performance as well as behaviour, confidence and participation in different activities. Aasraa started 2 night shelters for some of its most vulnerable children in March 2013. We need a land grant from the Government to build a shelter to accommodate more street children to protect them from the negative influences of the street. We are the first organization working with street children to get accreditation from National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) as a study and exam centre for two age groups, 6+ and 14+ We started an Anti Begging Program for children in January 2014. Daily 45-65 children attend the program. Aasraa Trust organized an immunization drive in Sakya Hospital and inoculated 550 children 10
  11. 11. DONOR MENU Below is a list of options for you to look at. Make a donation to commemorate a special occasion or to support one of our projects. Sponsor a child, a teacher, a program. Make a one time or a recurring donation. If you would like to donate towards a particular project or item, we can tailor it to fit your needs Feed the Children Rs 9,000 a day Sponsor a child in our day programs Rs. 36,000 a year Sponsor a child in a hostel Rs. 75,000 a year Industrial Washing Machine Rs.1,30,000 each (we need 2) Solar Heating for Water Rs. 1,60,000 Industrial Refrigeration Unit Rs.29,000 Bus Tata Marcopolo 36+1 Rs. 16,54,000 Winger Rs.8,21,000 TEACHER TRAINING (2 year project) Cost of materials Rs. 7,00,000 Training courses Rs. 34,000 per teacher Total cost for training 18 head teachers Rs. 6,12,000 Rent facility Rs. 30,000 per month Rent for 2 years Rs. 7,20,000 Shelter maintenance Rs. 60,000 per month Maintenance for 2 years Rs. 14,40,000 DRUG COUNSELING Rehabilitation program Rs. 7,000 per child Salary for Clinical Psychologist Rs. 10,000 per month STAFF TRAINING (2 year project) Salary Rs. 21,000 per month Total required Rs. 5,04,000 Office materials Rs. 3,24,000 11
  12. 12. CLOTHES COST ANNUALLY School Uniforms Rs. 80,000 Clothes for the children in the Hostels Rs. 11,20,000 Total for clothes Rs. 12,00,000 MEDICAL EXPENSES ANNUALLY Immunization expenses Rs. 2,10,000 Medical expenses Rs. 1,80,000 Total medical expenses Rs. 3,90,000 RENTALEXPENSESANNUALLY Girls Hostel Rs. 4,20,000 Boys Hostel Rs. 9,00,000 Outreach Rs. 60,000 Total Rent Rs.13,80,000 ELECTRICITY AND WATER EXPENSES ANNUALLY Girls Hostel Rs. 25,000 Boys Hostel Rs. 20,000 Total Rs. 45,000 12
  13. 13. We have 40 teachers on staff working at our various projects. Their monthly salaries range from Rs. you would like to send and we will help you apply it. SALARYCOSTANNUALLY Manager Oprations Rs. 3,12,000 HostelWarden and HumanResources Rs. 2,16,000 Manager of teacher training development Rs. 2,88,000 Coordinator Rs. 2,04,000 Teacher Rs. 1,20,000 Computer Teacher Rs. 2,40,000 OutreachSupervisor Rs. 1,80,000 Medical Doctor Rs. 2,40,000 Transport Hire Rs. 15,94,000 Rs. 2,25,000Anti-Begging 13
  14. 14. JOIN US TO CREATE CHANGE Become a part of the PROJECT BOOK PROGRAM and make a difference in the lives of children and families. Email or call us to discuss any of the projects outlined. Our contact information is: NEELUKHANNA Ph: +91 98 975 05077 Email: SHAILA BRIJNATH Ph: +91 94 117 22266 Email: OFFICE (voicemail) +91 135 6456991 Email: WHERE TO SEND YOUR DONATION Please make all cheques payable to Aasraa Trust and mail to our office at: 119/1 Vasant Vihar, Dehradun 248006, Uttarakhand, India OR you can send a bank transfer to Aasraa Trust Account no: 0070104000273916 IFSC code: IBKL0000070 SWIFT Code: IBKLINBB010 MICR: 248259002 BRANCH ADDRESS: IDBI Bank, 59/3 Rajpur Road, D ehraDun, Uttarakhand OR Aasraa Trust Account no: 1711210597 BRANCH ADDRESS: IFSC: KKBK0000153 Kotak Mahindra Bank, 56 City Center, Rajpur Road, DehraDun, Uttarakhand 248001 FOR FOREIGN DONATIONS: Aasraa Trust FCRA Account No: 1711476559 SWIFT Code: KKBKINBB IFSC: KKBK0000153 Branch Address: Kotak Mahindra Bank, Ground floor & First floor 56 City Center, Rajpur Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001, India fit with a 501(c)3 filing based out of the US. US donations can be sent to them. For more information please email or call us. According to Government of India regulations,Indian donors are required to provide us with a PAN number and foreign donors wit h a copy of their passport, which can be emailed to 14