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Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. Field Effect Transistors
  2. 2. Important Points Concerning FET 1. Operates in either electron or holes flow 2. Whereas BJT is current controlled device, a FET is a voltage controlled device 3.Virtually required no input current 4. FET generates low noise and more temperature stable
  3. 3. Types of FET 1. JFET 2. MOSFET
  4. 4. (BJT) Specifications 2N2907, TIP2955 CA3046 (FET) SPECIFICATION BUZ 90A, IRF 640, IRFI 520G
  5. 5. How does an FET look like? Schematic Symbol Actual Appearance
  6. 6. How does an FET works???
  7. 7. Conclusion JFET’s work differently to BJT’s in that we don’t have any forward Junction. In order to increase the current flow, we need to take some restriction off the channel by decreasing the reverse bias between the gate and the source. If we want to decrease he current, then we need to restrict the channel more by increasing the reverse bias between the gate and the source.
  8. 8. Parameters Of FET Gate to Source Voltage (VGS)