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Brand Activation


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bringing the spirit of brands to life

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Brand Activation

  1. 1. Brand Activationbringing the spirit of brands to life
  2. 2. The battle of brands is played in the “D-Zone” (Decision-Zone)— the place wherebrand selection can be activated…Advertising is about making promisesActivation ‘delivers’ on those promises
  3. 3. Why Brand ActivationActivation places the focus on the coreof marketing: stimulating thepurchasing process.
  4. 4. • B.A. In Products:• Consider a hypothetical shaver brand “X”. Further assumethat there are six other brands in this category. All brands aretouting themselves as provider of smooth shave in theirrespective ads. But you are the smoothest one but how doyou make your T.A believe of the same. B.A comes handy incase scenario.Create such a platform, where you can meetyour T.A and give them free shave so that the can feel the“smoothness”. Allow them to interact with your brands asmuch as possible. You can do so with the help of road showsand exhibitions etc. Once you have done that, customers willbe able to validate your claim. Also, they will relate to yourads.• B.A in Services:• It’s the people in services which actually activate your brand.Consider the case of insurance company which claims to bemost caring company. But the problem is that every companyis saying that. The company (lets say) which reaches theplace of accident, will be considered as most caring.
  5. 5. Principles• Brand activation is not a theory; it is anatural step in the evolution of brands.• basic principles for Brand Activation are:• Brand Activation wins attention andinvolvement• Brand Activation brings the sprit of the brandto life in a distinctive way• Brand Activation delivers ideas thatgenuinely motivate consumers• Brand Activation is accountable and delivers
  6. 6. • Traditionally, branding has been amarketing communication tool, a visualand verbal weapon owned bymarketers and marketing consultants.In order to earn trust and loyalty fromthe postmodern customer, it is timefor the rest of the company to takebenefit of the assets embodied in thebrand.
  7. 7. • when all the necessary brand strategies areimplemented, companies just need toexecute them across the organization and inthe total offer towards the customer. Brandactivation is looking deeper into thepossibilities within the brand, its strategyand position to find assets that have relevantconsequences for the whole company.
  8. 8. • An active brand offers products andservices that deliver on the brand• position. It meets the customer in apersonal manner closely related to• the position. It also has the sameappearance independent of interface.• In other words, the customer willperceive the brand as “one coherent• company” whether he or she meets it indigital or analog media, through• a product, face to face or on the
  9. 9. What to activate• effective brand activation startswith a defined brand• core features that constitute thebrand
  10. 10. Where to begin• Search for solutions where thebrand can support, guide andinnovate the company.• How can the brand be relevant,adaptable and profitable?
  11. 11. • Event Marketing• Niche Promotions• Retail Marketing• Conferencing• Sales Promotion• Social Programming• Consultancy• PR
  12. 12. Activation Approaches• Promotional marketingPowerful sales driving activityrooted in brand relevanceRelationship marketingBuilding and maintainingeffective one to onerelationships• Strategic Brand DesignStrategically driven design frompackaging to retailmerchandising.• Global Product SolutionsDesign, development,manufacture and distribution ofinnovative product solutionsExperiential MarketingNot just field marketing;meaningful experiences thatleave lasting memoriesRetail ActivationConnecting with consumerswhere it matters – to sell morein storeInteractiveInvolving consumers andinviting participation andcontribution
  13. 13. Activation Process• The consumer experience is theultimate measure of any campaign oridea. Activation is the process tocreate experiences. Experiences thatget people to think, feel, sense, actand relate to a brand.
  14. 14. • Think and act strategicallyMake the most of unique,ownable, consumer and brandinsightsExploit the best possible meansof reaching the consumerAdvance the brand’s causerelentlesslyBe fearlessChallenge conventionTake educated risksFeel uncomfortable• Be genuinely creativeBe brand and consumerrelevantBe surprising, provocative,unexpected and excitingGet talked aboutMake us proudStrive to innovateBe a pioneerDo what’s never been donebeforeSet new standardsSolve real problemsSolve the real issueExceed the objectives andexpectations of the briefMake a real and measurable
  15. 15. • Benefits of Brand Activation:1. You can convey your positioning using brand activation.2. It supports your ad claim if used carefully.3. Distortion is minimum in this case.4. It increases your brand salience.5. Helps in revitalizing a brand. Horlicks is doing it through itscampaign which is trying to change its image from fuddy-duddy to anexciting brand among children. Their Wiz-Kid competition across thecountry is the perfect example of brand activation.6. Brand activation can elicit customer insights as people interactwith the brand.Limitations of Brand Activation:1. Lack of initiative on part of brand managers is the major concern.2. Lack of measurement matrices or indices is the limiting factor.
  16. 16. • brand activation should not beconfused with the below the lineactivities. Brand Activation is seen asa tool to build brands throughinteraction with its target peoplewhereas below the line activities,most of the times, are sales oriented.
  17. 17. • Q. What is Activation to you and how would you compare it withATL?•  • A. ATL and BTL are mere terms. The nucleus lies in understanding the24 hours of your target consumers-how they spend their time, wherethey go, what they do and analyze the avenues of your brand’sexposure and experience in those 24 hours. It is all about combiningthe different media to get the maximum out for the brand. It is assimple as that. Activation, of course, makes the brand moreapproachable for the consumers.You go to a shop and you see a 5-year old kid fighting for a Re. 1Panda biscuit whereas his mom is pressuring him to buy a Rs. 5Milcolu because she believes it has nutritional value. But the child isstuck on the Panda biscuit because the panda character came to hisschool and he wants to go and show his class mates that he boughtthat biscuit. Such is the power of activation.
  18. 18. •••