Useful tools to export the new i pad books to mac


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This tutorial describes you how to export the new iPad books to Mac effectively. Just follow this best solution to transfer your books (ePub, PDF, audiobook) from iPad to Mac now!

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Useful tools to export the new i pad books to mac

  1. 1. Useful Tools to Export The new iPad Books to Mac
  2. 2. • Note: This article is going to introduce a helpful Mac tool for you to save the new iPad files on a Mac. If you are a Windows user, then, you may have a shot at iPad to Computer Transfer to backup the new iPad to computer.• The high-profile the new iPad has been released for a few days. If you are a fan who is fond in watchi movies, listen to music or read books for leisure time, then, you must have the new iPad (which also usually referred as iPad 3) in hand. Once you have downloaded/purchased lots of books, songs, movies, or many other files on your new iPad, then you probably would like to make a copy of those already enjoyed files on your Mac so as to free up some space in the new iPad for storing more files.
  3. 3. • Actually, it would be a complex thing to back up the new iPad stored files to a Mac without proper program supported. So here we are coming with the support of iMacsoft iPad to Mac Transfer to describe you how to transfer and export files from the new iPad to Mac. Since the operational steps for different types of files are similar that here we will only take how to export the new iPad• books to Mac as an example to show you the detail operations.• Just follow the steps below to learn how to copy books from the new iPad to a Mac as well as backup more new iPad files to Mac now!• Tips: If you want to follow the more exact tutorial to save the new iPad camera roll on Mac or backup movies, songs, TV shows, or more kinds of files to your Mac, then you can just go to the new iPad tips center to get more proper solutions.
  4. 4. How to Transfer/Copy Books from The new iPad to a Mac?• Step 1: Start Software• Download and install the Mac Transfer tool on your Mac. Connect your new iPad to the Mac and start the software to get prepared for exporting the new iPad books to Mac.• Step 2: Select Books to Be Exported• Go to the new iPad library in the left panel to click "Books" option. Then, all your books (including PDF and ePub format books) will be listed in the right window. Just tick the boxes before the books you want to save on the Mac.
  5. 5. • Step 3: Export The new iPad Books to Mac• Once youve chosen your target books, you can then move your cursor to the top toolbar to click on the icon to let the Mac• transfer tool transfer and save the new iPad iBooks on Mac for you.• Tip: After you click the Export icon, there will be a dialog box popping up to ask you to select an output directly. You can specify your preferred one to replace the default one or just leave it.• This handy iPad to Mac transfer tool also supports you to directly transfer the new iPad files to Mac iTunes directly by clicking the• after selecting your needed files. No matter you want to back up the new iPad to a Mac or sync the files from the new iPad to an iTunes on a Mac, this Mac transfer tool will help you achieve your goal with ease. So just go ahead to get this brilliant software to make your digital life different now!