How to transfer i pad epub to mac


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If you want to transfer iPad ePub to Mac for backup, a professional Mac iPad transfer for ePub will be strongly recommended to you. Now, go on to check out how to transfer ePub from iPad to Mac.

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How to transfer i pad epub to mac

  1. 1. How to Transfer iPad ePub to Mac? ePub is a popular ebook format which is short for electronic publication. It is also a free and open e- book standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). Files have the extension .epub. So, if you are an iPad ebook fan, you must have downloaded many ePub ebooks and saved on your iBook shelf. Then, what will you do if you just want to transfer iPad ePub to Mac for backup? To ease this task, you are recommended to use a third-party software, say Mac iPad transfer for ePub, to help you. Transfer iPad to Mac is definitely a professional Mac iPad transfer. Without any complex transfer, without tiresome installation, without any worrying about the loss of any important ePub files, this Mac iPad transfer for ePub helps you transfer ePub from iPad to Mac easily. Next, lets download this software for free and follow the guide below to transfer iPad ePub to Mac.
  2. 2. Step by Step to Transfer iPad ePub to Mac Step 1. Launch program on Mac After you have download, installed the Mac iPad transfer for ePub on your Mac. Click on the software icon on your Mac to run it. Connect your iPad with your Mac via USB cable. Once your iPad is detected by the software, the overall information of your iPad will be showed on the left and the items will be listed on the right.
  3. 3. Step 2. Check out ePub files Click "Books" on the items listand you will see all you iPad ebooks as well as their detailinformations listed on the right panel. Check out the ePub filesyou want to transfer to Mac by ticking the small box before eachfile.
  4. 4. Step 3. Start to transfer iPad ePub to MacAfter you have selected and decided all the ePub files to betransferred to Mac, Click the icon to select a saving folderfor the ePub files and click "Save" to start transferring ePubfrom iPad to Mac.The whole process of transferring iPad ePub to Mac will befinished in a considerable short time. After that, you can find outthe ePub files in the destination folder on your Mac. That is tosay, you have successfully back up your iPad ePub to Mac withease!Now, free download the software to transfer iPad ePub to Macat once or know more about this product by visiting TransferiPad to Mac!More Guide: Transfer Movies from iPad to Mac,Moving Photos from iPad to Mac