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Sameer aasht work in a nutshell slideshare version

  1. 1. Sameer Aasht Effective ExperiencesNote:  What  follows  has  been  team  work  and  would  not  have  been  possible  without  the  respec9ve  organisa9on’s  support,    the  subsequent  slides  is  an  ode  to  great  colleagues  in  art  &  gives  a  flavour  of  my  contribu9on  by  way  of  strategic  direc9on  
  2. 2. FICCI    Brief  /  Business  Problem   Design  challenge   Design  Solu6on          The  young  vibrant  India   To  create  a  fresh  iden9ty  that   Purposeful  graphics  depic9ng  couldn’t  relate  with  the  old   embodies  youth  while  exuding   progression,  futuris9c  outlook  FICCI.  Needed  a  look  to  support   stature,  wisdom,  pride  &  trust.   &  inspiring  collabora9on.  The  the  op9mis9c  sen9ment  of  India   Progressive  while  embracing   new  iden9ty  brings  a  daring  being  the  next  global  super   the  diverse  industries   new  dynamism  to  a  brand  that  power   represented  by  the  body   signifies  heritage  but  lacked   youth  appeal     Efficacies:   Created  a  younger  FICCI  to  resonate  the  sen9ment   of  India  being  the  next  global  super  power  through   progressive  graphics  in  Indian  tricolor  
  3. 3. Logo
  4. 4. NourishCo    Brief   Design  challenge   Design  Solu6on            To  communicate  the   Create  relevance  through   3  iden99es  embodying  essence  of  brand  Nourishco   evoca9vely  depic9ng  the   growth,  prosperity,  fitness  which  will  cater  to  the  social   intent  and  benefits  of  the   and  “can  do”  spirit  of  our  cause  of  nurturing  the   brand  using  the  universal   BOP  audience  in  synch  with  malnourished  in  India   language  of  symbols   the  Indian  cultural  code.  through  for9fied  food  &   (to  ensure  the  iden9ty  finds   The  thema9c  op9ons  are  beverage  offerings   acceptance  with  BOP  audience   1. Buoyancy     who  is  likely  to  be  illiterate  or   2. Sprint   more  conversant  with  a   3. Germina9on   vernacular  language)  
  5. 5. Tata  Water  Plus    Brief   Design  challenge   Design  Solu6on  To  create  packaging  for  Tata   1.  Create  relevance  amongst  a   1. Benefit  led  design  logic  Water  Plus  which  will  cater   severely  price  conscious   2. Crea9ve  expressions  to  the  hydra9on  needs  of   audience     • Leaps  of  health  the  audience  at  the  boom   2.  Educate  them  about  reasons   • Happy  Moments  of  pyramid  through  for9fied   to  pay  a  premium  for  a   • Gush  of  Water  water  delivered  in  pouches   for9fied  water  while  they  have   • Ac9ve  forever  and  boles.     just  grudgingly  started  paying   3.          Engagement  ideas  For9fica9on  will  be  through   for  packaged  water    •   Calcium   3.  Evoca9vely  depic9ng  the    •   Boron  &  Chromium   intent  and  benefits  of  the  •   Zinc   brand  using  the  universal   language  of  symbols,  while   conno9ng  Happy  Health  Happy Health (‘coz  high  incidence  of  illiteracy  in  BOP)  
  6. 6. Himalayan  Water  Brief  /  Business  Problem   Design  challenge   Design  Solu9on        Himalayan   claimed   to   be   the   Although the brand had a It reflected the vivacity ofpurest   in   natural   mineral   water   strong connect with foreign India as opposed to thesourced   directly   from   the   tourists, the brand appeal to serenity usually depicted byHimalayas.   domestic consumers was Mountain water brands. For  It   was   to   be   the   most   premium   limited. The challenge was the first time in India, thebrand   in   the   category.   The   task   to unleash the untapped bottle was ‘shrinkwas  to  inculcate  the  importance   potential of this segment wrapped’ and each bottleof   natural   mineral   water   with an attractive face lift. had a signature story tothrough   the   brand   personality  and  communica9on.     amplify the source   Efficacies   The  source  story  expressed  tastefully  through  the  use  of  natural     elements  added  a  touch  of  intrigue  
  7. 7. Himalayan  S9ll  &  Sparkling    New  Brief     Design  challenge       Design  Solu6on      To  create  packaging  for   1. Create  relevance  amongst  a   An  ar9s9c  premium  take  on  the  Sparkling  Himalayan  which  will   market  well  entrenched  with   pack  to  retain  the  Himalayan  cater  to  the  hydra9on  needs  of   compe99ve  op9ons   essence  “nature  at  its  best”  across  the  affluent  at  a  global  level   2. Connote  premium  while   rendi9ons  of  S9ll  and  Sparkling  Make  it  the  most  premium   borrowing  from  Nature  and   packaging  designs    member  of  the  Himalayan   Himalayan  (Indian)   1. Crowned  Nature  family  by     3. Think  por^olio  fit  while  moving   2. Natural  fizz  • Retaining  natural  cues   up  the  ladder   3. Sparkling  Nature    • Form  of  bole  • Appe9te  appeal    Along  with  infusing  • Effervescence  cues    • and  maybe  a  change  in  color  
  8. 8. Any9me  Fitness/Pro  2    Brief  /  Business  Problem   Design  challenge   Design  Solu6on     1.  Strike  a  balance  between    PRO2  is  Probio9c  x  Protein,  the   fitness  &  agility  in  a  Gym   Logo  op9ons  defining  the  logo  needs  to  mainly  connote   context  which  is   brands  essence  Strength  /  Power  (Protein),   perceived  to  be  more   1. Sprint  ready  Stamina  /  Energy  and  good   about  bulk  crea9on  or   2. One  +  One  =  II  health  (Probio9c)    1.  Preferred  Colous:  Green,   weight  loss   3. Vibrant  Vibes  Yellow  and  Red   2.  Bring  in  culinary,  nutri9on   4. Performance  Infinity  2.  Not  muscular     &  appe9te  feel  while  3.  Logo  look  and  feel:  3D,   retaining  the  health    Exci9ng,  out-­‐of-­‐the-­‐box,  classy,  imagina9ve.     promise        
  9. 9. SaaiBaba/iden9ty  op9ons    Brief  /  Business  Problem   Design  challenge   Design  Solu6on  A  pioneer  in  original  talent  hunt   1. Strike  a  balance  between   Logo  op9ons  +  Storyboard  shows  like  Antakshari,  Sa  Re  Ga   rooted  raw  talent  and   concepts  through  the  Ma,  Chhote  Ustaad  and  more   contemporary  outlook   following  routes  has  now  successfully  ventured   2. Using  the  preferred  colors  of   1. SaptaSur:  Flight  to  glory  into  regional  shows  across  the  na9on  by  being  the  most  sought   Blue,  Green  &  White  with   2. Cultural  Mel9ng  Pot  ajer  pla^orm  for  raw  music   secondary  mix  of  Yellow  &   3. Flight  to  glory  talent.  The  next  step  is  to  target   Magenta;  bring  to  life  the   4. Flame  of  Op9mism  the  global  market  of  South  Asian   brand’s  essence  diasporas  through  an  even  greater  fervor.  Keen  at  a  fresh   3. Ensure  the  new  iden9ty  is    iden9ty  conno9ng  hope,   most  appealing  in  a  moving    op9mism  and  infusing  desire   images  format      amongst  masses  to  fall  in  love    with  the  brand    
  10. 10. Coca  cola  Cricket  special  Brief   Design  challenge   Design  Solu6on            Desire  to  ride  the  Indian  cricket   Create  relevance  between  the   5  op9ons  of  6  cans  depic9ng  fever  through  specially  designed   legendary  Coke  brand,   Coca-­‐Cola  as  the  universal  icon  cans  targe9ng  the  Indian   audience  and  cricket     of  happiness  seen  through  the  Euphoria  for  Cricket  and   lens  of  Cricket  leverage  the  upcoming  world   •   Believers’  Coliseum  cup  being  held  in  South  Asia   •   Real  things  of  cricket     •   Inspiring  Moments   •   Heroes  of  the  day   •   Captains  of  Op9mism  Note:  This  crea9on,  although  well  appreciated  was  terminated  due  to  issues  of  logis9cs  and  commercial  viability    
  11. 11. Brief  /  Business  Problem   Design  challenge   Design  Solu9on  /     We  defined  the  challenge  as   Brand  PorNolio  The  extensive  range  of   overcoming  the  indifference  of   Considering  our  core  TG  seeks  sta9onery  being  offered  by  ITC   our  target  audience:  kids,  who   excitement;  to  overcome  the  under  the  brand  classmates,   perceived  most  sta9onery   challenges  we  created  an  needed  a  differen9ated  visual   brands  to  be  the  same  and  not   engaging  and  imagina9ve  world  of  language  to  ensure  it  stood  out   having  any  capability  to   color  crew  through  intriguing  from  compe99ve  offerings  while   engage  them.     characters  of  billy,  boe  and  friends  ensuring  hygiene  aspects  like   which  were  adapted  into  shelf  throw,  synergies  and   packaging,  Digital  and  TVCs  too  product  features       Efficacies   Created  an  engaging  world  of  the  characters  with  entertaining  story     ideas  for  kids  to  interact  with  
  12. 12. 7 year old Billy lives in his own imaginary world, whereeverything he draws comes to life. His best friend Boaccompanies him on his everyday adventures as he goesdeeper down the rabbit hole, making friends more friends ashe goes along.
  13. 13. ITC  Classmates  Pencils  Brief  /  Business  Problem   Design  challenge   Design  Solu9on  /     We  defined  the  challenge  as   Brand  PorNolio  The  category  of  pencils  is   visually  empowering  the   We  created  varied  depic9ons  of  overcrowded  with  offerings   audience  of  different  ages  into   visual  crea9on  of  what  the  from  strong  brands  like  Natraj,   believing  in  the  power  of   audience  clusters  most  aspired  to  Apsara  and  a  host  of  smaller   imagina9on  which  a  simple   draw  by  incorpora9ng  the  crea9on  regional  /  unorganized  players.   pencil  like  ours  could  unleash.     within  the  product  window  Needed  a  way  to  differen9ate  us    from  others  while  driving    synergies  with  the  brand’s  core    promise.  The  3  ranges  were    targe9ng  different  age  groups     Efficacies  from  5  to  16  yrs   Projected  the  pencils  as  t   first  step  of  sketchy  starts  progressing  to he     big  things!  
  14. 14. Jet  Airways  youth  ini9a9ve  Brief   Design  challenge   Design  Solu6on            To  create  trac9on  with  youth   Create  youth  appeal  without   Assigned  the  parent  brand  an  and  rejuvenate  the  airline   aliena9ng  the  brand’s  core   endorser  role,  created  a  brand.  Highlight  the  network   audience:  Business  Travelers.   por^olio  with  a  dose  of  Jet  strengths  and  range  of   Not  let  the  collabora9ons  steal   Airways’  brand  Colors  while  des9na9ons  offered.  To  tackle   the  limelight.  Create  a   infusing  a  dose  of  energy  recession,  collaborate  with   property  which  can  be   through  dreamy  clouds,  a  flight  relevant  partners  to  create  a   appropriated  by  the  Jet   taking  off  and  an  amplifica9on  bundled  deal.   Airways  brand  even  if  the   of  yellow,  one  the  secondary   collabora9ng  brands  drop  out.   colors  for  the  brand.    
  15. 15. Efficacies      Over  a  short  span  of  60  days,  converted  12,000  students  flying  abroad  genera9ng  incremental  revenues  worth  Rs  20  crores/  US  $  4  mn:  an  ROI  of  90  9mes  in  a  recession.  The  airline  is  now  in  the  third  year  of  the  ini9a9ve.  
  16. 16. Birla  Wipes  business  Brief   Design  challenge   Design  Solu6on            To  u9lize  surplus  produc9on   Create  a  personal  care  offering   A  brand  appropria9ng  the  capacity  of  viscose  available  at   from  an  industrial  brand   possibili9es  of  instant  beauty  the  Birla  factories  and  create  a   solu9ons.  Given  the  nega9ve  branded  offering.  Define  brand’s   lineage  and  lack  of  long  term  vision,  priority   competence  in  the  beauty  markets,  segments  and  map   space,  collabora9on  with  right  path  to  leveraging  opportuni9es     ingredients  helped  arrive  at  a   compelling  offering  
  17. 17. Skincare  on  the  go  
  18. 18. Collaborators Sameer loves to apply the art of brand performance to the science of business growth The last 11 years of driving growth for some of the best brands in India & abroad has him believe an idea is strategic only when it is executed profitably. As a founder director of Alma Mater Biz Solutions Pvt Ltd; he has consulted talent in nurturing the dream of freedom through entrepreneurial ventures. In earlier assignments, he has headed role of international marketing for Jet Airways, Headed Strategic planning divisions of Percept / H, Headed Strategy function for the India office of for the world’s largest Brand design firm Landor Associates. At Jet Airways, he collaborated with cross-functional teams to launch the brand in North America, Europe, Middle East & Far East as well as launching consumer segment focused brand experiences Communication Agencies worked with include TBWA, Ambience Publicis, Contract Advertising, Ogilvy and Rediffusion Y&R. Brands Strategized on include HSBC, Cadbury’s, Asian Paints, Mahindra, Volvo- Eicher, Suzlon, World Gold Council, Visa Monetize (Movida), Unilever’s Elle18, Pantaloons, Kansai Nerolac, Samsonite, Black & Decker, DeWalt, Tata Water (Himalayan), Times of India & FICCI He has done his schooling from St. Xavier’s Ahmedabad, an MBA from ITM and is an alumnus of IIM-A (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad). He hasSameer Aasht participated in various industry programs of NID (National Institute of Design) and is also empanelled as a design consultant with MSME initiative of NID.Founder Director An avid reader with an eclectic taste he indulges those heAlma Mater Biz Solutions Pvt Ltd collaborates with into creative and business excellence. © Alma Mater Biz Solutions Pvt Ltd 2012.