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social mention


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social mention

  1. 1. Background: Social mentionisareal-time social mediasearchandanalysistool.Itaggregatesusergeneratedcontentfrom across the webintoa single streamof information,allowingyoutosee what’sbeingsaidaboutatopic,product, organization,orpersonacross about 80-100 social mediaplatforms, in43languages. Audience: Gearedtowardsbusinesses,but alsouseful forseekingnews, consumerinformation,orindividual people. Basic Search: Can limitsearchbya TYPE of social media(eg.blogs,microblogs,comments,videos), ortoa specificsocial media PLATFORM (eg. Facebook,Twitter,GoogleBuzz). The site doesnotsupporttruncation,but doessupportphrase searchingusingquotationmarks.Defaultmode seemstobe to combine termsasif usingthe Boolean“AND.” Advanced Search: Notaccessible fromthe mainpage – must performa searchfirst.Advancedsearch allowsforspecifyingasearch withall wordsor for an exactphrase. Itemsthathave unwantedwords canbe eliminatedfromthe results,as can itemsfromspecificusers.Advancedsearch alsoprovidesmore limiters,includinglocation,time,and language. Search Results: Resultscanbe sortedbydate and limitedbytime span(eg. the last2 hours,lastday, lastweek). Youcan see whatplatformeachmentionismade on,whomade it, or how longago it wasposted.The resultsshowthe top keywordsandtophashtagsrelatedtoyour search,the top userspostingonthat topic,andwhichplatformsare the top sourcesof informationforthattopic.You can evensee the average time permentionof atopic,or how manyunique authorshave mentionedthe subjectandhow manytimesit hasbeen retweeted.Social mention provides rankingsof the resultsintermsof how muchthe topic isdiscussed, whethercommentsare positiveor negative,howinfluential the topicis,andhow passionate usersare aboutit. Alerts: Social mentionalsoprovidesthe abilitytocreate alertsfora specifictopicorphrase,similartoGoogle Alerts. You can selectthe type of mediaandlanguage youwantto be alertedabout,orfollow themall.Resultsare then emaileddaily.Thisallowsuserstokeeptrackof the social mediadiscussionof atopicon an ongoingbasis.