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7 Secrets of Viral Video Marketing


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With more eyeballs diverting to social media, the news-feeds are getting chaotic, and getting your content the attention it deserves has become a tall order. ‘Viral’ has become a bigger buzz word, and cracking the viral code seems to be the holy grail of content marketing. In this deck, Aashish Chopra shares the story of his experiments with viral videos resulting in award winning success. From defining ‘going viral’ as a happy accident, to discovering the method to the madness; from his videos getting featured in the news and blogs around the world, to hitting millions of views and winning awards.. It packs behind the scenes strategies and how to approach content marketing for contagiousness, including links to videos :)

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7 Secrets of Viral Video Marketing

  1. 1. Secrets of a Viral Video Marketer “Finding the method to the madness” By Aashish Chopra
  2. 2. India's internet base to touch 730 million by 2020(Nasscom, AUG 2016) “By 2020, India will have an estimated 702 million smartphones in use” “75% of these new users are expected to consume data in local languages. “ "The go-to-market strategy for gaining new users will have to be different as these customers will consume more audio and video content than text” (Nasscom Head Research) importance of viral marketing
  3. 3. • chaotic news-feeds (2000 posts filtered daily: FB) • too much competition (Facebook reach dropping) • survival of the fittest, most remarkable content • BS radars evolved, no trust • attention spans dropping the challenge overwhelming content density
  4. 4. Viral is an outcome, not in your hands Just like.. Blockbuster movie is an outcome Topping exams is an outcome A Gold medal is an outcome :) What’s in your hands, is your performance (action) wrong focus
  5. 5. the seven secrets here we go
  6. 6. is it share-worthy? first
  7. 7. • Why would anyone share it? • Loyalty is earned, not forced • Friends tagging friends • It’s not about the views - but shares! first - is it share-worthy?
  8. 8. • inspirational • useful • celebrate their life • topical • change the world first - share-worthy topics
  9. 9. (video) what indian students pack when they go abroad (7m, NDTV on day 1, organic) first - is it share-worthy?
  10. 10. move fast and engage second
  11. 11. second - move fast and engage • 15 sec rule - smashed • First 3-6 seconds • First impression • Second - first impression • 1-2 minute video
  12. 12. (video) unusual beaches (1 week: 40m, 20k app installs, 1m shares, organic) second - move fast and engage
  13. 13. (video) unusual hotels (10m views) second - move fast and engage
  14. 14. storytelling beats production value third
  15. 15. third - storytelling beats production value • Tiny Screen: Production Value • HD Camera in your pocket • Video is made on paper first
  16. 16. (video) travel hacks (APAC most shared FB post) third - storytelling beats production value
  17. 17. (video) hotel hacks (30m views and counting) third - storytelling beats production value
  18. 18. make for mobile fourth
  19. 19. fourth - make for mobile • square videos: native to mobile screens, square vs rectangle, more real estate • think front and centre: rule of the selfie • clutter free: tiny screens, FB user experience
  20. 20. (video) ibis hotels - goa (1m views) fourth - make for mobile
  21. 21. (video) ibis hotels - hyderabad (3 days: 3m views, 50k shares, organic) fourth - make for mobile
  22. 22. (video) ibis hotels - hyderabad (1m views, surge in restaurant walk-ins) fourth - make for mobile
  23. 23. distribution strategy fifth
  24. 24. • Launch Day/Time: Tuesday/Wednesday? • Multiple versions: FB, YT, Whatsapp • Initial seeding: cross platform, core group • Facebook is the new YouTube: boost after organic peak • Push: Mailers, Notifications • Outreach to 3pm content blogs, bloggers, news fifth - distribution strategy
  25. 25. please don’t make an ad! sixth
  26. 26. nobody gives a **it about us, our brand, our products or services it’s about them provide value first, branding next sixth - don’t make an ad
  27. 27. think conversations not campaigns seventh
  28. 28. seventh - conversations not campaigns • Travel hacks • Inside the bag • Unusual beaches (400k comments, 1.4m shares) • Ibis Goa • Ibis Hyderabad
  29. 29. last words It’s not about being creative; but about being creative consistently Do 10 experiments; 2 will work just like movie studios 80% of success is showing up - Woody Allen execution is everything
  30. 30. thanks :) Aashish Chopra @aashishc Watch ixigo videos at Join mailing list for upcoming book and updates on kick-ass content experiments :) Icons by