Grubb and Ellis VS Commerce CRG Kickball Playoff


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Grubb and Ellis VS Commerce CRG Kickball Playoff

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Grubb and Ellis VS Commerce CRG Kickball Playoff

  1. 1. Grubb and Ellis Vs. Commerce CRG Kickball Playoff July 31, 2009 Commerce CRG lost 10 – 21 to Grubb and Ellis in our first Kickball match between the two commercial real estate firms. Although not the winning team, Commerce CRG had serious potential. The stars of the team, Kelli Naziri who caught a double fly ball in center field, John Dzierzewski, our IT guy made some astonishing runs, and who can forget our dirtiest team member, First base player Desiree Crisp, who by no means missed the chance to get down and grubby with the Grubb team, forcing a series of outs before they could even attain first base. The loss was partially due to CRG kicker’s flyer balls caught by Grubb players and faulty broker counting of runs. CRG Players also has said to believe the ball was over filled with air by opposing team, making it extremely hard to kick. “Most of our brokers here at Commerce CRG spend long hours working hard making deals rather than sporting kickball or other activities regarding power moves by the legs.” The main concern for CRG’s team was misunderstanding the rules of the game, since most of us hasn’t played kickball since we were all six. Commerce CRG insiders, said: ‘They were missing several key players, which would have given us an edge over Grubb and Ellis. We stuck in there and gave it our best.’ David Afromsky, our man with ALL the soccer skills, and other absences of Tom Elkington, Dan Drake, Jeff Mitchell and Leo Biedermann, who also played for the Cleveland Browns football team was a key factor in Commerce’s loss. Coaching the team was Dan Hubbard, Senior Retail Advisor for Commerce CRG. His remarks on the game as quoted: “Everyone played great and brought their A game. Grubb was definitely prepared and had a plan. With a little more organization and full understanding of the rules, Commerce CRG will definitely be a force to be reckoned with. Great fun with great people, what more could you ask” Rooting the Commerce CRG team on, while watching the game in the 105° heat was Jessica Willet, Susan Borst, Ed Borst, Grace Nungraray, Allyson Ashihara and several other amazing fans! At the seventh inning stretch these so called cheerleaders even sang “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” What spirit!